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An exciting, gorgeous book that pays homage to the Magical Girl genre in a sincere way. Kevin's writing is heartfelt and funny, and Paulina's art is usually absolutely gorgeous. The perfect mix of teen drama with a lot of action and wicked battle scenes. If you're a fan regarding Buffy, Sailor Moon, or perhaps Powerpuff Girls this amusing is right for you., I had never read this comic publication series before and discovered I would give it a try. It jogged my memory very much of Sailor Moon but with the Zodiac signs. It also reminded me of Jem based on the ladies fighting other girls, seeking to figure out who they are, etc storyline. It's pretty much a combo of 1980s/1990s anime and girl power cartoons. Exquisite for both young and old, and it's the one that doesn't seem cheesy either. It's spot on for girl power and leaving you girls to be who they are, while showing a wonderful story., I actually cannot express how a lot I enjoyed this amusing! I'm a pretty large fan of all items magical girl related and this was this kind of reminiscence trip in every easy way. The story was basic, however the characters had a lot of depth and variety to them. I can't wait to read even more and get to learn these characters. Can we drive more of the Victorian Zodiac Starfore? Please?; )

The art is also awesome! Great character design, shade work and details. The art definitely fit the tone from the story, working together perfectly.

I can't reward this book enough. I actually don't see a great deal of stories like this these days and I actually intend to keep supporting this book in the foreseeable future!, Such a beautiful love letter in order to the romantic cartoons from the 90s, this book rotates the magical girl style inside a refreshing light. Completely filled with complex, interesting female characters with lots regarding queer and POC representation, this book is a great read and a delight to look in. Would recommend to old fans of the style as well as beginners! ♥, I love the issues Of Zodiac Starforce but I truly love this volume! I get in order to read all of individuals issues in one and preserve them. Zodiac Starforce is the best wonderful girl comic series actually! I love the story, the smoothness development, and the art! I highly advise this to any girl who love magic and girls who kick rear end!, This series is therefore amazing and fun, actually great for readers of all ages, and those new in order to comics!! I am hoping you'll offer it a try, it's worth it!!, Honestly, this sequence so far is not the cup of tea. This is a cute design of art, but the posing is stiff also in action and the story is rather boring and full of tropes. I possess met the performer personally and have observed her work currently, this book is not a good way to judge what she is usually truly capable of., Decent read, and the artwork is usually interesting.

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