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I actually never imagined such devastation in New Orleans. The atrocious behaviors of different troops sent to recover law and order. The lack of preparedness from the powers that be in order to save the lives and take care of their residents. Most appallingly the treating this specific sweet, hard working law abiding family., Eye opening background on Kstrina the two before and after. In addition, it explains the particular Muslim religion of which I lacked knowledge. The issues faced due to conditions and corrupt law enforcement are shocking and presented in ways to educate those of us not residing in the paths of hurricanes or facing sterotypes., I absolutely enjoyed reading this and could not put this down. Having said this specific, let me also point out that it had been emotionally difficult to accept that inches law enforcement" who arrested the main character and those in charge of his illegal imprisonment made myself so angry. How could this specific happen in America? I would really like to see those animals in prison. Bastards! The end was a letdown since there really was no accountability. Inexplicable!! Our federal government should be ashamed, but I know those responsible no doubt have no shame., Sawzag Eggers begins with the particular caveat that this tale is the story regarding the protagonist (" Zeitoun, " his family name) and his wife, Kathy. However, given checklist regarding sources he consulted (listed at the end regarding the book), it looks he intended the publication to be nonfiction, we. e., factual. Yet, Eggers's " fiction radar" in no way went off during the particular first section of the particular book, where Zeitoun and Kathy tell a tale of their nearly ideal life: a father using a very strong work ethic; parents devoted to each additional and their children; children devoted to living their peaceful Muslim religious values; an " American" spouse committed to the religion to which she converted (before meeting her husband). Is any family that " perfect"? Eggers apparently did not question this. He should have, even if he just confirmed almost all that the couple had mentioned. While it's not " fair" to the creator to expect that he would have uncovered the spousal abuse and anger that will we now know had been occurring in the period described in the first part of the particular book, it still looks fair to expect from the author a more significant commitment to his investigative journalism responsibilities than just what he demonstrated. Even teasing out somewhat harmless defects in the couple's personas, behaviors or relationship would have made the tale more *interesting* and *credible*. There exists much more to say, about the benefit to the reader regarding completing the book (with a vital eye). What happened during and after Katrina had been a travesty to any or all people living in that location and to our whole nature. However, one provides to wonder why Zeitoun ignored the unemployed of his " friends, " which he left out in their prisoner-contructed outdoor prison following he was released with the actions taken by his lawyer and his spouse after a comparatively brief internment., This was not a fairly easy book read but one everyone should. Is actually scary to see just what bias and prejudice could move individuals to do. In case you think some will be they other, f2f hello become so., Well written and engaging. The book demonstrated the sense of honor/wonder and horror faced by those who remained behind in New Orleans after Katrina. I live in Louisiana and have interacted with many people who had been touched by hurricanes Katrina and Rita. The devastation, fear, helplessness, and genuine experience of living without contemporary conveniences of clean water, plumbing, electricity, and the scarcity of food regarding extended periods of occasions is life changing and the book will do a very good job of demonstrating these aspects of survival as well as the triumph of the particular human ability to adapt and overcome even though permanently altered. One criticism--the book tends to simplify the good guys vs. bad guys powerful. The hero had defects that were not explored and there was the good side to the characters painted as villains, again, not explored within this publication., Eggers hits a homerun with his writing (as usual). However, I have got become so angry following reading it because regarding the injustices experienced by the number of people following Hurricane Katrina. I also felt angry as a result of rest of the Zeitoun family's story which is uncovered by a quick Yahoo search for Kathy Zeitoun., I'm glad someone noted this story because this captures a moment in time and human situations that we should not forget. The book doesn't appear trying to set up facts to match a established political or social plan, but as a sincere story carefully told. That doesn't mean that right now there aren't personal, political, and spiritual lessons one may possibly combine the book; but that's up to the particular reader, not forced by the author or the particular subjects. The author's consideration for all of you participants described in the book is palpable, which helps soften just what could otherwise be the very sad story.

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