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I've read the book (unlike so many of the "reviewers" who gave it one star) and here a few points.

1) This is a popularization of recent (late 20th-early 21st century) reputable scholarship regarding Jesus. There's absolutely nothing in this book that would surprise a person (like myself) who have read pretty much all of the accessible scholarship on Jesus published in the last 30 or so years. Just going through the (extensive! ) notes and bibliography at the conclusion indicates to myself that Aslan has done his homework.

2) Aslan takes the position that Christ was a zealot for God and God's Brow, but (and this is repeated several times in the book) he was not a member of the Zealot Party, which wouldn't arise until over 30 years after Jesus' death. In this, Christ was just one of a number of men and women who arose in the time from the reign of Herod the Great to the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 CE and his fate was like those others. In a nutshell, Jesus was killed for his zealotry, which was perceived as a threat to the Roman authorities and particularly to the Jewish sycophants who ran the Temple (and profited nicely from it). This is not a position shared by many members of the religious scholarship fraternity, who may have attempted to carve out a position for Jesus where he's a spiritual figure who did not delve at all into politics. Is actually an interesting argument that I can't do rights in a few brief sentences. If you're serious, you'll have to read the book yourself and decide if Aslan makes his situation.

3) Aslan doesn't stop with the death of Jesus, and, as someone writing history, not hagiography, he carefully notes that he can't pass common sense on whether Jesus' revival occurred, because it is not a historical event but an event of religion. He then pushes on to an analysis of the earliest Christians and, in particular, the conflict between James the Just, explained as the brother of Jesus and the head of the Jerusalem Christian believers, and Paul of Tarsus, the evangelizer of the Gentile world. This part is unquestionably worth the read, because it brings away the point that the early Christian believers were not "in one accord" but were in fact fractiously divided over what Jesus taught and what it all meant.

4) My only serious factual gripe about the book comes from the first paragraph of Section 15, where Aslan describes James the Just as follows: "He himself owned absolutely nothing, not even the clothes he wore--simple garments made of linen, not made of wool. " The issue is that historically linen was an high level fabric, not the fabric of the poor. (For example, Luke 16: 19 highlights that the rich man in Jesus' parable of the rich man and Lazarus wore purple and fine linen and all four gospels are agreed that Jesus was smothered in linen. ) Producing linen from flax required a lot of preparing in comparison with wool, which can be unique practically straight from the sheep. But getting again to James the Just: Typically the sources, by putting James in linen, were more likely comparing James to the Temple High Priest, who would have worn linen for the eschew.

5) I'm knocking off one star for not being footnoted. Granted, there is an considerable set of chapter-based endnotes (and I strongly suggest reading them, they're as engaging since the book itself), but the not enough footnotes is a serious flaw. Even if the book is intended for a popular audience, it should have been footnoted.

6) When it comes to declaration that the book is fatally flawed because is actually influenced by Aslan's Muslim background: That is flatly false. Let me express again that there is nothing in this book that can't be read in the scholarship done by *Christians* published over the past several decades. Additionally, if Aslan was driving Islam, you'd believe that he'd make a point of saying, "Well, Islam considers Jesus a prophet, inch but he doesn't. Not at all. The reviews which make the declaration that the book is terrible, horrible and dreadful because of "OOOOH EVIL ISLAM!!!! " appear to have been influenced by Fox News' promotion of a screed by Steve Dickerson. As a former journalist for Phoenix Fresh Times, Dickerson should know better, but perhaps that is why Dickerson is no longer a journalist great pastors a church in Prescott, AZ and churning out inaccurate and inflammatory junk for the afraid faithful., I read this book primarily because some of the negative reviews were so hysterical in their fear that I was curious the particular big deal is. I still am.

I am an ordained pastor with 12-15 years experience and 5 advanced degrees in theology. Aslan writes like what he could be, a religious historian. His job as an academic is to provide a thesis, develop it dependent on both evidence great theories of meaning and then let the reading community judge it. He performs this well. This is a good and thoughtful book. I disagree which includes of Aslan's conclusions. His / her thesis makes sense but it is not without problems. In addition to at times his writing became tedious.

Nonetheless, I give it four celebrities because it is an honest book from a gifted scholar that engaged myself in a new way of thinking about the topic.

That the writer is a Muslim matters in my experience about as much as the fact that I as a viewer am a Preabyterian matters to him. He is a scholar. That is what matters here., Reza Aslan has written a unique, extensively researched yet legible account of the origins of the Christian trust. Using historical, rather than theological, documents he evidently describes an extremely thrashing time together with the primary characters. Many Christians will find this as a controversial study, it certainly gave me pause in several places, as it brings into question the inerrancy of the Bible. This should not stop you from reading the boo, It was a good read and very entertaining. Aslan doesn't always give both sides of any particular issue and sometimes concentrates on the sensational rather than presenting the whole argument. Nonetheless, for those considering the historical Jesus motion, this is your book. For those who want to find out more on what the church teaches about Christ of Nazareth, this might not be the best book. Still, a good book., I'm not altogether certain that I actually credit the arguments made by Reza Aslan in his book, but he certainly gave me a new point of view on the roots of Christianity. By putting Jesus and the gospels in their full historical context (from the rise ? mutiny contrary to the post-Alexander Greek empire of the Levant up through and past the sack of Jerusalem by the Romans), Aslan offers us a Messiah who is very much a guy of his times. By simply presenting the Gospels and the epistles as what they were- an ongoing argument between factions within the early Church, and especially between the followers of Paul and of James brother of Jesus- Aslan the actual major players of the gospels into human figures with comprehensible inspirations. You can see the many other messiahs of the period, how they influenced Jesus's ministry, and how the abuse of strength of corrupt and unskilled rulers made Judea suitable for farming ground for messianic movements. Finally, Aslan makes the primary reason for Christianity's your survival flawlessly clear; the decision by Paul and his successors to divorce the Church totally from its Jewish roots and to reshape the teachings of Christ for a Roman audience. You might not be convinced by the portrait of Jesus Aslan chemicals, nor by the two-faced nature of his characterization of Paul, but you will definitely stop and check whatever beliefs you had on the complete subject. Definitely worth reading.

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