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Probably the most direct, well communicated, and immediately applicable handbooks of brand name building, brand loyalty building, and buyer building concepts I've ever read. A remarkable companion to " The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding" [which are not really 'immutable' by the way] by Al Ries & Jack Trout.

This is a must have reference book for all business people whether attached to marketing or not. Every job in any business is in some way attached to the achievements of a product., had to get this book for a class in my marketing program. what a great read and would recommend this to anyone who wants to find out more about Zag, Excellent, good, In a previous book, The Brand Gap, Marty Neumeier explains how companies can link the gap between business strategy and customer experience, noting that brand-building is not a series of separated activities; rather, it is a complete system in which five disciplines - differentiation, collaboration, innovation, approval, and cultivation - "combine to produce a environmentally friendly competitive advantage. " Their intent in Zag "is to zoom in on differentiation to reveal the system within the system. "

Initially, he observes that the human mind works with clutter the best way it can: by blocking it out. Consequently, "the most recent barriers to competitors are the mental walls that customers erect to keep out clutter. For the first time in history, the most powerful barriers to competitors are not handled by companies, but by customers. Those little boxes they build in their minds determine the boundaries of brands. " (Thomas H. Davenport and John C. Beck also have much of value to say about these boundaries and limitations in The Attention Economy: Understanding the New Currency of Business. ) Within his latest book, Neumeier explains how to overcome these limitations with radical innovation - "the engine for a high performance brand" - that requires mastery of 4 disciplines:

1. Finding your zag
2 . not Designing your zag
3. Building your zag
4. Renewing your zag

Everything starts with identifying the zag. That is, offering something that combines the qualities of both good and various. "When focus is associated with differentiation, supported by a trend, and surrounded by compelling communications, you have the basic elements of a zag. "

OK, but how to do that? Neumeier provides a design process that contains 17 checkpoints, each formulated as a question. He explains how to answer every one of them appropriately (i. e. a solution most appropriate to the given organization) by proceeding by way of a sequence of 17 checkpoints, each of which evokes something to be answered appropriately (i. e. appropriate to the given organization), with the first two previously posed as a trilogy from the brand Gap: "Who are you? " and "What do you do? " Reacting to them may show far more difficult than it may first appear and a correct (i. e. appropriate) answer to each is important to achieving radical innovation. The third question posed previously, "Why should I care? " creates an even higher challenge. Fortunately, a correct (i. e. appropriate) answer to that question will be revealed by carefully proceeding through the staying 15 checkpoints.

It is truly impressive how much substance and just how many challenging questions Neumeier provides within a narrative of less than 200 pages. With both rigor and eloquence, he or she explains how radical development can break through ever-increasing clutter in a competitive marketplace, whatever and anywhere it may be. Specific note should also be made of the book's production values. All of his core concepts, checklists, key points, observations, and suggestions are presented within a aesthetically appealing context. The final time I checked, there are about 34, 1000 business books on the general subject of brands. Neumeier has written two of the most valuable one of them. Bravo!, ZAG while all others ZIGS would be the headline for this wonderful marketing strategy book. This guide is every bit as concise and also to the point there is to discovering business strategy on creating a brand.

The author purposely made the book a short read and I appreciate it. It requires out a lot of extra useless information and retains precisely what is necessary. Great good examples, great references for further study and allowing you to, the reader know, that your business strategy needs to be sharp and concentrated like a sword.

There are concepts in this guide for all businesses from established brands looking to innovate to businesses looking to grow and then for the entrepreneur.

If your interested in learning more about brand identity and strategy, this is the perfect book as a starting point for all those., I liked this book alot. It reminds us that online Age group, where everyone and every company is rushing with an Internet presence, that breaking through the clutter in the marketingplace is tough. Of which traditional methods that worked well in simpler times won't work today. Marty talks bout some of a brief history about how exactly traditional techniques got their start and why they worked. He offers recommendations about how to stand out in this crowded market and how to look at your product in a different light. This guide is a quick and easy read., A very quick read with great examples for each section. Help to make sure your highlighter is at the ready. This book speaks to anyone that cares about the direction of their company. Big or small, founded or maybe starting out, owner or employee, either way you will commence to think differently about how to position the company against the " competition".

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