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Fascinating book that leaves myself unsettled, with many questions as yet unanswered (at the very least for me). He looks at major issues: LBGBT, Blindness, Cancer, etc., and explores why souls decided to incarnate with those outcomes., Thank you! Yet another way of perceiving the world around us. Of discovering the truth in which we currently reside. It's simpler to accept life's challenges if one can comprehend EXACTLY WHY they occur. This book may be of assistance towards that end. Best to contemplate ones own life while reading of the challenges of such people., Schwartz (along with the Means & Spirit Guides) clarifies why we choose specific problems to face here on World. I acquired this guide specifically to learn why I had created chosen Adoption as my entire life theme, and I cried when I found out. Jeshua (Jesus, to be sure Him), is one of the Spirit Guides who speaks to us in this guide. His / her explanations are beautiful and touching beyond belief. When you are an available minded individual, definitely read this book....... it can alter your life and allow you to appreciate your challenges and strive to rise ABOVE them instead of stay mired in self-pity., Inside a period when so many authors are stating many of the same things but using different words, Your Soul's Plan is a landmark guide. It truly is destined to instruct and inspire for decades. After I read the first 50 pages I said to myself that "if" this guy can maintain the clarity and detail then he is truly a gifted writer, with a enlightening message. Zero words or message can make life on the planet easy, however Schwartz made it "easier". The mark of wisdom is simplicity and sensitivity, which Schwartz applies to a very complex subject. Schwartz demonstrates his wisdom on every page as he educates his readers on major components of "our pre-incarnation planning process" (while we are in the spiritual realm). If you are considering an education on our pre-birth planning process and/or a brand new and improved perspective on some of your most perplexing challenges, then this book is a must read.... an instant classic., This is one of the top number of important books that I read in a life crisis a couple of years ago. Seeing things from this angle is amazing, and am used it when everything else was not working. You don't have to believe it at all, just check what the goal could be if all this pain was planned before you were born. I've given away a few extra duplicates., It was well written, in a style that the everyday person can understand. It was informative, thrilling, reassuring, and a guide that you can return to and practically pick up in a spot to reread. It's a keeper., Very interesting theory. It is both thought provoking and a lttle bit depressing to understand that we are provided with certain options to exercise free will within our lives only in so far as we can make judgements that do not effectively prevent the pre-ordained plan from materialising. From the same time we are told that we have agreed to this and if we do not achieve whatever our company is intended to learn in each lifetime then we will hold the possibility to repeat the lessons with increasingly steeper challenges for as long as it will take (and the circumstances under which we will 'agree' to go back will narrow our ability to exercise concious free will) to be able to 'force or direct' us to make the right selections. I am all in favour of honour, integrity, love etal but it would be a little easier or even fairer if our entire memory of these arrangements was not erased at birth so that we could feel that there is a goal in your mind and not think of things as punishment., Imagine to be able to create a plan to be an alcoholic, to be autistic, to be mistreated, to be homosexual, to be deaf/blind, and in many other circumstances. Initially, it's kind of hard to wrap your thoughts across the fact that you would actually choose to be other than what is considered normal, but as you read there is unquestionably 'sense' to it all. Synchronicity brought me to this guide. I will be eternally grateful.

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Your Souls Plan Discovering Meaning
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