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I have always been into color my whole life, but even in my recent turn into spirituality and my own journey, I never thought of color as a tool to use. This book clearly sets out some key colors, how and why to use them, mantras/meditations and their 'shadow' sides. I had been blessed enough to attend a book signing and workshop with the writer. Dougall is very relatable and this shows through in the guide and writing. His interest and knowledge of colors is amazing, and is actually been great learning how to really incorporate color into my life. Could book does learn more for the spiritual side of things, one can use the principles in designing or the clothes you wear. I have also been working with oracle/tarot cards and crystals, but often finding myself wishing I had formed something I could work with spiritually that would have me hauling cards/stones around-and since color is just about everywhere and so easy to incorporate in your life, this has been the things i needed. I would highly recommend looking at this guide and implementing color into your life., Being someone who plays around with colorful art supplies, I was really attracted to this book. Now I understand why sometimes I'm really drawn to work together with violet.... and then the next day shades of orange... and then your next week shades of blues and greens. Can't wait to do an art journal according to this book!!! SO FIRED UP! Thank you Dougall! You've exposed my own eyes to see color in a different way. Want to go out and buy clothes in the colors of the rainbow now woaw. (may find me a cute little unicorn and some sparkles while I'm at it. ) Fun book!!!, This book is full of self empowering exercises that will help guide your life with clarity and direction!! I wish I had formed this years ago but was making the conscious choices now. Dougall makes a compelling case for the energy of color and the imagery that can stimulate changes to make life as pleasing and fulfilling. Inside addition, Dougall's meditations are so simple and affective that anyone can use is to do anywhere!! I'm a reader who seeks for truth and this guide is enlightening!! I highly recommend!!!, Loved learning about colors and how colors impact us on a daily basis and how color energy can enhance our experience and help us all hook up with our true selves. There is certainly so much wonderful information packed in this interesting and interesting book. It is a practical and spiritually enhancing manual all in one. A great mixture of stories that demonstrate how to use colors on a daily basis and simple exercises that can teach us all how to keep thoughts in a balanced state. It is a fun book to read and will be a book I go back to again and again to find out more about colors, energy as well as how to increase a sense of happiness in everyday life., I'm so happy I have this book. It has been transforming the way I look at colors and how I use them since i have started reading it. For a person who loves bold colors, I barely incorporate them into my life; or I solely concentrate on one and don't question why. I'm loving my heightened awareness and insights. Thank you, Dougall, for sharing this guide with us as well as for being so down to Earth!, I have been drawn to colors all my life. Whenever people would ask me what my favorite color was, I would say it depends. In reading this book, I figured out a lot of explanations why " It depends " is an excellent answer. Some colors are favorites in moments of celebration, others uplift in moments of stress or sadness, and I am quite definitely enjoying learning about the shadow part of color. I really like this book. Reading this guide feels as though Dougall is seated in the family room and having a cozy talk with you. It is insightful, and invites you to use the guide and the exercises as a jumping-off indicate develop your own insights about your life in color., This can be a wonderful book. Dougall Frazer shares a personal prosperity of information opening upwards a very unique way of looking at color. His writing style is most comfortable as he or she winds his readers through the meaning of specific colors. His personal experience and " how to" guide for exploring color make his book both relatable and practical. This specific is absolute to be one of my go to reference books and one of the few that don't actually read like a reference book!, Wow! Years worth of experience and research really come through in a powerful, fun, and concise way! Who knew I could find out more about myself through colors in a fun and powerful day... luckily Dougall did! Thanks Dougall!

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