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This book has saved me from the lot of worry. Obtain it. It tells you when to go to an emergency room, call your physician, etc. I know that a lot of men and women think they can just look online, but that produces a lot of fear and incorrect results. I actually make use of this for my hubby and I too., This is a good book to have on hand. It is very easy to navigate through by looking up symptoms. It is not 100% complete though and could probably be more educational for a broader variety of symptoms and issues, but is good to have for the basics., I've looked at a great deal of kid care books as both an RN and a mother of three, and this is hands down my favorite.

Your kid's Health covers illnesses and disasters, as does his other book, Pediatric Telephone Advice, but is written in easier to understand language and also covers matters such as behavior problems and healthy development. It has so many wonderful tips that I utilized it while working as a public health nurse for questions about new baby care and problems, physical symptoms, and behavior concerns. The great thing about this book is that it has information about what you can try at home, and alerts you about when to call a doctor and when to go to the emergency room. Although other child treatment books attempt to do this, usually they are "lite" versions, and you wonder what kind of person wrote them (are they worried about getting sued if they provide too much information? ).

This author talks from a TON of experience. Just read the information about "Newborns and Mountain Travel" or "Eating Problems: Other Strategies. " Then check out what to do if you have a child with "Itching, Unfamiliar Cause (Localized)" or "Foreign Body in the Nose. " Where else can you find information about sea urchin stings, how to remove a tick, home work problems, and sleep problems? Almost everyone will make use of the information about vomiting and diarrhea. There are simple, objective ways of identifying whether you should continue your child at home, call the doctor immediately, or call within 24 hours.

With regard to example, under Diarrhea, you should speak to a doctor immediately if 1) your child is less than one month old and definitely has diarrhea (Caution: Normal stools of breast-fed infants can look like diarrhea--see page 603), 2) Your child has not urinated in more than 8 hrs, 3) Crying produces no tears, 4) The inside of the mouth is dry rather than moist, etc. There are 6 more descriptions of symptoms that, if your child were to exhibit them, you would want to make contact with your physician immediately. This specific is then six more where you may wish to contact your physician within one day. There are three additional ones where you would want to call the doctor during office hours. This specific is then four web pages outlining treatments you can try at home for breast-fed, bottle-fed, and more mature children, and includes a "Common Mistakes for Diarrhea" section. I offer you this example to show you that the most typical symptoms and illnesses are presented completely, and they are leaving you! With this kind of information, you can make good choices about what to do. And that makes parenting SO MUCH SIMPLER!!!

If I could only have one medical book for my complete family, this would be it., As a first time parent, I used to be normally a nervous wreck! Without having prior experience with a newborn/toddler, I was especially anxious about what to do when/if my child became sick or exhibited foreign [to me] behavior. At the same time, I did not want to overreact to situations nor be that overzealous parent calling the Pediatrician over actually little cough or sneezing. Per the recommendation of a parenting magazine, I purchased this book immediately (Mar 2007). Thank you, Dr. Schmitt! This has been a Godsend for clueless first-time parents!

When i understand this book is not meant to use for diagnoses, it does ease the mind and help one to understand and evaluate a given situation. In fact, a earlier experience illustrates how effective this book has recently been [for us]: our hospital has a 24-hour nurse hot line that one can call to assist and evaluate if the hospital visit is necessary. After first referring to this book, my hubby was leery and insisted we still call the hot range. So we called. I might swear the nurse contacting companies was reading from this exact book! It was practically verbatim. The complete consultation was as though I were re-reading the section in "Your Child's Health". We called the phone line again about a month later with the same results: just what the book said. Needless to say, we decided the book was accurate. Now, anytime my son shows signs of sickness, gripes of pain, posseses an crash, etc., we pick up our health "bible" so we really know what to do and how to proceed. I especially appreciate that each section lists possible causes, a home remedy and a set of symptoms under whether you should "call your personal doctor later" or "call Doctor immediately".

I write this review 3 years and many dog-eared pages later because I am now purchasing a copy for my "soon-to-be-mom" sister-in-law. I highly recommend this book for any parent, whether they be first-timers or veteran caregivers. It truly is a great resource and really should be in your library!

ADDED: I should have read previous reviews before writing mine! Note reviewer "T. Meters. " claims they use Dr . Schmitt's book for their 24-hour hospital call service. This explains why our calls to our hot line sounded just as the book! LOL Good to learn. I'm even more convinced this is a MUST HAVE reference., Our pediatrician recommended we get this book when my daughter was obviously a newborn. It's now 5 years and 2 kids later, and we are still loving it! This specific has saved us many frivolous trips to a doctor, and no doubt, money as well! I definitely recommend!, Book for my daughter, Great, great book. My mother used it when I was obviously a baby. I ALWAYS buy it for anyone I know that is having a baby. They always report that the book gives them good general information and they always say it saved them from nut outs and unnecessary er visits., Good information

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