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Doctor Kaplan has provided a new quality overview of the non-science that led to the dramatic increase in the medical diagnosis of biopolar disorder in children; the disorder that never was. Thus, we now have another, on a really narrow your search, who is ready to stand and proclaim that the king has no clothes. It is past understanding to note that physicians have elected in order to medicate thousands of children who present "symptoms, inches steady with a variety of other diagnoses, normal development, to be more exact common behaviour problems. This guide is a new must read for each and every physician (including psychiatrists), psychologist, sociable worker, and counselor in practice or training.

Thomas McKnight, Ph. D., ABPP, Medical Diagnosis has become a new " check list" plus this book really helps to deliver some common sense to a diagnosis that has become the " flavor associated with the month", often misdiagnosed and which often opens the channel to wrongly medicate children with extremely pharmaceutical agents., While possibly rare, to say child years bipolar does not exist is fallacy. This pondering is precisely what directed to a misdiagnosis in my bipolar child. Many hospitalizations later, by using li (symbol) and abilify all odio has subsided. With a new little SSRI to help with depressive symptoms plus adjudicative light remedy the child is back to a normal baseline. Please make clear to me, Dr. Kaplan, how lithium was the particular key medication to normalizing mood swings inside a nine year old? From so depressed he would not smile and slept just about all day to inability in order to sit still, pressured speech, loss of cognitive perform, agitation and anger? A new child who was carrying out GT math to faltering grades - and within weeks of lithium reaching therapeutic levels the come back to cognitive ability? This is the reaction of any bipolar brain to li (symbol). It may be uncommon, but do those couple of rare patients a favour and at least admit THERE ARE SOME BIPOLAR CHILDREN. I know - I experience one.

Possessing said that: I agree that giving stimulants in order to all children is a new mistake. I suspect with future genomic studies we all will be able in order to test and tell which often children may benefit plus who won't - plus probably determine many other health care conditions patients are at risk for developing. Perhaps in the near future we are able to prevent individuals from even having a new first mania... pre-treat hypertonie, cancer, cystic fibrosis, bipolar, depression, and so forth..

But a single thing is certain: Statements that contain 'all or none' or 'black plus white' thinking can lead to misdiagnosis... there will usually be shades of gray. How you label 'grey' is irrelevant - but please recognize it exists... plus in the white world, you just may well not see grey or black as you are not looking., Doctor Kaplan has hit on a topic that is really interesting and manages in order to bring to the front aspects of mental illness that have been long disregarded. He could be not afraid in order to challenge the leading government bodies on mental health plus in the process exhibits that there are misleading "facts" that dictate care which often has infiltrated mainstream medicine. He shows what sort of misdiagnosis has even prevented the particular administration of care under the guise of 'contraindications'. This is a must-read for anyone who has a child with a emotional health disorder to become fully aware and informed, and makes the modification of a lot associated with misinformation being fed in order to the public., Dissuading individuals from reading this book is doing a disservice in order to anyone affected from the concern it addresses. Read with an open mind, this guide may be an very helpful resource to parents, professionals, and others struggling in order to help a child with symptoms that may be mistakenly ascribed to the chidhood bipolar disorder. Written by simply a prominent child plus adolescent psychiatrist, this book presents a definite and reasonable argument that needs to be heard plus considered, or even embraced by simply anyone mixed up in care associated with a child whose symptoms have resulted in a new diagnosis of pediatric bipolar disorder., Dr. Kaplan, a great eminent child psychiatrist plus clinical professor of psychiatry at a major college, looks at the science behind the diagnosis associated with bipolar disorder in children and finds it wanting--with valid reason.

Bipolar disorder had been rarely diagnosed in children until the mid-1990s when two researchers independently identified bipolar disorder among severely disruptive children as the particular culprit behind their habits. Yet , as Dr. Kaplan shows, each of these kinds of major figures applies different conditions to arrive at the diagnosis. And a lot of this pivotal study was conducted without actually interviewing the children who were being diagnosed. Further, Doctor Kaplan points out, the particular symptoms of pediatric bipolar disorder look not like the particular symptoms of bipolar condition in adults. And, while just 1 percent of the particular adult population is affected with bipolar disorder--a lifelong affliction--proponents associated with the diagnosis of the chidhood bipolar support groups claim that 5 percent of children are affected.

As a parent, I actually certainly understand the suffering felt by parents whose youngsters are suffering, but I actually would urge anyone whose child has been diagnosed as bipolar to learn this book. The medications being prescribed for bipolar children frequently come with crippling aspect effects. Further, there is no research on the particular long-term effects upon children in the medication being prescribed.

Doctor Kaplan takes a new reasoned and judicious approach to this serious concern and successfully debunks the particular bad science behind this [mis]diagnosis. At the same time, he gives a lifeline within the kind of a treatment strategy for children who show these symptoms. This is a must read for parents of children with behavioral problems.

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