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I actually purchased this book planning on tons of good advice on ways to get healthier and becoming more fit. The book is easy to read and has a number of suggestions that resonated with me. I'm a healthy chef and like to exercise, and so i found a whole lot of overlap with the author's thinking. And because I'm a scientist, I actually enjoyed reading about family genes and how we can attempt to turn them on and off. The problem with this book is that in the end is very unrealistic. The author has time to do her oil pulling, daily sauna, meditation, quality time with her as well as much more because she is rich and obviously does not have an average life. I work full time and couldn't do even 1/100 of what she says. Also, I actually got a bit tired of reading that she was educated at MIT and Harvard; Dr. Oz is at Columbia, another great university, and I may care for his advice whatsoever! Lastly, I attempted the 30-day green move challenge. I was dissatisfied because it did nothing to me. But it did to her, since I purchased the proteins powder, the super produce and the extra fiber from her online store. In the long run, I felt that she was giving same advice I have read before from all other celebrities (i. e.: Mariel Hemingway) but everything here was focused towards making us buy more of her products. But the book is entertaining and has some good things. If you are a beginner in this type of advice, you will reap the benefits of it. In case you've been eating clean and exercising, perhaps not., I have worked with Dr. Gottfried for years. Before her books. I actually can tell you palms down that the girl with one of the most smart, thoughtful, and articulate doctor-writers out there. I feel so discerning about all the information out there in the world of fake news and charlatans especially in the health industry. Dr . Sara is the real offer. The girl with a perfect mix between traditional medicine and leading edge practices. Now about YOUNGER: I just completed the book and couldn't put it down. I actually am a health book junkie, but this book is unique. It has the science and research in it. Her MIT and Harvard educations are obvious. And, that is what distinguishes Dr. Sara from the remainder. I am a healthy skeptic but willing participant in all the brand new functional medical protocol. Trying to find very enthusiastic about exploring my DNA and genetic versions so I can better understand what actions I actually need to take to put the cards in my favor (epigenetics). MORE YOUTHFUL is so packed with very tangible actions I can take to override my wonky genetics. She is very generous ready research and resources. She spent a lot of time studying and it shows in the book. I also love her humor, humility, and vulnerability in this book. She reveals her own struggles which helped me feel like I'm not the only one who works extremely hard daily to just maintain my health in middle age and beyond!, Here is yet another masterpiece of research positioned into practical protocols for everyday folks to use in their anti-aging mission. I have followed Dr. Sara from her first book, to this 3 rd work. While I observed 2 negative reviews for this publication, and would not want to use a review forum for argument, I must say that the areas they lifted are bits of nutrition dogma (where many in the field of nutrition find controversy - as a dietitian I am very much aware of and involved in such controversial conversations). This book is much more than a book dealing with diet and recommending specific curative foods (as those two reviews would imply). The book is centered on cutting-edge research looking into longevity, nutrigenomics, and exactly how lifestyle medicine can influence our DNA, thus protecting against disease and extending our healthspan. It's truly exciting. When you read this book, you will be given tools for how to design your daily schedule, your plate (and the study is presented free of nourishment dogma), your physical activity routine, your social habits, and even exercises for the human brain to keep you young and optimally vibrant and vital throughout your long and healthy life. This is a inhale of fresh air within the anti-aging scene, which in many cases is inaccessible to the masses (and many times, unlikely, surface-oriented, and even dangerous). The practices you will learn in Younger will make you feel great, in today's (as evidenced by how folks like myself experienced the pilot program of putting these areas into practice over the course of 8 weeks). You'll feel the variation quickly and you'll be able to see it. So not only will you possess the long-term benefits associated with healthspan - you'll have short term benefits too. It's also only a great read - Dr. Sara knows how to make science fun, intriguing, and even sexy., I will be still reading this book but I have pay attention lot of her podcast. Very smart, educating and entertaining, Really informative and interesting for all your questions about health and antiaging we older women want to achieve. Lots of new information to learn and use., Awesome information for anyone researching ways to live better and avoid the standard afflictions that come with age., Really special book for those seeking to better their lifestyle, improve your health, etc, I was excited to get these books however they do not hold my attention

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