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Following enjoying Marie Lu's Tale series, I was thrilled to dive into The particular Young Elites. The storyline clears with Adelina Amouteru, a survivor of blood fever. Once considered a beautiful and desirable girl the girl father could marry off, Adelina was marked by blood fever. Her dark hair turned silver and she lost her attention to the fever, only leaving a scar on her face. Her father has since never handled her as well as her sister, Violetta and constantly reminds her that she is marked, a malfetto. A series of events and a unfaithfulness from her family leads Adelina right to the Youthful Elites, several survivors of the blood fever with special abilities. As Adelina delves deeper into the world of the Young Elites she discovers her own powers and considers the standing of this new party.

While the premise wasn't incredibly original in my experience, Adelina was the character who intrigued me. How many books have you read with a personality who imagines such a bloodthirsty, chaotic revenge? Inside my case, not many. Adelina wants those who wronged her to suffer and she does not imagine any mercy. Adelina is dark, villainous but I rooted for the girl the complete book, even if it made me slightly unpleasant to do so sometimes. Throughout the book it is hinted that the girl has a 'darkness' in her and that she cannot be trusted. While we only got a view of this power, it is both intriguing and powerful, and Adelina relishes the power she possess.

Like I mentioned above, the idea of a global catastrophe with emerging young people with strange powers is a trope I've seen before. It also happens to be one of my favorite tropes because I am a sucker for discovering all these characters with unique capabilities. Some can control elements like fire and wind flow, while some can make objects disappear and come back again in another location. When i don't want to go into detail for Adelina's power, know that it is versatile, original and probably more powerful than we realize at this point in the storyplot so far.

As far as supporting characters, there are a few important ones to note:

Enzo is the leader of the Dagger Society, or maybe the group of Young Elites that Adelina discovers. Enzo is distant, interesting and definitely comes with an agenda of his own. He could be fascinated by Adelina's powers, despite repeated alerts that she could be dangerous. There's also a hint of attraction involving the two, but I had a hard time trusting his motivations. Adelina's most important priority is their self, so I couldn't get too attached to other characters because I never knew when Adelina could turn on them.

Teren is a character I will be excited to see more of. While him and Adelina are on opposing sides of this story, We have a feeling this individual will be an important character in the series. He is accountable for searching down Adelina and one other Elites, but we soon learn he is holding a secret of his own.

Violetta is Adelina's sister and while their connection is contentious at times, she is arguably the only character Adelina has any feelings for at all. Unfortunately, Adelina has recently been hardened by the tough treatment in her years as a child and the prejudice against her for being a malfetto has hardened her center. Violetta represents the only good part of Adelina that is left and I was pleasantly surprised ready character arc in this book.

The ending fell a little flat for me in phrases of action, I think I used to be just hoping for more. However were a few surprising twists and turns! Let me definitely be reading the next book because We need to really know what happens to Adelina. Sure, she has had a pretty terrible life so far, but she is going down a dark path and I personally can't wait to see where it leads. I enjoy the idea of reading about an anti-hero! Adelina makes a lot of questionable decisions throughout the book and it may seem like she is starting to succumb to the phone call of her dark power. Will certainly she continue down this path? Will she get the revenge she desires? Or will Violetta continue being the voice of the girl conscience? I am thrilled to find out!, We read several reviews before starting this series and I should have heeded their warning. This series is actually good but very dark, very depressing. The writing and storyline draw you in quickly. There is certainly so much going on you don't want to put it down. The world is not hard to imagine and you want them to be successful. I was captivated! We felt extremely depressed. We couldn't shake that heavy feeling. Trying to disregard it, I started publication #2 and barely made it through for this reason feeling. I possess book #3 waiting but I don't know if I will finish. We can't get myself to open it., The grammar is good, that's a plus, but I didn't want to envision this world. It was too lite in the descriptions for my tastes. Not only the physical world was lacking in my experience, but the inner state of the characters details of view were very two dimensional. To me the key character was unrelatable. Her cold and seasoned feelings throughout left very little room for personal growth, perhaps the next installment she could grow. The particular story failed on all fronts of the minimal love story. There is no rooting going on within me for the match to happen, it was a complete flop.
I did like that this isn't a traditional story where the key figure is inherently good., If I did a one worded review We would say this book is WONDERFUL! I will be a huge enthusiast of Marie Lu and her writing. I love the way she quickly engages me into the girl stories. Her story telling is vivid, her character types are ones I enjoy reading about, and the worlds she create are in the same way dangerous as they are enticing. Marie Lu has yet again proven why she's one of my favorite YA writers.

First of all, let's talk character types. Lu is one of the few authors who I feel has mastered the art of tale telling from multiple details of views. Not only does this enhance the reader's ability to quickly become engaged with the story, it allows visitors to get to know the characters, understand their motives, and see all sides of the story without hindering the story's liquid plot line. Whether the characters are excellent or not, I liked understanding where each character stood with all that is heading on within the Young Elites's world. Everyone of their point of views add so much depth to the complex story, along with their over all character development. It was interesting to observe how certain events of their childhoods drove to make the decisions they did, or believe certain ways. Their beliefs only motivated their stance on the poker site seizures taking place.

The world building rocks !. Like with her previous series, Lu once again ranks upward there with authors who have this ability to create these incredible worlds that fuel the story. Much like the characters, the entire world plays a huge guideline in the story. We loved how vividly detailed her story's world is. It was incredibly easy for me to picture it in my thoughts as I was reading the book. Bonus, the published book has a map! YES, a CHART! Y'all know how much I love maps in books.

Lu's writing is flawless. The Young Elites is a book that hooked me from beginning to end. There is adventure, magic, secrecy, betrayal, a hint of romance, plenty of danger and the type of figure chemistry I love. An individual know the kind that makes you want to turn the pages faster just so you can find away when both characters lastly kiss. YES, there is kissing! Don't worry, there is more to the storyplot than kissing. In fact, the romance in this tale is not the key point of the story, and it's great! There is so much going on, and so many other elements to this story. Will be certainly good and evil, night and a drive We got with all four of the characters, though I didn't necessarily agree with everyone of their steps. The way in which Lu combined all the girl elements is perfection.

We love it when We sit to read a book, and become so employed with the story that I don't have time and energy to wonder how much extended do I have till the end nor do We want to skip to the end of the book. Don't judge me, you guys know those kind of books Now i'm talking about. The Youthful Elites is a book We really enjoyed reading. Now i'm looking forward to discovering what Marie Lu has in store for the girl characters next. I need answers after those stunning twists/reveals near the end of the book. Oh, and that ending.... if We could have the follow up now please, that would be great. Thank you!

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