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This book was for me just a fantastic read from start to finish! It made me personally:

1. Horrified at times- being reminded how slaves were really and completely treated back then, seeing Mattie's anger displayed in an early scene (no spoiler) that left me holding my breath and being created to remember how women were treated during this time period too.

2. Furious at others- as when Mattie was torn from her family, including the woman 3 month old child and was supposed to be pacified by being capable to visit them for a few hours on a Sunday, witnessing through the young heroine's eye the brutal rape of any young slave girl (ofcourse not graphically depicted) and reading the general attitudes of individuals on the black/white person/non-person issues common to this time.

3. I chuckled in spots and am cried in others while reading it which means for me it was a pretty darn successful story. I actually can't ask for a lot more then that from any author.

Some have said that they found the book only suited for teens because parts looked to have been written for a YA audience. My reply to that is that the plot of this book revolved mainly around 2 things, us getting to watch Lisbeth grow up and the woman changing attitudes as the book progressed and life through the eyes of Mattie (Ma-ie). I believe these scenes that experienced more YA were to give us a flavour of what it was like growing up during this time and may understand any other way it could have already been done if a few of the young girl's activities and thoughts (life on the daily basis) weren't represented. The particular other perspective life as seen through Mattie's eye was more adult because she was an mature and had to grow up pretty in early stages as a result of circumstances of her life.

I actually wish there was a sequel to this one something I almost never say!, Slavery has always existed somewhere in our world and it still does but it is wrong and has always been wrong. This is the story about the love that existed between a black slave and the white child she was forced to wet health professional and raise. A child does not see color or status. A child responds to love and that is the main thing in the world, love for our fellow man. Love can overcome obstacles and break barriers that absolutely nothing else can touch. This was a wonderful tale about this kind of love., My book club has read its fair reveal of historical fiction in the Civil War era and when Yellow Safran du gatinais was suggested as our next selection I was pleasantly surprised. This is a story of a slave wet nurse who has to abandon her own 3 month old to care for her masters newborn. The book got me captivated right from the start and I couldn't put it down (completed in 5 hrs). The plot and storyline were exceptional especially for a first time author. I actually could immediately tell that the book was a not written by an Black author because the vernacular felt " off" and not authentic. The story was mainly written from Lisbeth's perspective but I yearned for Mattie's character to be a little more fully developed. Although the story was a fast read I experienced that it was rushed in the second 50 percent. The book was not as gritty and graphic as other slave era stories but I experienced that the brutalities and horrific acts known to be the norm in the antebellum period were glossed over. I wished that more had been written about Mattie's life in Ohio with Emmanuel and the children. Overall a great book for a novice author., I actually think I remember reading this book before but it was so really worth a second bypass. It boggles my mind that once upon a time i was allowed to own other people and treat them worse than we would treat animals. That is a sad part in our nation's history that I would just like soon forget. Yellow Crocus was written beautifully. I could feel every emotion in every page. I wouldn't be surprised if I found me personally reading this for a 3 rd time., 1. The particular Yellow Crocus by Laila Ibrahim historical fiction
Grade B- 244 pages
Being a mother is a theme in The Yellow Crocus. Does giving birth make you a mother? This tale is placed in the southern pre-Civil War. Lisbeth is an engaging narrator, and her growth is lovely. Mattie is Lisbeth’s damp nurse and mammie. Mattie is instantly lovable. Readers’ hearts will cheer for and break for Mattie. At times, the writing felt forced. Being a viewer, I wanted better information and dialogue, and the plot is predictable. Yet other times, the writing is beautiful, painful and clear., The fondest memory space Mattie has of the woman mother is when they would go looking for Yellow Crocus's together because the first sign of spring. Slavery does not allow for many happy remembrances. Mattie is living with the memory of getting to walk out on the woman 3 month old child as a wet nurse for the mistress's newborn. The particular newborn was to be called Miss Elizabeth.

Mattie's mind stayed on the family she needed to leave behind in the "Quarters. " She watched the woman grandfather, Poppy, and the woman son, Samuel, from the window of the big house daily. Miss Elizabeth grew and she and Mattie were inseparable. Elizabeth depended on Mattie but Mattie's heart was always with her own boy. There was a change in Mattie and Elizabeth's harmonious routine when Mr. Wainwright decided to sell Samuel to a near by plantation.

The peculiar establishment of slavery yielded some peculiar relationships. I'm positive relationships like the one shared by Mattie and Elizabeth was not rare during those times. I actually appreciated the point that Ibrahim did not give us the most common "tragic" slave story. Mattie held on to the woman own identity and did not allow the mansion to mesmerize her. Elizabeth blossomed into her own woman. She went against the recommended way for most women of the woman time. Their lives came full circle.

Yellow Safran du gatinais really drew me in and I read it in one night. Some elements felt rushed. I wished for some more details but the ending satisfied me personally., This is a guide which i hope always to remember. It is just a look into the South in Before Civil War days...... the tender love between a white baby girl, and her black wet health professional. and the beautiful partnership that grows through the years, amidst the recognition of the dark events as the struggle for freedom for slaves disturbs the very nature of the accepted way of life in the Deep Southern. This book is a must read!

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