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Fantastic book and a must-read for anyone wanting to enter the e-discovery/litigation support field. I purchased Typically the Yellow Brick Road to e-Discovery and Litigation Support to get insight regarding e-discovery and litigation support careers, and that's precisely what this delivered. I loved that it gave a lot of insight without a huge time investment on my part, it took me only about an hour to read. Bowe produces succinctly about his experience and gives wise advice on how to enter this field.

I love the Wizard of Oz illustrations in this book. That helped me to know that to be successful, I'll have to bring out my own Lion, Tin Person, and Scarecrow qualities. I am happy to say that this guide will make my transition to a career in e-discovery and a lawsuit support much easier. I am willing to apply what We learned in this book on career transition., We highly recommend The Yellow-colored Brick Road to e-Discovery and Litigation Support by Bowe Kurowski to anyone enthusiastic about entering the field of Litigation Support. Kurowski masterfully introduces e-Discovery and Litigation Support through the metaphorical world of Typically the Wizard of Oz, rendering it an readily accessible exploration of a rich and complicated field of work. He plainly explains the essential balance between the internal courage needed to be successful in a growing industry while simultaneously providing a solid foundation of data through his riposte of the EDRM. This book is an essential addition to anyone’s collection that is wishing to create his or her own “yellow brick road”., I have to admit that the Gavel on the cover brought on initial insecurities as to my ability to assimilate the information comprised in the book. We come from a tech and it also background and the legal procedures and definitions can appear daunting in my eyes....

Nevertheless , We was pleasantly surprised at the ease with which all the information was retained in a short book.
Typically the writing was fluid and also to the point. Verbiage was " friendly" and direct.
I'm currently going after a BA in Intelligence Studies and was able to connect with the Visuals like the EDRM Graph which reminded me of the " Intelligence Cycle".... Basic and easy to digest.
We suggest this book to anyone who is thinking of getting into E-Discovery., This book is hands down by far the most interesting book I have read about E-Discovery and A lawsuit. Never was I too fond about Litigation, We mean I was start to like it while completing up my Civil Treatment II course, but reading this book definitely persuaded me that Litigation can it be for me. It breaks or cracks down E-Discovery and really makes you think about ESI. Here I was thinking it was the same thing as Breakthrough. It is so much more interesting. Now that technology is becoming used more each day, getting into Litigation Support is definitely something I am going to consider after this book. It's so detailed and I don't believe any other book will make clear it better. Technological innovation is evolving people! Fantastic book!, I thoroughly enjoyed this guide i felt that it not only plainly mentioned and explained the idea of litigation support but offered a regarding this new and growing field. Through this book i found myself thinking in more critical steps toward the idea and education behind litigation support and e-discovery and though as mentioned they are emerging new fields they feature such a critical role in the legal process. Furthermore i find that this guide not only offered valuable tips to help students and professionals who want to learn more about this subject but also discussed that this has to be a passion and it is a book that i would highly recommend to anyone thinking of entering this field or even those who are simply a little curious., The article provides a critical review and analysis of the field of litigation support, the relevance to the legal process, and just how electronically stored information is preserved for trial. The content discusses the critical skills needed for anyone considering entering the field and how a lawsuit support is not simply for people that have a legal background. The article helps it be clear that success in the field depends on thought procedures, critical thinking and deductive reasoning skills. Therefore, those coming from the section of information technology can easily combine their skills and be successful. The content does a great job of explaining the ins and outs of litigation support and what to expect from the career in this area., Bowe has captured the essence of this field. His insight is well thought out and easy for someone to understand. I appreciate Bowe for putting this book out there. I use recommended this book to a few people already that want to get into this space. Anyone looking to know what us all eDiscovery professionals are all about, this is the book for you. If you are new to eDiscovery, this is a must must must read!

Congrats Mr. Kurowski, from now, one of your biggest eDiscovery fans!, This e-book is a concise and accessible primer for anyone enthusiastic about entering the growing field of E-Discovery. Not necessarily only does it establish the perimeters of this specialty area by situating it within the broader areas of litigation and litigation support, it also introduces and outlines the key components of the practice. Within addition, this book provides guidance for career development as well as place of work approaches for growth, success, and job satisfaction.

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