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great information in the guide, so glad I received it. Absolutely recommend for anyone looking at building a year round greenhouse or small conservatory. We thought we knew exactly how we wanted ours and now have upgraded our plans significantly due to the good information in this book., This is an surprisingly useful book. I highly recommend it to anyone who is enthusiastic about growing year-round in a greenhouse, even those among us who are now living in cold climates. Lindsey's guide is packed with detailed information. It's well-researched and plainly according to a great deal of experience in this field. This book is also extremely easy to read and very well illustrated. I was particularly enthusiastic about seeing what Lindsey had to say about growing in above ground greenhouses and providing natural extra heat to greenhouses, as I have been studying and writing about China greenhouses for the past two years. Chinese green house are earth-sheltered structures designed to grow warm-weather vegetables throughout the fall, winter, and spring. Lindsey shows how this can be accomplished in a above-ground green house. I learned a great deal from this guide and had a hard time putting it down. We read it cover to cover in a course of two days!, Neat book! I like the history of greenhouses in the first chapter., I am working with Ms. Schiller's company to design a small solar greenhouse modeled on her principles. This can be a very thorough and well crafted guide that should open upwards new worlds for someone accustomed to convinced that greenhouses are nothing but metallic channel and clear window panes of glazing. In particular the underground piping system, the GAHT system explained here, is a very affordable breakthrough to produce a green house that will function 12 months round. I tried to introduce these concepts to a fellow resident of my town who select to ignore them. Their greenhouse fish farm froze over this past winter. These kinds of a thing is impossible if you follow these principles and guidelines., We am currently building a net zero greenhouse in the Mojave desert, this book has all of the design information needed to succeed., Filed w/ basic and various green house styles; some are assembled for show or picture rather than from real grower - i. e. picture show a woman smiling in wood-studed H-house, w/ cold veges set up next to hot growing tomato, growing in the same temp. controlled; certainly, stage people, actor, author & editor does know about it, among many details which support the book is assembled from a collection of data, not written by herb grower., I have read many books on greenhouses and passive solar; this is one of the greatest. 1 reviewer wrote that guide is basic. That may be true in a sense but that is the fault passive solar rules are basic, it is not complicated however, you have to get the details right. This book and books like the books by Daniel Chiras are good at doing that. If you are going to build a greenhouse or if you just want to understand greenhouses, you should read this guide. Every library should have a copy. There are a number of excellent books referenced in the " further reading" sections at the ending of each chapter. Passive solar energy is the most overlooked part of alternative energy, books similar to this are especially important for that reason.

Midwest Independent Research, educational websites. Passive solar, mwir-passivesolar. blogspot. There is information and a book checklist on greenhouses here., Everything it says it is and more. Well-written, plenty of references, great examples. The amount of solar mass needed is mainly based on high altitude, clear skies, but enough justification is given I should have no trouble building a passive solar greenhouse in Salem, Oregon. Altitude about 135 feet and plenty of overcast days (weeks or months). Barrels, plastic material or steel, are too expensive for me, . 00 each. Gas fifty gallon hot water heaters are free and not much trouble removing the foam insulation. Extremely pleased We acquired this book.

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