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I had been amazed at how hard Joe Torre had in order to fight for his career after the 2003 time of year. After only going three or more years without winning a World Series, Yankees supervision looked to make him a scapegoat. The Yankees made some horrible employees decisions, especially with pitchers, and Torre's Yankees continuing to win. Joe Torre must have been allowed in order to manage so long as he wanted., A Red Sox lover my entire life, We resisted this title at first for obvious reasons. My respect for Joe Torre as a manager and great 'baseball man' ultimately changed my mind and I was delighted in order to find this an outstanding, first-hand account of typically the game. While the press coverage of this book just seemed to talk concerning his relationship with Steinbrenner, A-rod, and steroids -- thankfully Torre and Verducci gave these topics their due but focused upon Torre's coaching insights.

Even though re-hashing the Yankees' titles in the 90's and their consistent eliminate from the Red Sox in several playoff series has been difficult to read, Torre's anecdotes and stories concerning key games, the Sox rivalry, and the central personalities on both attributes truly make you really feel like you're there re-living every moment of those awesome baseball moments. Right at the end associated with the book, the viewer not only gains an gratitude for Joe Torre's profession as a manager with typically the Yankees, but additionally has a greater understanding of typically the transition American baseball provides experienced in the previous decade - the mindful balance between individual all-stars and the team idea; performance-enhancing drugs and their musical legacy; the evolution of statistics and the emergence associated with sabermetrics' role in scouting and the assessment associated with player talent; and typically the media's tremendous influence upon fans' perception of persons, teams, and the little league itself.

While my preferred moment was Torre's insider account of the 2005 ALCS (again, for obvious reasons), the whole book has been as captivating as their unique insight into those 7 games. The Yankee Yrs is a must-read with regard to any baseball fan, become they for the Yankees, the Red Sox, or any other team., My husband and I got the audiotape and detailed to it on our roadtrip from Texas to California. (Yah, long trip! )
Despite our disdain for sports in general, I really loved listening to this music book.
It was super interesting and had a lot associated with history and tidbits on typically the players that produces you really feel like you're section of the staff.

We enjoyed it thus much that we ended up buying it a gift for my mate and he loved it also., Great read for virtually any Yankee fan., I'm a long time MLB NY Yankees fan. I desired in order to learn more about May well Torre as well as the years he managed the Yankees.

The writer and researcher Ben Verducci with Joe Torre's input have wrote a good book about May well Torre and the twelve years with the NY Yankees. The book provides some GREAT color images! The book read properly. A few parts have been a little dry in regards to some the exact perform by play by players I never heard associated with. However, 95% of typically the book was good.

We see Joe Torre employed as the manager associated with the NY Yankees. This individual was the owner George Steinbrenner's forth choice. May well had a below average managing record with zero WS experience. The media and fans called him "clueless Joe" as they thought he had no thought of how to win typically the World Series.

What May well had was many fantastic players. Finally he experienced the "big horses... extremely stars" to be a winner.

We see Joe's management design of honesty, openness and dignity. He wanted to treat all their players and upper supervision with honesty. He favored face to face answers instead of behind someones back again. Unfortunately some of typically the players and management do things behind his back again and made deals. We come across George Steinbrenner when he was younger as a micro manager using their lieutenants to provide the poor news and do roundabouts behind Torre's back. Plenty of stabbing in the back again. Steinbrenner tried to guideline by threats and violence. Torre had non associated with it and stood upwards to him and did not let George intimidate him. Of course there have been things Joe had zero control of as George had the money in order to effect trades ect. We come across Cashman as the GMC dealing with George and May well.

After three WS sequence wins, and spending a lot far more than any additional baseball club Steinbrenner predicted the Yankees to earn every year. Whatever less was not acceptable. We come across the mistakes of obtaining expensive players who led almost no to the Yankees and were gone typically the next year. The key Yankees got older and older and the harrassing farm system stunk. Upper management spend millions and millions on throw away bad pitchers. The Yankees did have a few great pitchers and a great closer but these people were maturing and less reliable.

Also we come across typically the TV revenue distributed for all the ball clubs helping partially level the shelling out field. Also Cleveland that did not have large money to compete with the Yankees developed cleverness software technology to have almost all baseball players stats accessible to them. This approach they could go after a hidden gem that Yankee scouts knew nothing concerning. We see the Yankees throwing out millions of dollars on players that do not work out instead than using information accumulating technology. Also teams just like the Indians would signal 15 Latin country players for a tiny , 000 bonus a item. Even though one of all of them developed into a good player they were properly ahead.

INMO the issues of the Yankees right after Torres three WSW is victorious were a large component due to upper canal design of finding players... applying the old system associated with throwing money around versus the newer approach to information technology to find secrets players. Plus the pricey players getting older and less reliable did not assist.

We see Joe obtaining his forth WS earn but the Yankees possessing problems. Steinbrenner is older and not succeeding physically and mentally. He delegates a team of "the voices" to run typically the Yankees as he is just a shell of their former self. After their contract is over, May well asks "the voices" and Steinbrenner "Do you need me to manage following year. "Joe tells GMC Cashman his policy for a two year contract with major give backs in the second year when he doesn't do properly. Cashman is supposed in order to present this to "the voices". He does not and stabs Torre inside the back again. Joe says no in order to a one year Million contract as he did not wish to be beneath the micro managing browse of "the voices" and also a lame duck one phrase manager who would become threatened to be terminated all the time.

May well leaves the Yankees thanking George for the chance to manage the Yankees and all the great many years he had.

The publication had kind of a sad ending with Torre being stabbed in typically the back by unsupportive GMC Cashman and the unappreciative "the voices". A good book, learning about typically the Yankees inside the Torre many years through Joe Torre's eye. 4 stars

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