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Note- there are ***SPOILERS AHEAD***
*Spoiler space left for individuals who don't want to read them. Get out of now. *

It's hard for me to rate this guide because I've been one of fictional Kinsey Milhone's enthusiasts since 1982. I've desperately awaited every single " buchstabenfolge book" featuring Kinsey to this day, and it's heartbreaking to realize there's only one more, most likely dealing with the letter Z.
The reason it's hard for me to rate the guide lower than 5 stars is due to subject matter and the way it's managed by the author, Prosecute Grafton, a multi- honor winner for decades and someone I'd truly wish to meet. I respect her work, but I do not have a lot of respect for this guide.

Briefly, this is why I really do not have a lot of affection for this particular tome in the long series.

1) This is not " true" to another books in the series because this guide has chapters of visual sexual violence. I avoid want tea and crumpets cozy mystery in a Kinsey Milhone novel, no, far from it, but I also do not want to have to read about a teen's afeitado and abuse and how a large group of people view the incident over and over ( same case, different character types talking about it endlessly).

2) Kinsey can't " remember" for taking her gun with her even though a psychopath from your earlier guide is clearly stalking her fearlessly.
This makes Kinsey look silly, and she's NEVER looked silly. It's Janet Evanovich's " Stephanie Plum" who simply leaves her gun in the cookie jar besides making a running joke to be in mortal peril and gunless.
Earlier textbooks in the series do have some shooting in them, so I am not sure if this is the author's anti- gun statement built into the book, or a possible pro- firearm statement since not having a weapon was bound to happen and put Kinsey in the climatic dangerous situation with a madman, or if the both equally successful " Stephanie Plum" series gave Ms. Grafton the " oops, left that new gun at home" idea to the author. It's not sweet, much more Kinsey seem to be intellectually impaired. It's really unhappy to see a smart and street- smart personality dumbed down after 35 years of gaining encounters in her life and career as a P. I.

3) There was damage and disorder in the writing and in the scenes. First of all, the guide is set in two time periods; We have 1979 flashbacks written with teeangers in loads of trouble, and the " current time" assigned to Kinsey of 1989. ( Keeping her mobile phone free and with limited Web access).
However, while Kinsey was under- equipped in the electronics supplies in 1989, the 1979 teen group had the ability to make a video, view it on their VCRs in their bedrooms, clean up through the use of editing software in 1979 ( and I don't suggest splicing film with a knife and some recording either but professional computer editing in 1979). Likewise, there's the matter of the professional grade video. Not one person remarked that the video was out there of focus, blurry, novice, anything of the type, so apparently, it was much better than would be expected from 1979 equipment and the teens using it.
When we are reading in the " present time" of 1989, Kinsey could somehow determine that replicates of the prurient movie were or could have been made using hands held video cameras and a projector, while hands held video cameras of the type being described in the book didn't yet exist. The rich kids had them, Kinsey was viewing their copies. The book doesn't bluntly say the kids made the first set of replicates, but the guy who tells her how it could have been duplicated was deeply involved in the storyline in 1979.
Another small example of the anachronisms which pepper this book is a reference to Kinsey looking at a little patio or garden with moderate disdain. As it is described to us, it holds cast plastic lawn chairs. I remember when those of course tacky chairs were first on the marketplace and it was in the next decade, the mid 1990s.

4) Another factoid in this book which didn't seem to be true to Henry and Kinsey's shared green space and Henry's gardening at all was the very regular reminders that Henry, who is quite a jaunty; smart; chic; romantic; gallant gentleman ( lest we forget we are told a few times in each single book with just those words, instead of his actions speaking for his poise and manners), completely abandons his beloved garden. The book commences with the backyard being a large square of dirt and it also goes way downhill from there ( no pun intended).
Kinsey didn't do any cleaning or talk much about her beloved nautical- themed apartment that Henry built for her years back, and she is told us that she is wild on her behalf tiny space, and is also OCD about cleaning. She does not clean or care about her apartment, and Holly doesn't garden. Great losses of endearing qualities. Holly gives his pristine baker's kitchen over to a very dubious person..
Both Henry and Kinsey didn't like the important things in their comes from this one book. Kinsey didn't find any personal delights whatsoever, and neither do some of the other characters.

Inside summary, I discovered the guide to need better enhancing for the many anachronisms. I had to take some breaks from reading ( a first for the series since around the " D Is perfect for Deadbeat" book in the series) due to really OTT violent sexual content that proceeded to go on and on and on. I didn't feel that Kinsey, Henry, their friends, or the town of Saint Theresa were at all improved by the P. I. work that fell into Kinsey's lap in this guide. The suspense, for me, mostly came from the reader's awareness of her level of unpreparedness to offer with a psychopath from her recent past. ( Readers of the series will remember him).

Now i'm glad I read it, as I am a completist about books in a series, but this 35 year relationship with Kinsey isn't really going in the ways I had developed hoped. Down through the years, there have been glimpses of Kinsey getting at the very least one fun friend in her age group, a nice guy or two taking her out, even a decent car in certain of the books. Any of the above would have been a glimmer of light in this book, but no, none of it occurred. No one made Kinsey's life any better whatsoever, also to me, that is the heart of the series.

Difficult about " the bad guys" as much as it is about Kinsey and her life in fact these years. We long- term viewers all know that period holds still in Saint Theresa, or inches up a few years in the entire series just to the point where cell phones and computers were extremely useful and affordable and stops short.
Keeping in mind the e- data out from the equation, Sue Grafton keeps Kinsey " a gumshoe", not a " plugged in" sleuth. I like this quality and am glad it had not been abandoned, but it do suffer greatly in continuity in this one particular book., I have long been a Sue Grafton fan and also have read all of the books in the Kinsey Millhone series.

Nearing her late seventies, Sue Grafton remains a master of the private eye genre. Y Is for Yesterday, however, is unsatisfactory.

The subject matter is indeed dark and troubling, involving an amateur osceno tape and a high school murder. Worse, few if any of the characters are appealing. Even a few of the old Millhone characters, like her landlord Henry, Rosie and the homeless Pearl, don't do much to relieve the darkness.

The frequent flashbacks between 1979 and 1989 become annoying, with information repetitive from several different points of view. Most of Grafton's books have Kinsey because the first-person narrator. In this one, supposedly the next-to-last in the series, Kinsey narrates part of the story, but large pieces of it use an omniscient or third-person narrator.

Kinsey herself seems to have lost a few of her self-confidence and spunk that has made her such a delightful character. She actually is constantly fearful of another attack by the man who had tried to strangle her in By (with good reason).

I can't recall another story in the series that I've enjoyed less. I can only hope that when Z is for Zero comes out it will take us back to the Kinsey Millhone coming from known and loved. Grafton certainly still has the talent and ability to do so.

I really do acknowledge that the ending of Y Is for Yesterday is, for the most part, satisfying, so that gives me reason for hope that Grafton will wrap up the series in style., I feel like this guide was totally unedited and anachronisms abounded. First, we certainly have a group of young adults, in 1979, who all own VCRs, video cameras, personal computers and one even has video editing software in the computer??! While the first is justly remotely possible, the mediocre aren't. Kinsey, in 1989, references found footage, hand held type movies which weren't around yet and molded plastic lawn seats before they were in use. There are many the it drove me crazy. Plus, Kinsey receives the same information several times from multiple people and doesn't seem to be to remember that she already knows it. Several chapters were incredibly repetitive. The plot is convoluted and the characters dull or unlikable to the point i almost stopped reading. There exists soooo much filler and random description of meaningless stuff. REALLY-- Penguin needed to clean this guide up. I have loved Grafton for years, and continue to do so, as this book was an anomaly, and Kinsey's personality was still fairly brilliant, but honestly -- if it had been any other author. I would have tossed it midway through., I had been sad that this series is ending, but after reading this book I feel like it's enough time for it to go. I've read all the others and was looking towards the latest installment. I did not, however, enjoy this book. It had been dreary and repetitious. The flashback chapters added nothing and I was particularly unsatisfied that Sue Grafton chose to repeat over and over the graphic content of a tape of lovemaking abuse. Every time a new person views the tape it gets described, in addition to detailing the actual event in the flashback chapters. There was no justification for this. I found myself skimming large sections of the book just to get through. Also, Kinsey seems awfully stupid in this book. There's a long list of things she didn't think of, notice, or do. After all, I came up with more ideas, and I'm not a (supposedly) hotshot detective. She just keeps shuffling her index cards, totally clueless. Summing up: unsympathetic characters in a unappealing book in a formerly beloved series.

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