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Oh yea my gosh!!! You merely have to read this guide if you love thrilling books. Elle Casey pinned it again! The guide has quirky characters that work well together plus create a crazy family atmosphere. The undercover situations they handle seem reasonable with some interesting means of dealing with situations because they show up. Each figure has their strong plus weak points but nothing in comparison to the unlikely heroine associated with the story. May will be an innocent and accountable photographer without much funds or many appointments within her near future. The particular economy is within a down-slope and no you need photography enthusiasts during a recession. May possibly accidentally receives a completely wrong number she thinks iis from her sister. That call leads her by means of a string of events that threaten her lifestyle, creates a new plus exciting job and prospects to the love associated with her life. The guide is very steamy at periods, sit on the advantage associated with your seat waiting to find out what will happen following, intriguing, and hilarious at other times. At one point I laughed so hard my husband came in to my computer room pondering I was crying. He is not seen me chuckle that hard for a long period. Probably not since I read Tim Conway's autobiography previous year. LOL. Elle develops up the situations to a climax and will take us for the ride in addition to her. I expected the thing that was going to take place before it did within a scene between Dev and May [aka Bo Peep] and I was laughing so tough tears were blocking our vision of the kindle. Than bam! It occurred... just like I was hoping it would. [if completely gone any other way We would have thrown the kindle across the room and had written Elle Casey a scathing email. LOL] That was perfect. The reactions of everyone around the girl were great especially coming from Dev who now lays tasered on the ground. Honestly, you have to read this book. Consider the price. It's only . 99. You won't end up being disappointed.

Once you read one of Elle Casey's books you'll be addicted for life. I have over 300 books sitting on my kindle fog up. I've read many of them but there are many more looking forward to my attention. They will are within my favorite genre~, Fantasy. Every book I actually pick out carefully realizing I'm going to love it by reading typically the description and after that reviews coming from other readers. Believe me, reviews are really important to a person that provides to be thrifty plus wants to know within advance that they'll enjoy typically the books they're buying. Nicely, here is my problem. I purchased War in the Fae Book 1. It had been in the fantasy area. I was thrilled with typically the book and purchased typically the entire set. It had been amazing. (by the way Elle, I'm waiting for guide 9 and 10 to come out. lol) Anyway, my point is the fact that our kindle books are becoming somewhat dusty now and concerned since they're getting upset sitting in my cloud getting ignored because I find myself having to purchase all Elle Casey's textbooks and read them. She has plenty of books away there. Catching program these people all is keeping me from all the textbooks I thought I wanted to read first. Elle sets out at least a book a month so I am really getting short on reading time to glance by means of my cloud to read my other treasured buys. Elle writes in all styles so there will be something for everyone. Avoid miss out. Buy a few of her books. That doesn't matter where an individual begin, just begin acquiring them. You won't end up being disappointed., I don't think I read the similar book as everyone else. It had been so cheesy I actually wanted to throw upward. I hated May. She was so ditzy plus immature. " Wine me, dine me and 69 me" Yes. It is a literal line from the guide from 29 year older May. Really? Do people really talk like that! So glad this will be off my shelf., Completely wrong Number Right Guy will be definitely a refreshing plus welcome storyline. It had everything you want within a book -- suspense, love jealousy and humor. The main characters meet by accident in a seedy biker bar that May possibly went to accidentally plus Ozzie blew his cover rescuing her. One thing results in another, & May possibly is offered a job at the Bourbon Street Males security firm. May will be a photographer and also does surveillance. She demonstrates herself by taking shots at Dev the Martial Arts package in the team. No spoilers, but the lady has excellent instincts! Unfortunately, she has become typically the interest in the not so friendly bar patrons, which often is why she gusts of wind up staying in Bourbon Streets Boys and Ozzie.

I actually loved how May's thoughts are said out loud and she has to explain things like will certainly she have sex? (She claims she said paid, by Ozzie is not really buying it). This definitely leads to the humor inside the story. There is also a priceless love connection together with May & Ozzie's puppies -- Felix very, extremely small & Sahara, extremely big dog, with Felix being the male.

There is just the proper amount of thrills, chills and sex to make this a very pleasant book, with believable characters -- anyone of whom you could connect with. But you will fall within love Ozzie & May possibly. Elle Casey did a wonderful job with merging the story and characters.

I am now away from to read book two of the series. Give thanks to you Elle Casey!, If you are going in to this book buying sturdy, mature female lead an individual are going to end up being sadly disappointed. May will be a 29 year old professional photographer who acts like she actually is 21 through the majority of this book HOWEVER the lady is a hilarious plus strong character.

Thia guide starts with an automobile proper nightmare between May plus her sister via textual content; having had this problem personally I was thoroughly amused with this particular introduction! When May receives a odd text asking her to go to a club, she mistakenly assumes their her sister's new quantity and goes. And finishes up in a gun struggle, complete with her green heels and purse dog... enter Ozzie, her rescuer. Ozzie is the leader of an elite security organization and was undercover when May wandered in plus blew everything including said cover.

I loved May possibly, various other people might find her flighty or vapid but honestly, she wad perfect for Ozzie. Decided to earn her just right the Bourbon Street Males team, she refuses to give up when they push her to train - the girl antics with the taser plus single stick has me in tears!

You actually don't want to miss away on this series, their amazing! This is our honest review of a voluntarily read ARC., Narrator Review: Not a bad narrator. I did have a few issues trying to decipher once the character was thinking or speaking since it felt like that ran together. She also didn't do a extremely good Cajun accent but overall, I didn't thoughts this narrator.

Story Review: I actually started this series with book 2 : 4 before I came back and read this guide. Trying to find curious about May possibly and Ozzie since these people play big roles within all the other textbooks. I love Ozzie. He's former military, big and has a muscle physique and charge... my kind of man. I had a hard time discovering him paired with May possibly though. She seems extremely flighty and sort of cumbersome. Now usually I such as awkward, but May will be more silly awkward compared to endearing. My feelings haven't changed much since hearing this book. I do, however, really like how the lady kept surprising everyone when they tried to terrify her. They gave the girl a nick name associated with Bo Peep thinking the lady was harmless. She was harmless yet had zero issues defending herself, that was just funny. It's not really the best of the collection, but I was still amused.

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