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Bryan is THE author you would like to learn from. He's a master copywriter and this individual gives straightforward bullet-point advice (I love bullet points) on writing a publication description that sells. I never knew Shakespeare could help us write better descriptions but Bryan remarks how we can apply the bard's style to make our descriptions amazing. And that's just one of the MANY tips you may!

It's a short (and funny! ) read, which will creates much wiser than we were before we turned the first page., This is hands-down the best guide out there to getting your target audience by the center strings and enabling them know your publication is the book they want to read. Bryan does a great job of making a difficult activity easy, and the publication is loaded with great examples and exercises to get started on., So I have this weird fascination with book marketing, so when a writer in an author facebook group that I am part of recommended this publication I just needed to choose it up. It sounded informative and I thought it might come in useful when giving advice to other authors. I wasn't quite sure what to anticipate of this book as I read very little non-fiction (I am trying to change that), but I really enjoyed it and found it very informative.

How the Write a Tantalizing Synopsis provides just what the title promises you, techniques for writing a great synopsis. Each chapter has a specific point the writer addresses and at the finish of the chapter there is an exercise, which I thought was very useful for implementing to knowledge. I started writing synopsis for books I recently read and I realized just how difficult it was. I enjoyed seeing how my synopsis changed over the course of the publication and this book definitely made me look at synopsis in a different light. In addition to the last chapter gives a step by step guide for how to write your synopsis. I found the tips and advice to be very practical.

Alternatively I do think not each tip is for every author or every synopsis, but which almost impossible. And I think the advice in this book is only a good way to write them, but it does sound like an efficient method. I don't know if applying these rules to your synopsis actually brings your book more sales, but it would be interesting to hear from authors who apply these tips to their blurbs. I do concur with the writer that a blurb is very important for selling your publication, so giving these tips a try when writing your next blurb will sound like it's well worth a try.

I believe the author makes a lot of big points and also explains why these techniques work. Overall I think most authors would learn a few things from this book that they can affect their synopsis or least become more aware of possible techniques. Some points you can take with a grain of salt or apply as the thing is fit, but nearly all of the days the writer makes a good point and also explains his reasoning for why you should write your synopsis in a certain way.

The chapters are fairly short and the publication is very easy to read. There's even a little of humor in it and overall I read through this guide easily and even enjoyed getting some new knowledge about the subject and applying it. At the finish of each chapter there is an exercise and a short recap, that i thought was very handy. And like the author I might encourage you to follow these exercises as I thought it was really interesting to see the synopsis I had written develop while I worked my way through the book.

To summarize: This was an enjoyable and informative read. I figured out a lot of new things about writing synopsis and found the book to be well crafted. The writer explains why you should write your synopsis in a certain way and gives advise that makes sense and is easy to apply. The exercises and recaps at the finish of the book are extremely handy. It makes you sure you have a opportunity to apply the knowledge you just learned and read the most crucial points another time. Maybe not all advice can be applied to each synopsis, but I think most authors will find some pieces of advice they can apply or new techniques to learn for writing synopsis. I seemed I figured out a lot more about writing synopsis and found it an interesting read. I would definitely recommend this publication to authors who want to know more about writing synopsis., I've read elsewhere that the writer charges a healthy fee for writing book explanations and he uses his copywriting experience to do this. So I expected a better read and more stats on exactly how much his book explanations improved book sales. This individual suggests exercises in the book like reviewing your old manuscripts, but I don't believe in practice most people are likely to accomplish that, nor do I think it's necessary. I think they can get the gist of what he is saying and then practice on their own publication descriptions, or rewriting others that they notice just to find out if they can do better. He gives some examples from books he has written the descriptions for and that was the best part. I would've liked to see more of the theory behind what sells and some actual studies given about how his examples helped sell these books, and other stats. It's a short book and could've been more succinct or expanded to give more detail behind the psychology of copywriting/writing book descriptions, and so forth I was anxious to read this, but I found it a little unsatisfactory. Not bad in any way, but just an average read and not that illuminating. I realize a lot of indie writers sell their services some other authors and of course the author provides a hyperlink to his services., An incredibly easy to understand and necessary read for anyone who wants to understand what works, why it will, and the 'how to's of applying what writer Bryan Cohen explained. An author myself, I needed to know the fundamentals and was happy to discover that this writer has a vast backdrop in writing, and been writing synopsis for authors long enough to understand what works and why.

Being one who learns getting into or example, the author's style of breaking down each area into easy to implement steps, which were learned when done, as this slim column progressed, so did my need discover the kernel within each area and sharpen it until I realized a reader would feel what I’d written so compelling they had to buy my book!

From the first illustration of using keywords and switching the length of sentences, to the finish, I figured out so much i was now proud of the back matter I've written for my books. If if you're looking a 'how to' easy to understand and implement primmer, THIS IS THE BOOK! For not only do we see what works, but the writer also shows us what doesn't. I especially valued him showing the various ways back matter could be written, which I'll employ depending the type I need the synopsis to be written for.

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