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Now i'm a pretty wide reader of fantasy, but I actually have to demur a little bit from all the rave reviews on this book. I didn't hate it, but I actually wouldn't declare I liked it. The worldbuilding is pretty good, and the protagonist is likable. Typically the story is pretty standard: getting the smaller music group of good guys to win against the overpowering numbers of the bad guys. Fine, acceptable.

What I disliked most about this book, though was your magic system. Without offering too much away, the thought of the magic in this world, called the Moderate, is that if you have faith, the Moderate will reward you. That is, if you're confident in yourself and exactly what you're doing, you'll succeed. I can understand the parallels that the author is trying to draw behind the Medium and real-world faith based faith, but this magic system doesn't lead to an interesting story. It robs the characters of motivation. Instead of working hard to find an innovative solution to their problems, the characters just believe in themselves, and the Medium makes them succeed. It's not a dreadful story, but because of this big flaw, it's just not engaging., This series must be read in order. This is the first book. I aren't wait to read Typically the Blight Of Muirwood!

Lia is a Wretched of Muirwood. All she desires it to learn to read... To become a Learner. Unfortunately, for her, Wretcheds are not permitted to become Learners. The Aldermaston declared that so long as he or she was Aldermaston at Muirwood she would never be taught to read. Lia has secrets and she shares them only with Sowe, another Wretched that works with her in the Aldermaston's private kitchen... She can wield the Medium and do magic. Will Sowe keep her secrets? Who have been her parents? What happened to them? Or perhaps did they just not want her? Does she have any living Family out there there somewhere? Or will she always be a Wretched, forbidden from learning?

Muirwood is found in a world that carefully guards the secrets of reading and writing because they are so very powerful and incredibly dangerous, especially in the wrong hands. Feelings have power and words even more. I really enjoyed our planet immensely! I actually hope the writer carries on the series for some time to come: )

***This series is suitable for mature young adult through adult readers who enjoy high illusion with plenty of conspiracy, suspense, mystery, action, experience and a dash or romance set against the backdrop of the vivid world you long to get lost in: ), We have become somewhat jaded since discovering the plethora of cheap books for amazon kindle - because there are simply so many of them, and also because many books have not proven to be worth my time.

This guide was absolutely really worth my time! From part 1 I knew I had created likely have trouble placing it down, and I actually was right. The writing style is engaging, the story is fascinating, and the characters - well, they just work. These people click; they resonate. Pasqua is a particular preferred of mine, because even though I can't cook like her, I can certainly relate to her character and the soft qualities beneath her brusque exterior.

I loved the way magic - the Moderate - had a light and a dark part, and how the options of various characters determined how they could/could not use this power. I also cherished the use of meaning, as well as the refreshing lack of gratuitous violence/sexuality. Congratulations Jeff., This is the 2nd group of books I have read by Jeff Wheeler. This individual is a writer that produces with a lot of emotion. He does it in an unique way-hard to describe so I actually guess you should have to read his books to comprehend for yourself. You won't be disappointed. That names of folks and objects can be a little hard to pronounce but for me it helps build my vocabulary. On the subject of his books I am going to say he loves his kitchens. This is something I enjoy about his books. Kitchens to me represent families and bonding. These people are a location to develop and learn, to make mistakes, cry, yell and most of all learn to love. There is great power in a kitchen, we just need to be thankful. I actually grew up, and still do, use our kitchen as a gathering place. A kitchen is what makes a house a property. I would recommend his books to all ages. Thus many great books I actually would not recommend because of the use of profanity. I do believe profanity really brings a great book down and makes me feel like the author is too lazy to be creative enough to engage the reader without it. So glad there are writers such as Wheeler that see room for it in his books. Thank you!, Jeff Wheeler explains which he is a writer from seven to ten l. m. Wednesday nights. No matter what. He does a realistic alternative and has enlisted an army of fans creating and populating a illusion world where magic is the medium through which all linked commune with the power of the earth. With " Typically the Wretched of Muirwood, " Wheeler launches his Legends of Muirwood series. Typically the story focuses on Lia Cook, a child forgotten at the Muirwood Abbey being an infant. Because she has no family, Lia immediately ranks below any child of family. The girl one goal is learning to read, an extravagance provided only those rich in financial and family connections. Typically the abbey is also a center of learning, so Lia must rub shoulder muscles with " learners. " But she works in the kitchen ready many other wretched, Sowe. One evening, an injured young man is dumped in her fingers. She must nurse him back to health and not tell a soul otherwise he may be killed. The sheriff is looking for him. Lia discovers she has a talent for independent action and getting herself in and out of trouble. Typically the action starts in earnest when Lia and her charge, Colvin, must get away and try to meet up with a rebel army. The mission is almost sure to fall short. But Lia turns out there to be strong with the medium. The story moves quickly and has interesting religious overtones. Wheeler lives outside Sacramento, Calif., and I sensed some connection to the state's massive redwoods. Pretty fast paced and engaging.

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