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I cannot begin to tell you how angry this guide made me, and I've read so many publications so they just don't perform that in my opinion anymore. But, this one somehow performed. SPOILER ALERT for many who don't have read the book.

There is doubt that Ahdieh is extremely, very talented. The writing is beautiful, exceptional. The creator creates these wonderful scenes and imagery that can make you feel like you yourself are there by Shahrzad's side. I could flavor the food, smell the market, see the dazzling elegance within the palace. Each word Ahdieh writes is similar to a gem. She utilizes metaphors, allegories, and other tools of writing to show you what's going on instead of merely telling you outright. Typically the bad side of creating like this is occasionally scenes get confusing and you don't really understand who's doing what, or even what's really taking place, nevertheless that's all every now and then. Typically the writing, I think, will be the only thing that preserved this book. Ahdieh is usually a beautiful writer, and can weave words with each other in a way the majority of writers cannot even dream of doing... though I do not think the girl is a splendid storyteller, and there is a huge variation between the two. Allow me explain.

As significantly as Khalid, he's about par with Christian Greyish in the fact of which he's supposed to become smoking hot but is usually about as attractive about the inside as the molding onion. For the particular first 3/4 in the guide, his bland personality basically bored me, but by simply the last fourth I had been screaming at him whenever I turned a page. He seriously reminds me personally of a guy I used to know, who else complained constantly about just how horrible his life has been and acted like this individual got the worst palm life dealt to anybody, just to make themself seem deep and fascinating. It doesn't help of which everything bad that takes place in the book, the curse, all the girls dying, is usually still ESSENTIALLY HIS PROBLEM. Every single person of which dies or gets harm is because Khalid's selfish nature and self loathing, and he doesn't even care enough to even effort to make himself likable in any sort regarding way, just goes about the palace with the woe-is-me attitude even though every person else is suffering far more because of his steps. I don't get exactly what the big craze is usually these days about " tortured, haunted" leading men in fiction who harm women because they're " damaged. " For me personally, it's really unattractive to notice a guy waltzing about hurting people because somebody did him wrong within the past, and the woman going after him seeking to tame the beast. Shazi's relationship with Khalid is on par along with Stockholm syndrome and/or a great abusive relationship. He virtually almost chokes her to death, and she's still palling around with him or her.

Shahrzad isn't far better. Typically the most we know regarding her is that the girl can shoot a bend, she's angry all the particular time, and that she is wanting to kill the person who murdered her finest friend, which she epically fails at for no reason because... I don't know... he's hot? I have got no clue why Khalid and Shazi fell in insta-love, because I possess no idea who they are because people in the very first place. If you took them out of their terrible situation and set them in a regular life, they'd be complete strangers to you because there's nothing info of which makes them unique or even different. For as stunning as the descriptions are usually and the writing is, the particular characters certainly are a blank canvas, only painted with the few strokes. There are usually so, A lot of romantic and beautifully detailed scenes of which would've stolen my breathing away EASILY could stop wishing the folks I has been reading about would merely die already, and that's exactly what really makes me disappointed. This book could've been a masterpiece, but the particular execution fell flat in the characterization. She performed everything else right, nevertheless sadly, this crucial stage causes the book to fail.

It doesn't assist that at every change, there's a new character to memorize, along with a fresh name to learn. With regard to as short as this book is, there are usually way too many characters. I know I've manufactured this mistake in the own writing, but I expect better from a guide published by Putnam (though I really shouldn't... the particular Cahill Sisters Chronicles, also published by Putnam, also had an array regarding 20+ characters for a few short books).

It merely makes me so crazy things turned out in this way. I was looking ahead to this book for a long time, and it was such a big let lower. The world, the creating, everything was so stunning. But when you've received these distasteful, bland characters running around with this stunning world, I really may care to keep reading through. Gonna think long and hard if I want to chance it with the particular sequel., I couldn't set this book down! Halfway into reading it, I bought the sequel and all the novellas! I'm happy I did too because there's a cliffhanger. I honestly don't know just how Shazi and Khalid may overcome the obstacles among them. Initially I was not sure about Khalid and I was rooting with regard to Tariq but much like Shazi did, I fell with regard to her and Khalid's really like! Can't wait to read another one!

5 Stars! This novel was the real page turner! That had me captured coming from the beginning. I has been intrigued by the intro of which said 100 lives with regard to the one he took. Then I open up to Shazi who is usually the main character. She is is hurt, angry, and determined.


She comes to the palace to destroy the king (Khalid) because every bride he's experienced has died the following morning including her finest friend Shiva. So she is technically volunteered to come to be his next wife not to die but to avenge her friend. She is can also be the first woman to volunteer. The turn in the story is usually that she falls within love with Khalid and he her. But by simply doing this Khalid is just not following the instructions regarding a curse that is usually placed on him -'d Shazi is not subsequent her initial intentions. This specific causes problems with Shazi's loved ones and Khalid's kingdom! Reading this guide has taken me about an amazing ride and I only wish I could re-read it the first time again!, Ahdieh’s debut novel “The Wrath and the particular Dawn” was as stunning as it was enchanting. It has been a refreshing young mature tale and wove their magic and romance into my heart. Every second of this book has been fascinating and definitely remaining a lasting mark.

That was a refreshing youthful adult tale because it took place in the region that I have got never had the satisfaction of reading before within YA. In addition, it contained words, cultures, characters and relationship dynamics that you doesn’t normally see within YA. All in all, it felt like a breathing of oxygen. Air of which I willingly want to breathing more of.

It has been interesting to start the particular book using the main characters Shahrzad and Khalid currently being married, giving these people a depth to their connection unlike any I possess ever seen before in YA. By having them currently married it allowed me personally to delve right into their relationship and enjoy it unfold right into the drama, that was amazing on Ahdieh’s part.

This specific novel flowed beautifully and had me constantly flicking through the chapters in a non-stop speed to see where our fresh found and beloved characters would end up. In addition, the mystery encircling Khalid and the deaths regarding his previous wives kept me on edge holding out in terror for the response to this dreaded query. This novel’s plot, characters and setting were impressive and enchanting and I recommend it to virtually any and all hopeless romantics.

I can’t wait to get another dose of these characters, their fates and this setting in the particular sequel “The Rose and the Dagger. ”

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