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There is no book like this in the annals of exploration/survival literature--and few books that approach it in any other genre. Apsley Cherry-Garrard was part of Robert Falcon Scott's ill-fated quest for the South Post, but his book is no catalogue of derring-do and manly exploits. It really is instead a memoir of suffering, exhiliration, and catastrophe, told with lyrical level and near-heartrending honesty. Never ever does Cherry-Garrard descend into self-pity; instead he writes with a vividness that brings his ordeal--and the sweetness that he nonetheless lose interest witness to--alive almost between the lines. This is the work of a poet, a classical article writer and thinker, as well being an explorer. It is a testament not just in the circumstances Cherry-Garrard survived, but for the framework of Uk culture that surrounded them. It is a fictional masterpiece, one of my all-time favorite books, and deserving of a location on any shelf dedicated to serious literature., I've browse the Most severe Journey In The Planet (which is encompassed by this work), Alfred Lansing's Endurance, and lots of others in the genre. This one is wonderfully done for those of us who want more; a lot of thoughts, emotions, and words of the others on the expedition.

This book gives a more in depth look at the whole Polar Expedition as well as incisive looks into the personalities of great regular men like Scott, Pat, Bowers, Oates and Cherry-Garrard himself. Though he will try hard to be self-effacing and never even tries to grab some glory for himself, you cannot help but notice the quiet strength in the man. I'm thankful he or she took his time to write of his experience and the ones of his partners.

The trip down on the Terra Nova was absolutely frightful. I are unable to imagine being phased in the least by the following adventures after the passage! You will be stunned by the explanation of the voyage at the very start of their hardships to come. I wish there were more adjectives to spell out the men involved but all fall short of describing them. Enjoy!, This is the memorable recounting of Robert Falcon Scott's 1910 Journey to the South Pole, in an attempt, among other matters, to be the first men to get to it. Apsley Cherry-Garrard's journal is studious and long, and takes about 100 webpages to get fully going and engaged, yet once this happens, it is gripping reading all the way to the final sentences. In it Cherry provides interesting portrayals of the people and events, occasional anecdotes, along with at times whimsical, and at sometimes philosophical, comments. His observations and research are superb. This leads to his epilogue, and the conclusions he drew from the experience, which are very well located and outstanding, and so much so that they give recommendations and thought even for our own time. So then, this is decent adventure reading, as well as evolving to societal critique. Superb reading, to not be overlooked., Possibly the best publication on Polar Exploration ever before produced, Apsely Cherry-Garrard's typical was written generally with the work of future explorers in mind. As such this is a very in depth and honest account of the businesses side of the Terra Nova Journey. This edition contains all the illustrations of the two volume original, and whilst the quality could be better, this seems to be the best modern rendering available. For better drawings I highly recommend "Edward Wilson's Antarctic Notebooks" (I have the 2011 Reardon edition).

Cherry-Gararrd's account only skims over the expedition's initial finance, selection and organisation which obviously had a direct bearing on the outcome. It would also be nice in case a future release could offer a short follow-up on the following fates of the major characters aside from the Polar Party.

As for comments on style, pace and keeping bad readers interested. If you want a Wikipedia summary or a Hollywood movie then don't look here. If you have the patience to hear the true story from a genuine hero then your hard work will be well paid. The details exist for a reason, by the conclusion I felt which i had been there in some tiny insignificant way as well and lost some good friends. Sensationalist revisions by lesser men can follow afterwards, if you so wish.

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