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Let me start by saying that Sheldon Solomon was my professor when I briefly went to Skidmore College in the late eighties. He is a tremendously charismatic man who makes learning difficult subject matter matter quite palatable. Whenever he first walked in to the classroom, We thought that he was a lunatic, but it was all just part of a persona that he or she constructs in order to be able to hook up along with his students. I got never heard of Ernest Becker before that psychology class I took, but from that point onwards, I became quite infatuate of his theoretical inspections of human beings' worry of death. In fact , much of how I view the world and its occurrences is filtered through the lens of his unique interdisciplinary approach to a very challenging subject.
The publication The Worm at the Core succeeds because it is an extension of Solomon's captivating lectures on the subject. Rather than regurgitating the theories of Ernest Becker, the book works because it provides the reader with the scientific corroboration of what Becker had suggested in his classical tome Denial of Death. Solomon and his colleagues write about the dozens of experiments that they have undertaken over time to show how the fear of death results in increased intolerance of the other. Although the writers are typical tenured academics, they write in a way that is accessible for the layperson, avoiding any jargon that would make the book a tedious read for all nevertheless the few die-hard academics that want to check with it for their own research. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in your condition., Concise, clear and excellent... if you are an Ernest Becker fan, or have read about horror management theory before... this is a great publication to take it together. In case you want to bring in non-academics to this area of theory and research, " Worm" is the perfect book to do that-- in language everyone can understand. Important, perhaps essential, explanatory theory about human behavior... particularly much more fear or uncertainty. An extremely useful book to sit down and read when you have a little while to think... it may well change your life and awareness of the world. Significantly., It's a heavier read, however you are better off with Ernest Becker's publication " The worry of Death. " Becker's book is not without its flaws but it gives a richer and broader perspective, one which more thoroughly includes the sociological and philosophical situations that we do not know, but that heavily influence our thinking today., The Earthworm at the Core is an elegant description of 30 years of programmatic research, validating Ernest Becker's theories and much of existential philosophy. The publication is written for an intelligent general audience and not only other psychologists. The particular authors make their research and this of colleagues across the globe accessible. Since a Ph. D. psychologist, I appreciate their attempts. The key issues for human beings are making sense of our very brief lives and finding compassion for others. By showing that our defenses against the truth of mortality, this book explains human struggling, religion, nationalism, " inhumanity", and prejudice in refined ways. Becker was a genius but it is hard for the 21st century reader to wade through his repetitive psychoanalytic jargon. Solomon, Greenberg, and Pyszczynski have done an admirable job of making Becker's mental contributions clearer to viewers. Best of all, they are psychologists who will be studying the big issues, not the minutiae and methodological technicalities which may have come to characterize our field current decades., Not for the faint-hearted, but a very good presentation of the literal " worm at the core, " i. e., death anxiety, and its place as a factor in life decisions and spiritual awakening. The particular book is well written, with complex issues discussed in simple, easily understood terminology. All in all, a valuable addition to the literature of loss of life and dying., First of all - I am biased. I am extremely existential. This is the sort of publication I live for. The particular great existential therapists inform us that anxiety is a cause of our ills. Anxiety regarding loss of life is recognized as a potent push for individuals. Solomon's publication explores this idea. (If you are interested in this idea, definitely read " Love and Will" by Rollo May. )

Whilst this is reflective of social psychology, I would humbly argue it proceeds the Existential Theory tradition started in the 50's and 60's by May and Frankl. I feel that this book is the modern praxis of those ideals. It brings them to life. I especially like it due to its complexity, rather than in spite of it. The materials touches upon several fields and branches into viewpoint, anthropology, and so forth I would argue it branches off of a natural human being curiosity we are afraid to contemplate - fatality, and the impact being persona has on your mind.

It is a tremendously wonderful book., Interesting and I think important research confirming Becker's thought-provoking (and I think important) connaissance and conclusions in connection with fact and problem of loss of life denial. Biggest disappointment is at the authors' very weak remedying of " Living with Death" (Ch. 11). Inside this it seems they essentially come up bare, as Becker did., Half way decent high-quality discussion of an EXTREMELY important topic. Extremely brave and honest publication.

I've read about forty percent so far and may comment more in the future.

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