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This guide sparked a great dialogue in our family and set us off looking at maps, getting online, and wanting to read more. It is well written, the maps are the best, and I've already sent it to several people who I know will also love it. This is a must have home library guide that I wish I had when we were homeschooling or teaching. I also got the Kindle edition so that I could have on my computer while my girl reads the hard duplicate. We keep stealing it from one another.   The Worldwide Flood: Discovering and Correcting the Many Profound Error in the History of Science , When Mike Jaye first shared these ideas with a of his colleagues many years ago, we were all skeptical. However, over time and with a good scientific approach, he has built a convincing argument and communicated it very obviously in his book, The Worldwide Flood. There is a saying from the German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer about innovation that claims, " All truth goes by through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently compared. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. " It may take some time for the truths that Dr. Jaye has exposed to us to consider hold; but I do believe that it will eventually happen, and that Hersker Sedgwick would agree., Very much data to check and follow-up on to further research... Several surprises, too. One of those, the DNA haplogroup focusing on the Pacific Ocean pot and surrounding continents - Today, the ring of fire.

For those entrenched in their comfortable beliefs this book and its statistical data will likely leave them " uncomfortable" within the confines of their paradigms. For those experts who dug themselves into a hole may have some explaining to do for his or her next funding grant or continued tenure., Conventional knowledge... there are times it needs to challenged. This specific is one of those times. Doctor Jaye does a masterful job at challenging a piece of the collective wisdom within the science community. Well really worth the read., Readable with convincing scientific evidence.

A good read for quizzical minds.

Likely to change your outlook on our planet!, A simply fantastic book. Dr. Jaye has some truly comprehensive research that decomposes current scientific beliefs on the likelihood of a worldwide flood, and how there is actually a substantial body of evidence to the opposite. It's also wonderfully written!, A quick read that leaves you wanting more. A surprising take on our history that I hope garners more attention from both scientists and the common public., Jaye explains the topic in an articulate and carefully composed manner, peeling back the layers of a misunderstood phenomena with analytical consideration.

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