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Reading this article book is like looking at the writing on the walls of any college or university washroom stall. While it offers plenty nuggets of knowledge and brilliant ideas, it is difficult to enjoy it on a continuous foundation due to a bad structure and a absence of focus. I think the content of the book would have recently been better consumed in the format of a documented film since the strength is really on interviews and first hand impressions rather than research and supporting data.

The author offers interesting views from conversations with people at the frontline of globalization and his own experience travelling around the world. As a result, it describes well using examples and anecdotes how a shift in geopolitics and advancements in technology is creating a level playground for developed and developing countries. Contemplating the time it was first published, it is a thought provoking piece. Right now there are allegations and insinuations made here and there about republicans and George W. Bush, but that is not a big concern to me though I actually do not necessarily agree with his views.

IMHO, the arrangement of the chapters undermines some key text messages it tries to deliver. For example, the author has several valuable and important points in the final chapters ("the unflat world"), but when I obtained there I was already too fatigued to take it in.

In addition, some chapters not related to the core arguments could have been modified down or taken out there (e. g. the section about distraction in an information age).

Overall I actually recommend reading it if you can borrow it. I would recommend reading the first four chapters then miss to chapter 15-17., For a long time now, I have often asked yourself why the best financial systems of the West have developed rigour mortis with record debt levels, rising unemployment, loss of work offshore and falling living standards. For many of us, this economical jigsaw has been impossible to solve.
. " The World Is Flat" is a book that cuts away all the gobbledegook of crafty politicians and oblique talking economic analysts.
Friedman provides a crystal clear description of why China and India have commenced a meteoric rise to the top of world's economical summit.. At the same time, he lays out there the guilt sheet of how the once super economies of America and Europe have failed. The big question to be answered in the future is will America and The european countries sit up and take stock before the tsunami of the Indian and Chinese economies swamp them.
Friedman's publication is a great read-realistic and very unsettling for Western economies.
Maurice, This needs to be one of the better books that I have ever read. Such eye-opening revelations that has allowed me to to see the viewpoint of others and myself., Was assigned for an international relations course I will be taking. Reading it from 10 years since prior distribution and then 4 years after the " upgrade, " I felt a mix of feelings reading this incessant name-dropping, working on sentencing, If it were a speech, you may think " whoa this dude really wants the sound of his very own voice. " then you'd probably hear him list off all the great and powerful friends in powerful places and....

Look, I actually try really hard to not review books, videos, music, and I believe everyone is entitled to have an opinion.

In case he would make a follow up, reflecting on some of his asinine ideas, here, now in 2015. But, if you're reading this try to put yourself directly into 2005 and you will learn to seem like he or she can predict things..... because he did. Just in a very off-putting overly wordy pompous sort of way.., This book forever changed my perspective on globalization. Mister. Friedman explains how globalization has flattened the world mainly through 10 flatteners that occurred between 11/9 and 9/11. The publication delves into how collaboration has become easier through the advancement in technology. The biggest winners of globalization? according to Mister. Friedman, China and Indian. Globalization 3. 0 concentrates on how individuals will benefit in a set world. Without a doubt, technology helps to ensure profound results for individuals to collaborate with others, upload their content, and have a meaningful global impact.

The book was published in a pre-Facebook era and the evolution of social media—including sites such as Linkedin—as a flattener should warrant an update to this book. I highly recommend this to anyone interested in globalization., I read Mr Friedman's first edition of " The World is Flat" and know reading the 3rd edition. By simply reading a brief historical past of the twenty-first century gives us a street map of whatever we need to do in the future. Namely whatever we need to due to get back on track to seriously support our general public school system. Taking money and resources from our public school system to support Charter Schools is simply one good example of how america is letting the rich siphon money from the middle and lower class people to fund the rich. After which compare pears and oranges!!!!!!!! to say how superior Charter Institution are???????? This book should be in every management class in the US, high school thru college or university., Very interesting perspective. Not really a light read. Some conclusions seem to be a lttle bit contrived, but thought provoking., I actually just finished auditing this book of 27+ hours. I gave it 4 stars because I felt that there were some repetitive preachy parts. But as some of our world as it is in this century it is very sober and insightful. Understanding the flatness of the world we are now living in is important if we want to survive and this respect this publication is an outstanding guide. Very recommend.

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