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I personally use Wordpress almost daily.

Almost all of my websites are built using Wordpress, We have built the overpowering majority of my freelance clients websites through the years with Wordpress, and at my day job We are the principal web person accountable for more than 30 company websites (more than most I have built with Wordpress) - so We grabbed this book up to date of sheer curiosity - and as a guide for bringing a beginner up-to-speed on managing an internet site built with Wordpress, it is great.

I use this guide to help get the interns and content writers/managers who work under me at my day job acclimated to Wordpress so that they are able to take the sites I have built and make use of them without hesitation or mistake. None have complained, and now use the basic functions of Wordpress like old pros.

Now, if you are buying a guide that will help you do things like create custom themes using your own HTML/PHP/CSS code, or integrate some features and functions that are not available strictly through the "intended" use of Wordpress and various plugins, then no, this book is not for you (you will need one - or several - much more sophisticated and expensive guides) - but if you are just getting started with Wordpress and want to bring yourself up to speed on utilizing it quickly and efficiently, then I highly recommend that this be your first resource., We already a new basic website with my own, personal domain name, but I was unhappy with the format, as I found it clunky, constraining, and difficult to up-date. After doing some research, I decided to select WordPress as my new format, and I switched using my web host. I am an artist, not a techie... although I have had experience with 3 other blogging formats and I've had an HTML class. I wanted to create an improved looking website, as well being an accompanying blog within the site. We wanted to be able to easily change and update my web content. Also i didn't want to waste a bunch of time and frustration by doing a lot of online research into free tutorials. We wanted a straightforward tutorial that would basically take me personally by the virtual palm and lead me through the steps required to make my dream a reality, without having to know or do a lot of technical computer stuff.

Together with the help of the author and the theme WPFolio, I was able to create a simple, clean, effective site to showcase my work. It's easy to navigate, and so much it's working with various devices, like the iPhone. After I had downloaded WordPress by making use of my web host, We felt very overwhelmed, and I didn't know where to start. This syndication was easy to read, easy to understand, and it also helped me get an attractive and functional performer site up and running in less than 24 hours. If you are a complete beginner to WordPress, this will save you a lot of time and frustration., I am a pretty effective SEO specialist but not an expert to truly build an internet site from scratch - something that some of my clients would be interested in. And so i looked into different programs (Dreamweaver being one of them) and found that Wordpress is the ideal program. However, there are almost no good courses on WP out there, and simply a few decent books, nearly all of them either convoluted, unnecessarily technical, and / or very expensive. But then I was lucky to find "Wordpress to Go" - and was addicted.

It's no exaggeration but I can say with total conviction (and no, I'm not getting any rewards for this) that Sarah's book is the best tutorial I have ever read - probably on any subject, and certainly on a technological one, bar none. The main upside of this publication is the totally practical approach the author will take (I guess only women can be that practical! ): clear, very easy to know, and practically having the reader's hand as she goes through all the important WP modules and menus step-by-step, and extremely clearly. Sarah is a programmer and as such a professional but the girl has a very legible and personal style, almost as she was seated across the table. Oh, and BTW, all the info is up-to-date, not some rehashed, obsolete stuff.

Web hosting (Sarah maybe receives a commission from Hostgator but so what? Hostgator is very the best), Setup, Unit installation, all are explained very well. The entire WP structure, and everything its critical functions, are totally easy to read and understand - and apply, too, because practical examples and useful screenshots are there to help. WP has a lot of widgets and plugins, and the author gives all pros and cons, and gives plenty of good advice. It's fair to say that unless a user is severely untalented, he / she will be able to apply Sarah's book to build decent WP websites within a day or two, often even faster.

This is a relatively short e-book (only 80 web pages or so), and Kindle fire pages are not big, so something were required to give, such as intensive MySQL and php guidance which is lacking, together with a few other, though non-critical pieces. Yet the author is practical (a woman, remember? ), and has managed to brilliantly balance vital knowledge with bottom line applicability, and pack into fantastic publication almost as much information as books 10 times the length, one tenth of clarity, and 20 times the purchase price.

Bottom line: this book is worth a lot; and at under $ 5 this is the steal of the year.

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