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Very first. let me say: this is NOT a thorough dictionary. It is not designed to be. It's miles more special: it's one person's collection of life-defining, life-enhancing, life-inspiring, and life-enriching words. The book is NOT NECESSARILY some high brow, exclusive treatise on language or history either. It is, however, a striking, meaty, often humorous resource that is at once accessible and scholarly. It's purpose is to put new ideas and new words into the hands and heads of anyone who wishes to explore words. The book is organized alphabetically, and the fonts are a nice, easy-to-read size. I actually would suggest that, because of to certain word choices within the book, that readers should be at least 14 or 15 age wise.: ) The books contains these elements: 1) an Introduction; 2) the word collection; 3) listing of the five most beautiful words "based in a poll of 40, 000 people in 102 countries"; 4) Sources & Recommended Reading; 5) After Tale & Concerning the Author.

This is a delightful book for those who enjoy words and who enjoy delving into the origins and inspirations of words--ordinary and extraordinary. I love Cousineau's writing style, and I have read many of his books. From his efforts, this isn't my favorite book. (My reigning favorite from this author is "The Art of Pilgrimage: The Seekers Guide to Making Travel Sacred. inches ) However, this will be worth reading because it is indeed "An Odyssey In to the World of Weird and Wonderful Words, inches and it gives a gratifying slice of edutainment (educational entertainment. ) For those of us who love knowledge and trivia and live with a dictionary in easy reach, Cousineau has given us a clever gift, his own treasure chest---word hoard. These types of are words which have captured his interest and creativeness over the years. This individual encourages readers to build and share their own word hoards. He gives out a sensation how rich, exciting, and diverse human language is.

To give you an idea of the information, here are simply a some of the words that can be found in this book: abracadabra; reputation; athlete; baksheesh; bamboozle; bedswerver; bull; canoodle; cappuccino; clouderpuffs; cornucopia; dastardly; dude; domanda; flizzen; gnome; gynotikolobomassophile; hip; honeymoon; jazz; kibosh; mother; mythosphere; panache; red-handed; seeksorrow; xenophillia; zemblanity, and...... my personal favorite from this word hoard: arachibutyrophobia, the fear of peanut chausser sticking to the top of one's mouth. LOL

This guide would be a fun thinking-of-you gift idea for students, teachers, writers, and word hounds., This was very informative and fun to read. I bookmarked a whole lot of pages. I especially love the words that are lost in translation when we try to establish them in English. A few of the descriptions were off the mark as Cousineau went off on a tangent which felt a little too do it yourself contradictory to me, feeling like he was trying to prove how much he knew. But overall I did learn a lot. This is a unique book and something I actually will reference often., I actually ordered this book after hearing an interview with the author on NPR. I love it. It is not the sort of book you will sit down and plow through. It is more fun just to test.

My family now says the book aloud over dinner in the nights. We take turns by allowing one person to choose a letter and another person chooses a word beginning with that letter to read aloud. This is a really cool way to enjoy one another as a family, while expanding our vocabulary, and learning a little history along the way.

The only real caution I actually would interject is the fact some of the subject make a difference is not appropriate for small children. The derivation of some of the text takes you into deeper regions of our history or culture. We still love it., I really like language. I actually have always been captivated by words and where they came from, why they mean what they mean. This particular book is for anyone that sometimes repeats a word repeatedly because they like requirements of it, or wonder how it came to be a word. I sometimes try to think about the first person who ever said "frog", or "wood". Maybe its just me. But probably not. Probably..... pro-bab-ly..... hmmm, I actually wonder.........., Or at least provide you with subjects to decline into conversation lulls that make you appear better. I am a word freak and love learning the origins of words. I keep this on my Kindle and search through at odd occasions. i have already astounded my family (and earned "those" looks) with my knowledge. What are the origin of the word boondocks? It seems that in WWII military, well get the book and find out yourself., Arrived as promised. thank you., Since a word " sleuth" and a writer, is genuinely a should have book!, Purchased it as a gift idea for a fellow word freak; completely enjoyed it myself! The english language has borrowed so many words from so many other languages and this little book throws light on a lot of the borrowings.

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