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Many thanks Phil for writing this guide.

This book gives me hope and confidence that I can get better at designing sentences!

It's presented so well with clarity and color. Plus, each part progresses naturally from simple word combinations to details phrases.

Some grammar books out there are challenging to follow for the following reasons: the material is organized like an encyclopedia, the font and paper type make it hard to read, and there seems to be no consideration for developing the student’s comprehension throughout the book.

Finding “Word Purchase In English Sentences” online for grammar students is like owning an i phone the first time. It’s gives you that “Yes! This is what I’ve been looking for! This is amazing! ” feeling.

It’s a wonderful step-by-step " how-to" for learning how to combine words and set up great sentences., I just have got my purchase. It looks like an useful book., For your purposes for which was written.
The particular book is exelent, Outstanding, Muy interesante, I tutor a lot of men and women in ESL. I'm already building lessons based on the book and I will recommend it to students that are advanced newbies or Intermediate level in English.

Each chapter is not too long, not too short - about 10-20 pages. Chapters range from Sentence structure to Negative Questions, Adverbs, Prepositions and much more. Each chapter finishes with exercises to test the reader's knowledge and provides answers on the next page.

The quality of the writing is pretty good, but among the things i like the most in the writing style is the author's use of many, many examples that help drive the session home.

The book size is also good for me, since i bring a lot of books and a laptop to talk with students it's difficult to include large books to my bag. This specific one is good for me at 93 web pages and I'm guessing is about 6" x 8" (15. 2cm x 20cm)., This book gives solutions to absolutely any questions you might ever find yourself asking about the word order in English phrases. Phrasal verbs, prepositions, clauses, all parts of conversation and all possible ways of organizing them in any types of phrases — all these issues are addressed by the author, who also provides the reader with exercises to practice the principles given in each chapter. Nevertheless the finest thing about this guide is that it doesn’t simply tell you what to do, it also clarifies why, so that you understand the subtle (or not subtle) change in meaning of the sentence, which can occur if you swap only a couple of words in your phrase. Such understanding is a very rare thing to get after reading even most praised and well-known grammar books and it is what really makes you understand and start using any grammar guidelines successfully.
Total, a remarkably useful guide you will never regret purchasing!, I actually think that this book would be a fantastic resource for strong intermediate to superior students and growing ESL/EFL teachers who need to locate a quick explanation for a certain aspect of British grammar. I could even see native English speaking middle and high school students that don’t have the strongest grasp on English grammar using this book to help improve their writing.

Students that already have a solid foundation in the English language could easily use this book to refresh their memory on certain parts of grammar as needed. Since the book is written completely in British, beginning and lower advanced students would probably not be at an amount to use this book effectively. The book is written in a manner that isn’t particularly difficult, though based on my encounters in the classroom, certain parts could be simplified a bit to make understanding a bit easier for a non-native speaker.

Issue book was translated to the native language of the scholars, I could see it being a wonderful resource for lower level students. Following a session, a teacher could explain to their students to refer to certain pages in the book as a reminder of what they learned that day to help them when doing their homework.

As for teachers, keeping this guide on hand as a reference book could be a smart way to help teachers find a quick explanation for a certain aspect of English sentence structure whether they are planning a lesson or responding to a question from the college student. While the explanations can be concise and easy to understand, Dont really think that an entire lesson can be formed from the data in the book alone.

Our focus in teaching British has revolved around the communicative approach with classes focusing on functions and vocabulary. All of my classes were student focused activities that guide the students through learning the target language and using it. While looking over this guide, I started to make lesson plans in my head on various parts of the book that could fit my style of teaching.

Throughout the guide (though not every section), there were different review activities in which the college student needed to put a screwed up listing of words into the correct order. To me, these exercises are okay, but I am not the biggest fan of this form of activity. I have notice that when students do these kind of practice, the words or the overall meaning of the phrases are lost while the student only focuses on trying to complete “the puzzle. ” When educating grammar lessons where word order was a key factor, We would have the students use this form of activity to form questions that they would later use to ask their partners. This would help the students practice the word order from the lesson, but also pressure them to use what they learned in a practical speaking activity.

Final of all, the guide was well organized and easy to follow. I actually liked the coloring system that the author used to help highlight key word, phrases, or ideas. It is clear that a lot of thought and care was put into the making of the book.

I definitely plan to keep this book on hand as I continue to teach and develop lesson plans.

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