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An interesting narrative of the lives of the Cheyenne Indians and the battle with General Custer. The actual battle would not occupy too much of the book and was of no more significance at the time to the Native American tribes who were involved in the battle than any other skirmish with the soldiers of the US ALL government. The storyplot is advised without hatred or aggression. Even more interesting is the description of the trials of everyday life among these people. This particular includes things such as dealing with the harshness of the elements and the actions of warring tribes. Life was anything but peaceful for the Northern Cheyennes but , at the same time, their respect and love of nature demonstrates the inner peace they found. This book is an eye opener to the reader who is curious about the lives and trials of the Native American especially at a time when the "white man's " borders were encroaching on the countries they called home., The view of the Battle of the Big Horn as told by a Cheyenne warrior. I enjoyed it so much I advised it to my friends. I was amazed at his remarks about how many of Custer's soldiers murdered themselves in the fight. He admitted to the Indians cutting up the body of the dead opponent after the battle. He or she also said they didn't want to find a long curly hair colonel. This is noted by Custer's wife who said he had stop wearing his hair long before he battle., While I actually found the book enormously informative (I have some Sioux heritage), I also found myself disappearing in the details somewhat. Probably too many names, titles which Native custom appeared to change at times, or simply because this discovered as a sometimes rambling rendering of his tale, with many changes in narrative focus? Hence only four stars. Within any case, at times fascinating, then tedious, it detailed the live of Wooden Leg's tribe and its relationship to the various Native tribes that came together, seemingly accidental, in the right place, or wrong place, depending on a person's viewpoint, to meet Custer at the Little Huge Horn. Wooden Leg does not glorify the battle, in fact its story takes up only a little portion of the book, neither the Native way of life other than the freedom to live their lives without interference as they clung to the old ways.

One of the things that may turn some away from this book, however, is his almost informal acceptance of the brutality of life. Death and brutal beatings weren't presented as anything more than the norm. Then, speedy, he's discussing about helping an opponent who comes to associated with, so to speak, a good heart and needs help. He details his own killing of a soldier as he tried retreat throughout the river, most likely one who was part of the Reno division at the Tiny Big Horn in a almost emotionless fashion, in the same way another fact of life in the battle between Local people and the white man. Since Wooden Leg seems to have gone on to work with the soldiers later for many years, it's interesting to read his take on continued resistance after he'd surrendered and visited the reservation. This, and the many, many details of Native life exposed make the book well worth a read for anyone with any interest in not only Custer but Native Americans and our frontier expansion, including his view of Wounded Knee close to the books end., Wooden Leg's story is much more than just the Custer story. That is a very special, eye opening, insight of what it was to be a Native American before outside influences all the way to life in the twentieth century reservation. We are permitted inside the culture every day life and what it meant to be an Indian soldier. We ought to all have been honored to know a man of this quality but are extremely privileged that his life and many ways of his people were so brilliantly documented for us to learn.
Essential read for all history lovers and those who wish to expand their understanding. It was an respect to learn., I loved this book. An amazing story with great details. Being from South Dakota and Wyoming made it all the more interesting as I know many of the places he speaks of. Even if most likely just thinking about the culture and story of native americans. I liked hearing the similarities and variations of the various Sioux tribes and his own Cheyenne. I've read numerous books about Tiny Big Horn from the lovely view of the Oglala and Hunkpapa tribes, but it was oral history and historians trying to fill in gaps. This is a circumstance of someone who was there, on the battlefield, and the author does not attempt to fill spaces. Wooden Leg dispelled many rumors that still exist today. Apparently, historians have never read his account. I highly recommend reading this., I actually so enjoyed this life of Wooden Leg, a Northern Cheyenne who made friends with Thomas W. Marquis, the doctor on the reservation where Wooden Leg & his family eventually lived. The regular life of the Cheyenne & other tribes is so interesting, a life geared to providing for the tribe in a harmonious relationship with nature, killing animals for food & clothing, but not over- killing, not wasting valuable resources. Enmity between different tribes of Indians existed, killing your enemy was a part of life. Wooden Leg recounts the many atrocities committed by the US army, he will so simply without hyperbole. The buildup to the Battle of the Tiny Bighorn is told so i understood properly the way the primary battle & side engagements came about. Anyone thinking about the longlost way of life of the Plains Indians, in their philosophy & the famous battle will thoroughly enjoy this book, Doctor. Marquis listened & sympathetically conveyed Wooden Keg's tale & character., Excellent book from a Cheyenne perspective. I am an passionate reader of Native Us books and history and I highly recommend this guide. The author's account of his life story rings true. He also provides candid insight into how misunderstanding between the Indians and the soldiers come in tragedy. This is certainly among the best books on this subject matter that I've ever read.

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