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To begin with, let me say that the story is a 5-star story i believe, but DO NOT BUY THIS SPECIFIC DIGITAL VERSION. I'm providing the 1-star rating to this particular digital version that completely skips a PIVITAL part of the story right in the middle! There is a section of narratives by three different people and the beginning of Walt Hartright's final narrative immediately following the narrative of Eliza Michelson that needs to be included in the book and that has a MAJOR CELEBRATION of the storyplot, and it is completely omitted from this digital version. If We has not been jumping back and forth between an alternative music version and this one, I wouldn't have known what had happened.

The story itself is great, though. Well crafted and thought out there and it keeps you reading to find out what is going to happen to the characters. Overall it was very pleasurable., I really enjoyed this book and told all by friends at the office about it. Suggested they give it a try. From first I was disturbed by Laura Fairly and her dependence on Marion and the complete deformity of Laura's uncle but then I had to remember when this story took place. A different time and different customs. That variation explained a lot of Walter's choices and activities. Stations in every area of your life were extremely important then and Friend Percival Glyde played on that reality. I was worried that Rosco great spouse could wield such power. Why couldn't Marion or even Laura see his evil and do something. But then I'm back to what was acceptable behavior of ladies in that time. I had each one of these questions but I had the questions because I was using todays customs and applying them to another era. The writer did not. The author stayed true to the times. The ending and how the issues were resolved complement the times. As I said at the start.... I really enjoyed this book. I especially like books that make me think beyond my own experiences., Wilkie Collins' The Women in White-colored took me an remarkable very long time to read -- 5 weeks!! With being preoccupied with work and home (and NHL playoffs) I knew it might take a few weeks to finish because of the length and density. But since the story progressed, especially advancing into the Third Epoch, We realized that I was deliberately taking my time. When I would start reading at the finish of a long day I was always backtracking a little and rereading pathways. I needed to refresh my memory because I performed not want to overlook any details! Alas, some days I was only in a position to read a few pages - if that, but at all times and work was completely worthwhile.

This is evident that Sarah Waters took great ideas from this book when she wrote Fingersmith. Therefore many similarities in style and plot! This directed me to compare and contrast both books and Victorian versus Neo-Victorian materials in general. Most obvious was both books used (view spoiler). It was interesting to ponder how both authors treated this plot device. I emerged to the conclusion that Fingersmith was more " loud" and depended on shocking her audience with the severe plot twists, while The Women in White was much more delicate but more effective. In essence Fingersmith has training wheels when compared to this book.

I really enjoyed this Penguin Classics version with the excellent footnotes and introduction. It helped me gain social value of this novel in Victorian Literature and helped me better understand the book itself. The most interesting aspect I figured out was that even though the storyline is centered on Overlook Fairlie's inheritance of a tiny fortune, in reality this aspect would not even be applicable in 1860 when this book was published, the Married Ladies Property Act did not occur until 1882 -- so in essence the money would have already been automatically Sir Percival Glyde's on their wedding day and all the lies and deception were unneeded., I loved this guide written in the 1850s. The particular Woman in White by Wilkie Collins is a pioneer in the mystery genre. It is also known to be the first and finest in the genre of " feeling novels".

The plot is great and the characters are extremely well developed. The Woman in White has already been made into a quantity of films and even an Andrew Lloyd Webber phase musical.

Wilkie Collins was close friends with Charles Dickens who became a mentor and collaborator.

The publication is free and We recommend this to anyone who likes a good yarn., This is a classic by the one of the first mystery authors. Exciting story told in the first person by the various people involved, and so delivered from their perspective and knowledge of the events in their possession. I had read it years ago, but had forgotten many of the details therefore re-read it with pleasure and enjoyment. I was encouraged to re-read this publication after reading Preston & Child's Pendergast book #5, Brimstone, because the villain, Count Fosco, was lifted almost in the entirety from The Woman in White-colored. It was fun to review Woman in White-colored after reading the Preston & Child book. Count number Fosco makes an entertaining and very nasty villain, all the while leftover affable and polite. He weaves his web of deception with delicacy, humor and apparent bonhomie. Become aware that being written in the 1800s, the English is different than what we speak today, similar to the morals., I suppose I have to still be a teenager at heart because I first read this as a teen and it made me weep, and I recently re-read it and it made me cry once again. Wilkie Collins was a very detailed writer. He required his time building a character and his and building plots had wonderful twists and turns. He wrote the types of books you could live in for a couple several weeks as you devoured the pages. He wrote of love and friendship, the kind that lasted. And his villains were dastardly and usually got what was coming to them in the end. The Woman in White-colored is definitely a satisfying read.

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