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Your own friend-- let’s call her Debbie Downer-- is a claustrophobic, alcoholic, neurotic insomniac. She’s also a total screwup at her job, and honestly, not very bright. Her house was just broken into so you’re seeking to cut her a break, but her nonstop complaining— it’s too hot, it’s freezing, the ceilings are too low, the room’s too small , and my clothes smell, I am too sleepy, I’m too hungry, I’m not hungry, I’m hungover, etc. — gets to you. Plus there’s the counting to herself (One, Two, Three…! ) and the regular, random weeping. She’s a hot mess.

Can you want to spend a great deal of time hanging out her? Well, if you can stand to spend 352 pages ready, then you will love Lo Blacklock, the protagonist with this book.

I won’t go into a plot synopsis, others did that already. I was able to solve the “mystery” 66% into the book (I’m on a Kindle), so kudos to the author for making the plot two-thirds difficult. Because a reader it’s no fun being more smart than the protagonist. Typically the only mystery to me was how the author was going to fill the other 33% of the book.

Some odd things in this guide:

-In an earlier chapter, which I can only imagine can be used as a plot device by the author to introduce the partner, Lo has a nonsensical argument with him on par with:

" You did it”
“No you did it”
“No you”
“No you”
“I love you”

and breaks up with him. I seated there thinking “What the hell did I recently read? ”

- At another point, during the cruise Lo locks herself in her cabin and consumes a number of chapters trying to figure out the way to get out. Ok, I made that up, but if completely happened, it wouldn’t have been out of place.

- Throughout, there was an absolute shortage of modern communication on the luxury cruise Lo was on. No cell phone, no internet, like it may be a pirate ship from 1633. I’m no expert on Wifi at sea, but come on. Typically the Bushmen in the Kalahari have iPhones at this point. It felt like a ruse to support the plot.

- Last but not least, the casual, illogical, loss of the evidence. It’s like Hercule Poirot saying, “Hey, I do believe I’ll leave the murder weapon right here, in this house packed with suspects. Yeah, it’ll be here tomorrow when I come back for it. Not really. worried. at. all. ”

I know I’m being really hard on the author, but that’s because the critics’ reviews heightened my expectations by making the book out to be on par with Typically the Usual Suspects, in phrases of plot twists. It is not. And that’s not the author’s fault. Typically the book is a straight up mildly entertaining puzzle, rather than badly written, but there’s not a great deal here to hang your hat on., I will have read the reviews. How did this book get on the best sellers listing? Is every heroine from the UK a drunken, crying, " unreliable" witness? Typically the author even goes so far to tell us numerous times that her heroine is a drunken unreliable witness as if we couldn't figure this out by ourselves. Presently there are so many things wrong with this guide, and yet to my own frustration it is a best seller. Are we as readers so numb to bad writing that we accept the rave reviews by the publisher?

Typically the protagonist whines, drinks heavy, and mixes it with anti-depressents. She is a confused woman; one second she is in love and the next the girl is breaking up. She repeats herself frequently , giving the reader no credit and a headache. She repeats herself... oh, I already said that. She curses for drama. The Farrenheit bomb can be used often as a single word sentence. She breathes and proves to us that she can count, one... two... about three... breathe.

The entire first portion of the guide is long and sketched out about how she really doesn't deserve being on a cruise to write a review. She's right, Lo doesn't deserve to be on this ship. She is a complete fool. The majority of her vocabulary is " Um... I... uh... " This is not the kind of story that gets my heart pounding.

As soon as we ride over the hump of someone being murdered, the story DOES become somewhat readable. I bear in mind thinking, here we go! But the story never produces anything more than a snore. For the remainder of the guide we are led to believe anyone on the cruise could have murdered someone that we don't even know apart from the woman in cabin 12. The characters are toned. Each one of the characters kind of mesh together as the same. There is no psychological attachment to the of them. There is little show and all tell. Lo explains throughout the guide who did what and why, but we as a reader are never really shown the character types because they are too busy getting a therapeutic massage or taking a tour of the bridge. About a tiny boat, there is little to no conversation with any of the passengers. The little conversation we have is down below with the crew when Lo checks to see if she can recognize any of them as the woman in cabin 10. Naturally , none of these people actually have anything to do with the murder and are a waste of time for the reader. It could have been shortened and replaced with the characters we never really know that are supposed to be so integral to the story.

Once we are told who the murderer is, the story moves as flat as the thin paper that its written on. In fact, a terrible part of the guide is that we never actually have any type of dialogue or conversation with the murderer. NOT ONE!


The opening of the book begins with a break-in to the apartment of Lo. She is a clumsy person and the attacker slams the door into her face: another example of why I ask if every protagonist from the UK should be a drunken idiot. She walks around for the remainder of the book with a bruise on her face reminding us as readers that people are fools for giving a book like this anything above 2 stars. This area of the guide did intrigue me however and I could understand why people picked up the book with interest wondering who and why the attacker broke into Lo's apartment. But that part never materializes. The break-in to Lo's apartment has absolutely nothing to do with the book, apart from giving her the anxiety that we have beaten into our heads of being attacked.

One other issue is that we not have any real interaction with the murderer, Richard. It could have been a much better book if we actually had a thriller with Richard chasing Lo maybe with a knife and beating the hell away of her. Wouldn't that be exciting? Instead we have been told how she feels harmful to the woman in cabin 10 who secured her up in a cellular for many boring chapters of all the same. We never have any, and am repeat, any real interaction with Richard other than the hot tub and a brief come across while Lo is drunk. Presently there I go again. Lo was drunk. The only real information we are told about Richard is that he is like Richard Branson; funny the way the author failed to even change the first name obviously referencing the famous billionaire in real world. We all are later told how dangerous he is, though we never see any of that. It could have been more interesting if Richard had planned the break-in to Lo's apartment in the beginning. That was my guess. It could have been more menacing. Richard the conniving krydsning had the whole murder prepared and broke into Lo's apartment to set her up as the murderer. Yet alas, the break-in designed absolutely nothing and we never really meet Richard other than a couple of brief encounters because he is too busy operating his large corporate world.

I have always felt the opening line of a book should give us a hint to what a story is about.

" The first tattooing that something was incorrect was waking in the darkness to find the cat pawing at my face. I must have forgotten to shut the kitchen door last night time. Punishment for coming home consumed. "

This should be one of the least generating opening statements in an e book, but it is telling. She tells us the girl is drunk. She makes use of the word was twice in the opening word.

I give her one star for being posted. Hey, she made it as a published author and a best seller. Thats better than I will say, but I'm still giving it a bad review because she put me through the torture of forcing myself to read such a boring book. May someone please tell me there are agents and publishers out there who really enjoy a good book and not the same old crap they keep publishing about a drunken unreliable witness? I'm sick and tired of it and you as a reader should be too., Awful. Extremely slow, plodding story collection with a completely unlikeable protagonist. The repetition (alcohol, pills, anxiety, hangover - WE GET IT CURRENTLY! ) is torture. Section 28 and I still can't figure out why there is such a myriad of characters that aren't adding anything to the history. Torture, but I'll put along to the end. Can't imagine anything occurring to boost this to even a 2 star review., I thought this was one of the most inadequately written books I possess actually read. It could easily be condensed into a short story if all the repetitious fretting and complaining of the " heroine" were eliminated. Just aren't say how bad I found the writing to be - like the product of a senior high school creative writing class! Typically the protagonist was, for me, unlikeable - self-involved, self-pitying, weak and scatter-brained. Terrible!, Without revealing too much I'll just say this was one of those odd but interesting books that was hard to put down. The characters were not especially sympathetic and the plot was rather away there. I will not really say I enjoyed this guide but it definitely held my interest hence the 4 stars., It was okay. The opening experienced such promise. I felt like there was clearly too much personal monologue by the key character. I wanted more action and the pace to be quicker. The closing I felt was a little abrupt, especially after so much build-up as to what was going to be happening. Over-all not awful but not really as good as all the buzz., I almost stopped reading this article because there was too much repeated passages..... then after I kept reading it finally
started out to interest me more. One may think they know who " did it" but even I was fooled. I recommend it but you
have to read several pages before it grips you!! My view anyway.

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