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My intention in reading Oprah’s hottest is to further open my mind, and learn more about precisely what is timeless.

Thus... thank you, insomnia. With regard to I have skimmed through the book and significantly read the first section. This beautifully arranged and sequenced curation of sagesse and insights, organized by theme, is like sitting down down to a roundtable with some of our best thinkers and feelers. And I’m grateful for the invitation.

It got me about ten minutes to get my first A-HA... that soul is spirit. The things i am also finding interesting is how folks from different moves of life, from Deceive Bell to Michael Performer to Deepak Chopra, offer unique perspectives while being so aligned.

Because Im a DIRECTV Now subscriber and OWN TV does not authenticate with that service, Really dont have unbridled entry to every episode of SSS. Now, for wire cutters and whatever the hell I am, we get more of a glimpse into our potential for an expanded plus more open perspective... and dare I actually say a little more inner peace for ourselves and compassion for others.

Properly done, Team Oprah!, I actually am smiling with nice, quiet contentment ?nternet site write this review because I actually can hardly contain how much I adore the book. I heard about 'The Wisdom of Sundays' on an episode of Ellen and after Oprah described it, I immediately pre-ordered a copy. This arrived earlier today and I poured myself a glass of wine and languidly sank into my couch to start reading.

'The Wisdom of Sundays' is a collection of information, anecdotes, and sage advice from a combination of personas whom Oprah has evaluated on her show, Very Soul Sunday. In these interviews, she recalls moments when these renowned thought-leaders and visionaries expressed heavy, compelling acuity how they stay inspired by looking inward, to be able to continue in their journey of truthful discernment.

The book is 8. 25" Times 6. 75" and is also certain cover to cover in a rough, but beautiful khaki colored denim fabric. In a surprising physical delight, the book also emits a sweet, light antique smell that has hints of clean, fresh wood mixed with vanilla. Not necessarily sure if this was intentional by the publisher and Oprah, but it was a delightful shock to a nose when I actually removed the book from the packaging and since I actually read it. Planted within gorgeous, vibrant photography featuring images of nature and the great outdoors, the anecdotes and brilliant information are offered in a calm and enlightening speaking tone and style.

From what I've discerned thus far, an essential point of the book is that there are many strategies we each can go about finding peace so that we can wake up our individual spirit. Your experience is as unique as there are people on world. Even with this multitudinous collection of folks and experiences, there are fundamental and philosophical basics that are universal and applicable to all human life; fundamentals that we can each gain lifelong lessons from.

These basics are what this book shares with us. No matter your journey or how you begin brightening your human experience, always look within and start with yourself. Open your mind, display your center, nourish your soul, and appreciate the beauty and simplicity of ordinary things. The book highlights that our potential for success is vast and that we can succeed by harnessing these spiritual classes.

As wondrous and marvelous as life can be, truth is, it will get cloudy. With discord, challenges, and heartache, we get chucked off course, loosing our sense of belonging, our identity, and our wish. As an Anglican, I actually often find comfort and solace in 'The Guide of Common Prayer' and the Bible, whenever I actually need guidance. Still, there are times when hearing the voices of others, of folks I admire and trust, also gives myself a boost. It is comforting to listen and hear how others attain their internal peace, maintain their balance, invigorate their passions, and reawaken their spirit and energy. This particular book is a wonderful example of that. After reading the first chapter alone, entitled " Awakening, " I actually already feel warm and at home, as though an old friend just went to and gave me a hug. I am unable to wait to finish the rest of it. Needless to say, I highly recommend it, be you aged 10 or 100 and all in between., If you love Super Soul Sunday like I do, then this is a book for you. It offers excerpts from some of the finest interviews that have been on. Super Soul Sunday is my church and religious session and if there is a time when I can’t watch it, I have this book to read again. I say again, because I couldn’t put it down and finished it the day I purchased it. It would be a spiritual book to read again and again., First note that I actually am biased ?nternet site love Oprah. She has changed my life in so ways and I truly feel We would not be the same without her presence in my world. As for the book. I typically want to devour books in a few sittings. On the other hand, this book Personally i think the need to take in a lesson daily, let it wash over myself and soak all of it in. It's a beautiful piece of art, filling the soul with much needed energy and inspiration. I went to buy a bunch more for gifts for friends but it was sold away. So, I called a few people to read them excerpts and each thanked me for sharing. It can just what our planet needs right now to re-center ourself, let go, and generate the joy and attention internally and to give externally. Oprah if you are looking over this. Thank you again for sharing your items., Beautiful book inside and out, and the interior photographs alone make this subject worth purchasing! The pages within the book contain some interview transcripts between Oprah and her various guests on Super Spirit Sunday while other pages contain only the words of the interviewees. In addition , quotes from both Oprah and those she evaluated appear as stand-alone pages throughout the book. The canvas exterior is of high quality and the off-white pages have a beautiful look and feel. The book's format lends itself to reading for only a few minutes or hours at time. Extremely pleased with this purchase!, Seen the book is very beautiful - inside and out. I would suggest you give this as a gift. Or sit down it on your " coffee table" so your guests may read thru it.
I actually appreciate all that Oprah does onto her Soul Sundays; and I take pleasure in the periods greatly.
This particular book is conversations from those segments.
I read the book all the way up thru -- but I favor, now, to at random decide on a page a day.
Beautiful book.
It is about 8 1/2 inches long & 7 inches wide & 1 1/2 inches thick

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