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first of all, i have only a small area i can develop, basically in ground pots and a fence row, so i am not a "serious" gardner, and i also won't be able to have a greenhouse. however, i hope to possess a land of my own at some point so i am installing out my plans.. i started off reading the One Straw Revolution. i then acquired The Winter Pick Handbook by coleman, Gaia's Garden by hemenway, and Perrenial Vegetables by toensmeier.

i stay in the same climate zone as eliot coleman. i have a close friend who has a small natural commercial garden. i gave her a copy from the Winter Pick Handbook as a present. she and i both found so much useful information in eliot's guide. he has found a niche market for specialty veggies for local restaurants and stores. his methods are incredibly practical and he places a high value on relieve of operation, use of accessible space, creative making of tools, flexible greenhouses, and packing/display boxes. he is an actual full time farmer who has a from the commercial perspective viable operation.

my buddy, cindy, is already using some of eliot's ideas. she participates in local farmer's markets. our part of the country has some of the highest unemployment at this time, and we have to be creative to survive.

i plan to try a tomato trellis this year, which is an idea from eliot's book. i additionally interspersed jerusalem artichokes with sunflowers along the fence this year because the deer eat the sunflowers when they are young, but evidently don't like jerusalem artichokes. the tubers are quite edible. i found that info in Perrenial Fresh vegetables.

i find mr. coleman's book to be very well written, easy to understand, well illustrated with photos, and inspiring. this can be the first book i have read by the creator, although he could be a well known and respected creator in neuro-scientific permaculture and small farm agribusiness., it is exciting to read his discoveries and explorations who have resulted in knowledge that weren't available previously. I am a home gardener who is adding an 8 times 12 greenhouse and will use the rotations as they apply to my plants. A few of my tomatoes will go in early with the early on potatoes while others will be started outside a little later. The peppers and eggplants are in pots and they'll spend much of the summer there. The greens, started in the early fall in concrete combining tubs will rotate inside sliding on pieces of plywood. I think I will not grow some of those things during the summer such as spinach which will save some labor when the lambs quarters and nettles are growing and they can be eaten instead. I acquired a big 20 gallon watering container on a cart that I can load with rain water in the fall and drinking water from during the winter and also during the season to avoid the village chlorinated water. The containers will all rotate in and out and catch the rain on their periods of the the greenhouse while the soil gets outdoor time. Thank you Eliot!, Returning to the early '90s I began buying the books of Eliot Coleman. I got there circuitously, through his neighbors who had created a green house... that would be Helen and Jeff Nearing (hope I have that right), and he was mentioned therein or something like that. Whatever the case he was invaluable with my expanding my principles of gardening to year-round and even got to having cold frames in a green house producing into March twelve months. He is my best voice to listen to for natural gaining the best soil I will possibly build... and producing crops that are sure to grow here in New York Express as he and his spouse are in Maine!, I love this book. I now have a green house and a hoop house. I stay in MI and have had success with keeping green leafy veggies going through the winter, without heating the baskeball hoop house.: ), Along with reading Four-Season Harvest, Eliot Coleman; I feel willing to try the recommendations to increase my northern garden's productivity, but I have been gardening for forty years, so I already have a lot of items Eliot uses. (might be expensive to get started on from scrape with the ideas in Eliot's books, unless items were slowly accumulated over time, or at least plan on recycling supplies from a ReStore, etc), This is a great book for someone that aspires to farm twelve a few months out of the year. Eliot Coleman is one of my heroes and a proven expert in small acreage intensive plants production. Well, organized, interesting, thorough and detailed. The only thing is, as I have discovered from this year, growing in the winter is tough. Especially if you don't have high passageways or cold frames. I tried it in Va using only floating row cover with mixed results. Floating row cover helps, but it can't protect something tender from temperature ranges below 32. It will, however, help something cold hardy survive lower temps than it is likely to put up with., Good information for the beginner but would have enjoyed somewhat more instructional detail. He does guide you to his other books for that though. Good form of marketing on his part., Wonderful book. Well written with many illustrations and abundant knowledge.

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