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This really is an excellent book for the entrepreneur, corporate career fast tracker, independent contractor or business owner looking to distinguish themselves in a highly competitive world. It causes one to have a self examination of how the world sees you and how you desire to be seen. It is not simply a book for " sales" professionals - it is a book for growth professionals. This has the strength of Reis & Trout's " Positioning" at the personal level., This book came into my life at the exact right time, and is helping me give attention to building my own brand. Kraig takes you by way of a step-by-step process to help you give attention to how to apply your gifts and talents that make you best-in-class. Then he helps you find the right way to make a memorable slogan to use with the promotion of your brand. Just about all by having your fill in answers to structured questions at the ending of every chapter.

But, more than just the coaching to help you achieve this goal, he also will go through the mechanics showing how to set up sociable media accounts and use them. You can even follow his easy-to-follow instructions how to create your own website. That's truly the whole package.

In addition to, while it may audio intimidating to even consider being the best in the world at something, the reality is that we all have something that we do very well, and perhaps better than anyone else. It's simply a make a difference of putting it into the correct context to raise it into a specialized niche which makes your expertise valuable to others.

And, even the most nervous technophobe will be able to follow the instructions how to set up accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites. But, the actual technical value of this book is how Kraig explains how to get a domain appropriate for your brand, how to get it, and the way to set up your own website for blogging or even eCommerce. He makes it so easy, you truly can't make any excuses.

Kraig is someone who has taken a career that was rooted in old-school technology and sales, and leaped into the 21st Century digital world to have even greater success. His book helps everyone who has a reason to get a resume and LinkedIn account take the next step to present to future employers, business associates, partners, and even customers, an obvious and concise memorable branding that will make them more valuable to whomever they work with or for.

I acquired the book on Friday, finished it on Sunday, and just acquired my domain on Tuesday complementing my Twitter and Fb account names. I am hoping to be publishing on my blog tomorrow., There are so many words of intelligence in this easy read book how to kickstart your path to success. This is a fantastic and Intuitive manual how to restart your life.
Don't try to be like all others. This particular world only has one you, find out you and proclaim it from the rooftops. You will be surprised at who shows up to perk you on.
Starting tomorrow, I am going to find my brand and let the world know who that is.

Thank you Kraig Kleeman for the new direction.
Harry Rulo, Though I do consider myself quite technical and social media experienced, Kraig's book really shows how to pull it all together for branding success. As I begin to step into step 2 of my professional career, Kraig's tips and advice are definitely helpful. A must-read for anyone seeking to adapt or expand their brand!, Despite the fact that I am not in the sales business, I am reading and desire to apply the steps in Kraig's book to help me to build a web site I manage to promote saying NO to a local school consolidation concern that has been located over a ballot 3 times now. I would like to learn how to get more visitors to understand the complexity of the problem and see that a simple vote is not all that is required for a school consolidation to be successful. It is something that needs to be thought out and planned. Thank you Kraig, for helping me learn how to get my thoughts, ideas and BRAND " ELECTION NO" into more than it is., This is one of the best books on personal branding that exists. It takes someone into step by step instructions how to develop your personal brand.

My favorite aspect of this book is that it is not only clear and useful, but it is also philosophical. Kraig always responses the " why" behind his suggestions. In case you are curious at all, like me personally, this is a fantastic book to read- at least twice. Once from the perspective of examining society's relationship with the idea of personal personalisation. Second- from the perspective of examining how you see your own brand in relationship to others.

A Earning Brand definitely requires you to put on different lenses and look within yourself to eventually better yourself.

I cannot recommend it enough!! Get yourself a copy and dig deep, you will end up better for it!, The book is useful for someone who has no clue about what a brand is.

And a brand is becoming less important today because of reviews like this. Typically the book does not cover this at all.

Desire to be fair and give this book a 3 star since there is some good stuff in here.

Also, the kindle version is not of good quality., A Earning Brand by Kraig Kleeman is a must read if you wish to shatter the ceiling and differentiate yourself from your competition. Kraig Kleeman has set themselves apart globally by his ingenious techniques and will show you how to exponentially amplify your own brand in the market place from Main Street to Wall Street and beyond. A Winning Brand by Kraig Kleeman is the key that will unlock your level of strategic personalisation to epic proportions.

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