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Pop's birthday is coming upwards, as I was struggling to find him a novel gift idea (what can you get someone 80+ which he doesn't already own) I thought he'd appreciate several bottles of wine and maybe find them from the regions of the world he'll be hitting on his Mediterranean sea cruise come Fall. Issue is " How do you even begin to select a winner? " and then I appreciated this book I downloaded and thought I'd search it for some answers. Book ended up having some great ideas as We read through Chapter 2 " How to Recognize a Good Wine", Part 7 " Well Recognized White Grape Varieties", Part 8 " Well Recognized Red Grape Varieties" and Chapter 9 " Just what You Really Need to Know About Appellations" (the last section being one I'll need to thoroughly upwards on again. ) For those wanting something about background, health benefits/risks, fortified wines, serving temps, food pairings, etc there's that, too if you're interested.

Anyways, published down some pertinent info like trying for types with around 12% or less alcohol for more balanced flavor, read the back of the labels to verify if they were coming from the right parts of the countries I was targeting as well as looking for popular types and then went into my local Friar Tucks armed and ready. The country of spain and Italy turned out to be easy recommendations (thanks to the guide! ) France I put in additional time than I desired (should have read more) and while I wanted a Sauvignon Blanc from Greece it was unavailable so I settled on a good quality domestic.

When you're curious as to what I bought, I concluded up with the subsequent varieties:

2010 Crianza by Principe de Viana, The country of spain blended Cabernet with Tempranillo & Merlot from Navarra region 13. 5% alc , 99 per jar
2012 Chianti by Cecchi from hills of Tuscany, Italy twelve. 5% alc . 99 per bottle
2013 Graves by Enclos Des Perligues, France blended Semillon & Sauvignon from region of Bordeaux 12% alc . 99 each bottle
2013 Sauvignon Blanc Franciscan Estate, Napa Valley, CA 13% alc. , 99 each bottle (Couldn't find Ancient greek language as mentioned before but do rate an 87 on a scale of 100).

Book finished up helping myself a lot, Hope these were good picks (and that my dad encourages me over to sample them). Only critique We have would be to provide useful links from table of contents so you could easily entry each chapter and the wealth of info provided. Very good book and i also do recommend as it is filled with useful information!, Wow, so what can I say. If you want to be a specialist in wine beverages knowledge then that book is for you. I used to be buying a book to assist gain some confidence with wine beverages during social events and this book gave myself so much knowledge about all areas wine., Really dont have enough knowledge about wine beverages and my father will put up a wine beverages business soon. He advised me that I need to examine wines and We am thankful that We found this book because everything we need to know about wine was well explained here. This specific book broadens my mind about wine and it helped me know the dimensions of the background of it. I discovered here how I can choose the perfect wines and how to distinguish them. This book trained me what I need to look on wine beverages labels. I also discovered here about aroma and balance. Good job!, Wines makes me happy, and I never once thought about what makes it good until I stumbled across this book. The detailed breakdown of grapes used, regions and proper ageing has changed into a cool parlor technique after i want to shock my local freinds with my wine beverages knowledge, such as stay away from California wines if you don't particular take care of the oakier tasting wines and sweet wines should be ages less than 2 yrs to maintain maximum sweetness. Information has also made me better at reading the wine beverages labels so even on my cheaper bottles We know the higher quality wines for my price point. Unlike some other guides, this book does not try to convince you of what wines are " good" or which ones you should like. It instead chooses to informs you on what your chosen wine type ( Riesling for myself ) is made from, the region, grapes and ageing of it. From there it simply suggest ways to get the most wuality from your wine without overthinking it. Not all the information here is mandatory to enjoy the wines you like. I would flip to my favorite types, find what to look for then take that information with me when grocery shopping. I've selected better wines that is normally get past with the information I found here! I'm happy for my new favorites and I'm certain if you read this book you'll find some new favorites too!, We am not a very educated man when it comes to wines. We am more of a beer guy. When it comes to wines, We like them just fine, but it always looked to me like they may be reserved for snobby types. Well, I was incorrect and this book helped me realize that.
This is a very well-rounded guide on wines, it is detailed and comprehensive, but interesting enough to keep you reading. It is not just list facts, I even had fun with reading it. We definitely learned a whole lot, and while I probably would not feel at ease speaking about wines in public at this time, I am on a way to doing so. Recommended from me., The grandparents have a whole lot of collections of wines in their house and they also have their own business about it and it is my time to handle it since they're not getting younger already. We did not know about wines at all, I just drink it not knowing what is the name of it. I enjoy reading this book because it provides glimpse of the background of wines and when are we going to drink wines. Grape Variety really matters most because this is one of the things to consider having a good wine to drink., Oh yeah. We like to smell wines but I am not nearly adept on the best wines in the world. There are good sides and bad sides of drinking wine though. The authors pointed that out in two chapters. I like the well know white grape varieties esp Muscato. It'd be best if the author added more pictures so other visitors are able to see what those wines seems like on different labels., People would feel happy to read this book because it’s about wine tasting, wine pairing and wine beverages lifestyle. This book is for both beginners to expert and them can get information and everything they need to know about it. You can completely lose into the regarding wine beverages and its various verities which will increase your curiosity.

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