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Of which book can be a good source of knowledge for any windows developer., An excellent book covering not only the immediate technical content suggested by its title, but also practical details flowing from the author's wealth of experience., I was satisfied with what I have read in this book. It is difficult to find books that cover the technical aspects of Windows programming, even harder to find a good one. This is not a book for almost all of the drag and drop Visible Basic crowd but if you would like to increase yourself beyond the. NET environemnt then this book will be of great value to you., Excellent purchase experience! Item was precisely what I was anticipating., good book, I read Windows System Programming, next Ed (WSP4E) by Johnson M. Hart after finishing Windows via C/C++, sixth Ed (WVCP5E) by Kadi (umgangssprachlich) and Nasarre. While I actually liked WVCP5E, I found WSP4E as the better guide for the sort of understanding I was seeking to achieve. I'm not a professional Windows programmer, but I desired to learn more about how exactly Windows works. Hart's guide did the trick, particularly for a person like myself with additional of a Unix background. In order to better know how to program on Windows, and specifically understand distinctions among using the C libraries, the Windows API, and Windows "convenience functions, " WSP4E is the book for you too.

WSP4E is absolutely a unique book. The author shows deep technical knowledge of not only Windows but Unix programming and OS internals. He applies this knowledge in WSP4E by frequently comparing Windows to the closest Unix equal, if one exists. He or she also spends the right among of effort detailing why he prefers a certain approach, rather than9124 setting out a methodology. He starts the book in Ch 1 by implementing a Unix-like cp program for Windows. First he utilizes the standard C collection, then a Windows API, and finally the CopyFile Windows convenience function. He repeats this approach elsewhere, and this comparative approach made a real impression on me. The author regularly starts with simple principles and then adds complexity without losing the viewer.

Another interesting feature of WSP4E is the author's enthusiasm for multiprocessor programming. Multiple processors are a reality of recent computing, but frequently calls for thread-safe programming seem to carry dark undertones. Hart, one the other side of the coin hand, sees the topic and shows why he thinks it can easier in some situations. Again, the author won't just show code; he or she offers generic advice and guidance, supplemented by the "why. "

I will admit that in some instances I actually better understand Hart's details because I had already read related material in WVCP5E. For example, I actually think Richter and Nasarre better describe priority lessons and signalling. Still, for me WSP4E is the more powerful book. Beyond the explanations, the book is well-constructed, with good introductions and summaries, accompanied by exercises. Unfortunately, as far as I will tell the code provided at the author's Web site will not answer the exercises.

In summary, I recommend reading both WVCP5E and WSP4E, but for myself WSP4E was the guide that best met my particular history and pursuits., Awesome book for getting to know the Windows API. Lots of example code and you may download all the original source code and mess with it for free as well. I hope he or she writes another one!, Up front I want to mention that I received a free copy with this book to review. Following reading the book, I actually would say I would have been ready to have paid for it.

Windows System Programming is a great book. I was really impressed with quite a few of things about the book, including both its production and its content.

First of all the book is very well created by Addison-Wesley. I feel reviewing a tough cover edition of the book. The binding is quite strong and the paper is excellent. The pages are nicely laid out with very readable text; just the right size. It is big enough to be readable, but not so big as to needlessly improve the amount of web pages in the book. The editing of the text message is very good. I actually can't recall any misspellings or grammatical errors. (I have read several programming books which contained so many errors that the text was almost impossible to understand). I also appreciate Johnson Hart's writing style. He or she is very thorough while being highly understandable.

Now for the content. I liked just how he or she compares how Windows with Unix in the area each area of efficiency he covers. Also, he or she doesn't disregard the standard C/C++ libraries. He explains the difference between them and the native Windows api functions and provides advice for choosing which to use based on your needs.

The title of the book is appropriate for the contents. This publications focuses on systems programming on Windows and means out the difference between different versions of Windows where its appropriate. This is a very practical book. It concentrates on the function calls necessary to accomplish system tasks rather than on the low level details of how the operating system works. This includes document io, memory management - including allocating heaps, memory space mapped files, process management and communication, thread management and synchronization, network programming, windows services, and more. There is also an appendix on Windows - UNIX/LINUX portability and another on performance which analyzes the results of different methods of handling the same task (like processing multiple files). From this checklist you can see that GUI programming is not is not supplied.

I experienced that information was very well organized. Each chapter focused on a specific aspect of Windows system programming. It's often impossible to present a topic without other subjects entering in, like security which to some degree influences every aspect of Windows programming. Johnson did a good-job of providing enough information to fulfill, while not loosing the key thread of thought. Overall, I was very impressed by how well he covered each subject plainly and fully. He or she included all the details that are needed to actually be able to write code, while communicating his subject in an engaging and clear manner.

In addition to this, I thought the examples were very clear. I also loved the way that they were handled. The guide did not print full code for the good examples. It only contained enough of the code to illustrate the point being discussed. The full code for the examples along with additional examples could be downloaded. This code consists of the complete code for the examples as well as additional useful computer code.

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