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I actually ordered this book (subtitle: " The Booming Business of worldwide Warming" ) as soon as I could see the premise: an exploration of the firms that will revenue from climate change and the businesses whose profits are driving climate change.

Restated from a positive perspective, these businesses revenue from adaptation or a lack of mitigation, correspondingly.

Restated from a ordre perspective, they are businesses that serve or make use of society.

To help you see that there's going to be a lot of wish and anguish in this book, only that it's often buried under discussions of revenue, jobs and market share. As an economist, I can appreciate the reality that money incentivizes a lot of behavior. As a human, I feel horrified that so many clever people are making money on the data corruption, fear and ignorance of politicians. (The book does not discuss a carbon tax or other mitigation policies that would get rid of the profits under dialogue, and that is not the author's job. It's only a framework that depresses me whenever I believe of the elegance of our " civilization" that humans seem determined to ruin. )


Therefore... the book is divided into three sections: Burn, Drought, and Deluge.

In Melt, Funk tells about Canada's rush to defend the Northwest passage that's beginning with the shrinking frosty; how Shell oil gone from " planning for less oil" to " drilling the arctic" as politicians left the path of Blueprints (limiting carbon emissions) for Scramble (dealing with too much carbon); the development of natural resources (and politics shenanigans) as Greenland loses its glaciers; and how the Israelis got into selling (artificial) snow in the Alps. These chapters describe businesses that are making money as glaciers melts.

In Drought, Funk joins private firefighters that protect insured houses while neighbors burn down; the traders who purchase and sell water rights (covered often in this blog); the frenzy to buy farmland in poor countries to ship food to richer countries (see my article PDF); and the battle to prevent desertification in Africa (and the refugees fleeing that desertification for Europe). These chapters are about the abundant getting richer as they plan ahead and hedge their lifestyles, while the poor are increasingly marginalized.

In Deluge, Funk explores the tensions along Bangladesh's borders, which are likely to be overrun as being a of the 150 million residents flee their going, flooding delta; how the Dutch are willing to sell seawalls to anyone with cash (sorry Bangladeshis! ); the quest to outwit nature by wrecking mosquitoes before they can bring tropical diseases to middle latitudes; and the hopes of geoengineers (a group that deserves to be slandered with rain makers). Yes, there are some " solutions" during these chapters, but their cost (via adaptation) is so extravagant compared to mitigation that I think that we should be handing away penny-wise, pound-foolish awards to our so-called " frontrunners. "

In his ultimate chapter, Funk reflects on his six years of seeing, thinking and discussing about climate change. His / her words say it best:

In psychology, marvelous thinking is the argument that thoughts match actions— that to think is to do, to consider is to act. Perhaps the most magical assumption of the moment is that our growing belief in climate change will lead to a real hard work to prevent it. But as I discovered in Canada and Greenland and Sudan and Seattle and over the globe, that is not automatically true. We all are noticing that in this new world, there is certainly new oil to find. There is new cropland to farm. There are new machines to be built. From what I actually have seen in six years of reporting this book, the climate is changing faster than we are.


The hardest fact about climate change is that it is not equally bad for everyone. Some people -- the rich, the northern -- will find ways to thrive while others cannot, and many people will wall themselves off from the worst effects of warming while others stick to the wrong side. The particular problem with the profiting off this disaster is not that it is morally bankrupt to do so but that climate change, unlike a few other disasters, is man- made. The people most in charge of historic green house emissions are also the probably to succeed in this new reality and the least likely to feel a mortal threat from continued warming. The particular imbalance between rich and north and poor and south -- inherited from history and geography, accelerated by warming -- is becoming even more created


Climate change is often framed as a scientific or financial or environmental issue, not often enough as an problem of human justice. This, too, needs to change. Coming from this moment on, many of us could get rich. A lot of us could get high. Life will go on. Before it does, we should all make sure we understand the reality of what we’re buying.

The particular people who should read this book cannot afford it or cannot be distracted from their profits. Just what should those who read it do? The only action that comes to mind is revolution, but that's unlikely to be successful when citizens are distracted and deluded (e. g., Russia and the US), reactionaries are backed by crony capitalists (e. g., Egypt and Turkey), or people are too worried about big screen TVs to see the bigger picture (e. g., India and Australia). Certainly, it's hard to see how any leaders can win support from voters by promising less now for more later. Performs this mean that China's dictators are our last wish?

Main point here: I give this book FIVE STARS for exploring the stories of those who are making money from our demise., Strong consideration of the turn side to the loss of life of our planet----flipside you say? Why Yes, who will generate income out of our demise! They may be already starting by using the melted arctic as a shortcut and for drilling under what had already been ice, planning to own your water supply, snapping upward land for farming food when we are all starving, Private firefighters for your million dollar home, while your neighbor's burn for shortage of money for a private saving policy, Insurance providers writing disaster policies, olive oil companies planning on snagging that last lump of planet killing coal or barrel of air choking oil. There will be money to be made in owning desalination machines when the freshwater is all gone, and also you, and me buddy, we will be paying for all of it while AIG, and COVER and others get even richer. Sickening? Absolutely. This book is like a car wreck on the highway, no, worse, the car in front of you going off the connection as the bridge collapses, you understand you're next and you want not to look, but you have to, Mr Funk attempts to stay sane and simply report, but you will find yourself disgusted beyond measure by what will be upon us soon, and we need people like him to inform us and we can get ready for what will be absolutely horrible., The publication follows several interesting dilemmas and opportunities resulting from modifications in our environment, which Funk generally attributes to man-made climate change. It does not matter if you're a believer/skeptic/denier, etc. to appreciate the difficulties Funk presents in this book. As he details in the book, changes lead to winners and guys. You'll learn about both in this book. Funk explores the geopolitics of a melting arctic, examples of human adaptation to change, and a slew of geoengineering ideas intended to police arrest the change altogether. In case you're enthusiastic about climate research or energy policy, this is a great publication to read. Funk from time to time gets to advocacy and moralizing, when you're talking about the millions of destitute people in Bangladesh, you aren't really blame him.

This isn't a guide for the way to get rich off of climate change, just several examples of individuals dealing with conditions on the ground, and prepping for items to get different - for better or for worse., Excellent. Really balanced and insightful. A new must read for those who understand that climate change is real and the doubters too. Focuses not on the climate itself so much, but on those legions of businesses and governments busily staking out positions for the inevitable change. Even businessmen who profess never to believe humans are the reason for the change are betting hundreds of billions on the certainty that change is on us. And it is on us, as those same conservative businessmen know and are scrambling to cash in on. For those of us who have long known that climate change is real, we learn how discouragingly far along it is, and how little can and will be done about it as long as there will be winners (the northern hemisphere generally) who are insulated (for the moment) from the losers (mostly the southern hemisphere). Will be there a bright aspect? Not obvious to me, but if there is one, it will have to come from an informed populace. Read this and become informed.

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