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If you want more willpower (don't all of us? ), then this book is perfect for you.

The author leaves no stone unturned as she cites study after study to clarify why we lack self-discipline and how we can get more of it. An important theme throughout the book is awareness-- once we understand the circumstances under which we fail to exercise willpower, then we can commenced to make changes. And as the author points out at the close up of the book, the mere act of becoming more self-aware is enough enough to create change in some people's lives. Nevertheless, do not mistake this to mean that this is simply a book full of academic theory about willpower; rather, each section is replete with " experiments" that provide facile, undemanding, easy, basic, simple guidance as to how you can put the theory into practice in your own life.

This a brief breakdown of every chapter:
1) The author defines self-discipline, distinguishes between " I actually will" (I will begin exercising each day) and " I won't" (I won't eat fatty foods) challenges, and discusses how we have essentially two warring sides to our personality (the side that wants instant gratification, and the side that wants to achieve our long lasting goals). She suggests monitoring your willpower choices to improve your awareness and yoga as a means of building self-discipline (willpower is like a muscle and can be taught to become better over time).

2) The author talks about the evolution of self-discipline and why a lack of willpower might have dished up an evolutionary purpose (our ancestors would have been wise to consume large amounts of fatty food if given the opportunity, since there was more uncertainty back then about when their next food might arise), as well as the ways in which stress reduces our self-discipline (you are sad after a relationship ended and decide to eat a piece of cake as comfort food). As a means of accelerating willpower, the author suggests participating in focused breathing, outdoor walks or activity (just five minutes is sufficient to have an impact), getting sufficient sleep, and prone to relax.

3) The more frequently we exercise willpower, the easier it becomes. Willpower can become drained, and it ebbs and flows through the day. Sometimes we think our willpower is exhausted but this is definitely our brain trying to trick us into conserving energy-- this explains how long-distance runners are able to drive on. The author indicates eating a better diet and participating in certain activities meant to increase willpower.

4) This is easily the most effective chapters-- the author talks about " moral licensing" and how we can use our good behavior (not eating chocolate cake) to warrant being bad (eating dark chocolate cake). The author's solution is to remind yourself why you were being good in the first place. This section also talks about how we discount the future and assume that tomorrow changes than today. We all tell ourselves we'll have more willpower tomorrow, but the fact is we will face the same challenges tomorrow that we face today.

5) Typically the author discusses the functionality of dopamine and how it can prompt us to behave like rodents pulling a lever to to have electric shock. Many of our willpower failures (e. g., checking email excessively) are simply us pointlessly trying to get a reward due to a rush of dopamine (that occurs when we hear a trigger, like " One has mail! " ). Luckily, by understanding how dopamine works we can turn it to the advantage by linking rewards to tasks that we've been procrastinating.

6) This chapter was unproductive and so incredibly helpful. That turns out that conquering yourself up over self-discipline failures (e. g., I actually shouldn't have eaten that Twinkie! ) actually makes us more likely to fail again because we're making ourselves sad (and what do we turn to when we're unfortunate? More Twinkies, of course! ). The author advises self-acceptance and positivity as opposed to guilt and self-criticism-- fantasize about how exactly good you'll feel when you eat much healthier foods as opposed to guilt-tripping yourself about that chocolate club you ate at lunch time.

7) Many of us start to see the future far different than we see the present-- we naively assume that we'll be more accountable or have more self-discipline in the foreseeable future, so we put off onerous tasks for our " future self" to deal with. Unfortunately, our future self is the same person as our present self, and we're only tricking ourself if we think or else. An additional problem is that some of us deeply discount the value of future rewards and place too much emphasis on present rewards (taking today as opposed to one 12 months from now). The author suggests thinking more about your future self (e. h., using FutureMe. org to write a letter to your future self) to become accustomed to the notion that you and your future do it yourself are one and the same. Also, you can " pre-commit" to your future self by doing things like purchasing an expensive gym membership to exercise, but this struck me personally as a little " light " as someone who is fighting willpower can simply ignore the commitments they made. On a side note, the author indicates waiting 10 minutes before engaging in any behavior that the present do it yourself is screaming for (I NEED to buy that book now! ) that I have found incredibly useful.

8) Willpower is contagious-- if you go out with a bunch of folks that are unmotivated, you will be tempted to " mirror" their behaviors and emotions. " Social proof" even suggests that we engage in foolish behavior due to a herd mentality (everybody else is doing it, so I must do it too). The author advises finding a willpower idol we can look up to (someone we think exerts exemplary willpower), spend some time reviewing our goals at the beginning of each day, and publicly commit to our willpower challenges so the pressure of not discouraging our friends and family can motivate us to exercise self-control. I can personally attest to the power of publicly investing a challenge, as I actually thru-hiked the Appalachian Path in 2012 and found many hikers continue onward simply because they failed to want to tell everyone they didn't have what it takes to go on. Naturally , this strategy isn't fool proof-- or else hundreds of folks wouldn't quit the trail annually. But knowing that other people are watching is certainly an incentive to exercise willpower. The author also mentions getting a self-discipline buddy and holding the other accountable, which works for the same reasons that making a public commitment does.

9) This section seemed a little out of place. The book had been discussing self-discipline and then all of a sudden it requires a U-turn and starts discussing how unpleasant thoughts can intrude in our heads. However, I soon found the value in what the author was expressing as well as how it fits into the overall willpower picture. The main idea is that we cannot control whether we have unhelpful or even disturbing thoughts, and suppressing such thoughts only will cause us to concentrate on them more. Instead, we have to acknowledge these thoughts, but also acknowledge that we are not compelled to act on them. The author cites an entertaining study about a group of folks who were asked not to think of white bears but subsequently could think of nothing else. The secret is to allow yourself to permit the thought (or need, tell smoke a cigarette) rather than fighting it. We can't control our thoughts, but we can control whether we choose to act in it, and trying to suppress our thoughts only increases the probability we will take action on them. Again, is actually counterintuitive, but it's backed by an ample amount of research that this author weaves into the narrative of the book.

10) A good conclusion, albeit just a little brief.

This book is an excellent addition to the positive psychology type, and I can simply see how this became such a popular class at Stanford (where mcdougal is a professor).

In order to know why you don't have the willpower you wish you had and how you can take action to change this, then stop procrastinating and exercise the willpower to buy this book: ), I'm one of those people who hate the self-help movement but can't stop wishing that the next book is actually going to make a difference, that it's the one that going to make me stop procrastinating and deal with my bad habits. So, I continue reading books and sites, only to be disappointed.

Not too with this book.

While the book offers the regular mix of science, personal encounters and tips, it's more down-to-earth than any other books I have read. Maybe that's because it's depending on a course that actually dealt with people going through the motions described in this book.

Usually, I read a book, highlight what actually makes sense and move on without incorporating what I just noted. In this case, I'm remembering on a daily basis what the author wrote and implementing the woman suggestions. It might actually be the last self-help book I ever read.,
, Yes, this is a good book to help with self-discipline. The author has done her research, and it has practical things we can do to strengthen our willpower. Ironically, one of the areas that I needed more self-discipline in was finishing reading books I started, and ironically I have yet to finish this book! So I guess I need to finish the book in order to gain the willpower needed to finish the book. But all jokes aside, this book has helped me. I have gained some motivation and consistency with my exercise routine. I recommend this book.

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