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Certainly one of my all-time favorite hockey players but I got never read a resource about him so far. Considering that I grew upwards in Brooklyn during the " golden era of NYC baseball" this volume level was especially interesting even though I've always already been a Yankees fan and idolized Mickey Mantle.

Such as all of us, Willie the human being was far from perfect even though I actually still feel that he is the best all-around hockey player who I've ever before seen. Every year one hears that some newbie is the " next Willie Mays". So significantly, I haven't seen anyone better as a " five tool" player.

Also if you never saw Willie play, if if you're a baseball fan this is a must-read., Utilizing over one hundred selection interviews, several thousand articles in magazines and newspapers, documentaries about Mays, and the cooperation of Mays themself, James Hirsch has produced the first major resource of the great Giant centerfielder. It is well-written, interesting, and entertaining. Beginning with his early years in Birmingham, Alabama, moving to Mays’ time in the black major leagues, concentrating on his major little league career in New You are able to and San Francisco, and ending with his life after baseball, the writer presents a portrait of a complex individual who needed praise and encouragement, not criticism, to perform at his best. Leo Durocher, his first manager, comprehended this, but not all of his successors do.
Hirsch thoroughly covers Mays’ job. There is “the catch” in the 1954 World Series, the daring bottom running (e. g., rating from second twice on groundouts to first bottom and scoring from first on a bunt), the throws from the outfield that cut down runners at 3 rd base and home plate, the four homers in one game, the 1962 pennant competition, his role as peacemaker in the Juan Marichal-John Roseboro incident, and his return to New You are able to in a Mets standard. We come across Mays being mentored by Monte Irvin early on in Willie’s career, only later to serve the same role to John Ray Hart and Bobby Bonds. Hirsch brings out Mays’ unwilling to face Rob Branca as Willie waited in the on-deck group of friends with Bobby Thomson at the plate in the crucial 3 rd playoff game with the Dodgers in 1951. Mays would soon overcome this fear and relish the role to be at the plate when the overall game and/or the season were at risk.
Hirsch does not overlook the troubled times in the life of Mays. He discusses Cassie Robinson’s criticism of Mays for not using his high profile position to publicly speak to civil rights. Whenever Mays experienced splendour, he did not publicize the incident, unwilling to draw attention to himself. He let his play on area win white fans over to his side. The writer also deals with the years of struggle it took Mays to win over the fans in Bay area. Nevertheless, some in the press continued to strike him as an overpaid, underproductive ball player, especially during crunch time. Mays a new rocky road with the reporters, not having faith in them and refusing to reveal his inner self to them. He also suffered from a devastating first marriage, faced individual bankruptcy in the early sixties despite being the highest paid player in the game, and was ostracized from baseball from 1979 to 1984 when this individual became a greeter at an Atlantic City online casino. Hirsch also does not neglect Mays’ relationship with his godson, Barry Provides, and the issue of steroids. After his job ended, Mays even confronted the innuendo that this individual had used amphetamines during his playing days.
Mays the human being is shown by his love for children and teenagers. This individual would constantly visit hospitals to see the sick, giving boys and ladies autographed baseballs or pictures as well as words of encouragement. He'd speak to youth groups, informing them not to smoke cigarettes or drink (neither of which he did) and providing community groups with sports equipment. He even reached out to troubled youth, including a teenage Um. J. Simpson, who was running with a gang, but he refused to testify as a personality witness at Simpson’s murder trial. He'd help friends without requesting anything in return.
The author concludes that “Ruth was baseball’s most dominant player; Mays was its greatest master. ” (553) Not only could Mays run, field, toss, hit, and hit for power, he was one of the most smart men to play hockey. Before there were selling and hitting charts, Mays studied pitchers to see what they would toss in certain situations and hitters in order to appropriately position himself in the outfield. Some of his greatest catches were made because of where this individual positioned himself in the outfield prior to the pitch. His endurance is seen in a unequalled ability of 13 seasons of playing in 150 or more games. Among his records are for at-bats, hits, total bases, and runs scored in the All-Star game. Unfortunately, like many other superstars, this individual stayed in the game too long, and the last memory of this great defensive outfielder was his misjudging a fly basketball and pleading in the legs of an umpire’s call at home plate in the second game of the 1973 World Series.
This particular is a must read for those thinking about hockey biography and baseball in the 1950s and 1960s., It's good to say that among the pantheon of sporting activities heroes few are less famous in print and movie than Willie Mays. Getting an objective look at his accumulated statistics, one cannot help but wonder why. But you can lose yourself in the magnificent numbers and completely ignore the real tale, Willie Mays the man.

Mr. Hirsch has written a biography that embraces anyone as well as the ballplayer. What sets apart Mays from the rest was the passion and energy with which this individual played the game. In this excellent biography the reader comes to know the man behind the uniform. I possess read numerous books in this style, but none come as near to painting the family portrait. Even if you think you understand Mays, and even if, like me, you grew up watching your pet play, this work will grow your appreciation of him. Five stars totally earned in these web pages., We are a HUGE Titans fan and Willie Mays is the eternal perfect Giant. Being I never got the possiblity to see Mays play, the writer offers us some really good insight in to life and times of being one of the world's best athletes. Truly, Mays is iconic and this publication really takes you to that place in NEW YORK CITY during the Golden Era of baseball and then brings you back to NEW YORK CITY during the early-70's when Mays was the remnant of days gone by. However, Mays played a major chunk of his time in SF and he really did it ALL in stride.

I assume I wanted to know more about his life outside of baseball. This individual lived half of his life in baseball and this book is almost completely spent on his days " within the lines. " This man is an ICON and since he authorized the writing - perhaps the author was too scared to get in more depth in any controversies and/or tidbits of interest that would cause you to really understand this living legend. This book does offer some defects but none of them that make you takeaway anything more than this guys MAYS is a GIANT among legends.

Typically the author of this publication is accurate when saying going to a book shop and noticing all the books on baseballs legends that the shelves were missing one on Mays. This book needed to be done and I think it is a knowledgeable and forthright story of one of the better athletes ever to put on cleats., This book really captured the essence of Willie as a man, so that as a player. Typically the writing has not been particularly beautiful in the employment of vocabulary or as a work of art. Yet , since what the majority of those who would be thinking about reading this book would be looking for is insight into the man as a player and a person, the somewhat boring writing can be forgiven. Typically the book also effectively positioned Willie's work and life in the context of what was going on historically and socially, which positioned the book at a higher level when compared to a typical sports biography. I actually came away from it with a greater understanding not only of hockey history, but of the history of this country during Willie's era., Loved the book but thought it has more a civil rights book than a Willie Mays publication.

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