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Additional reviewers have summarized the best aspects of this work, and anything I actually may add would only gild the lily. I actually will add a more personal view. Kevin's guide touched me deeply. I actually felt a kinship to mcdougal, like we would've been friends back in the day. His integrity and willingness to allow us into his world was quite definitely appreciated. Right now there were so many acquainted scenes in this guide, and a couple of truly heartbreaking and breathtaking articles. I loved the glimpses of his sense of humor. I was so happy to discover in the last chapter that Kevin found happiness, and was so pleased to read that some of the folks from his past were still in his life. But I actually wasn't surprised. You see, Kevin is one of those guys you want to know and will never forget. I imagine him sitting in a bookstore somewhere, sipping something good, reading this review and smiling wryly considering about how grand life truly is. Blessings., I loved it - brings back memories of my pre-AIDS youth in the earlier 1980's and the alterations and maturity that
resulted consequently of SUPPORTS. My first trip to San Francisco was in 1982, and i also could see the changes with my next visit
in 1992 - as such, the book captures a time that will never come back., I enjoyed this book for the history of the time period in San Francisco. Right now there was a lot of explicit information. This is just how it was back then. This book is certainly not for the closed oriented. I would definitely read more of his publications., The entries that Kevin Bentley has chosen to publish from his "Polk Street Diaries" of that era are mostly about sexual adventures, often amusing misadventures. Anyone who does not want to read about men having sexual activities with men should drive far from this book. Like Renaud Camus's TRICKS from the same pre-AIDS era, or Ricardo Ramos's TURNING about that amount of time in San Francisco, Bentley was figuring out who the men this individual met were through intercourse: what they did, how they do it, and the places they lived. It was often the books (or the total lack of books), the recorded music (LPs then),, and the artifacts in a trick's room or apartment that made incompatibility obvious.
"Getting laid" was a emphasis then and there for gay men (and for most young men almost all of the time in other eras and locales). On the other hand, it was necessary to make a living to have a location to live and also to pay bar cover charges (and, perchance, to eat, bhough that was a low priority at the time). The gay books of Manhattan/Provincetown/Fire Island intercourse, drugs, and disco elide this, leaving readers to guess how the characters acquired money. Something I actually particularly appreciate in Bentley's book is his chronicling the difficulty of making a living. It also chronicles the particular Swedish investigator Benny Henriksson dubbed "the chance factor of love" (reducing "promiscuity" and having vulnerable, unguarded, isolated, exposed, unshielded, at risk sex with an HIV-infected partner).
Like the fictional inhabitants of 28 Barbary Lane, The bentley paid no attention to politics (gay, HIV-prevention, or any other kind). Less sexually adventurous than The bentley, and writing in a "family newspaper, " Armistead Maupin in his recognized "tales" only hint at what life was like for gay men during "the golden age of promiscuity. " Written at the time (though culled recently), these diary articles tells it like it was--without apologies, without disgrace, and without the chauvinism of "lgtb pride. inches, I can't think that Kevin Bentley is still still living after everything, or should I say--everyone he's had!!! This book was very special for me because I grew up in that area also and so know all the places he frequented. He was a busy guy. The book is very descriptive but somehow won't really seem pornographic. He must feel as if a single survivor in a indivisible wasteland having done everything he did and stills lives to tell about it. He writes very well and I liked this guide and recommend it to all who wish to relive those good ol' days when condoms were not used and there was not be concerned about except where the next trick was coming from., Shipping took a long time but the price was right!, Very humorous. I enjoyed it!, This guide provides a look into the pre-Aids world of San Francisco. I actually found it fascinating to see what it was just like back in the 70's before everything changed eternally.

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