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We are a cradle Catholic seeking to find out more about the reformation in addition to theology. This book did a wonderful job in talking about both. I wish right now there was more description on the 95 theses of Luther., A great read that quickly summarizes each of the five Solas of the Protestant Reformation and explains why each of them is still important nowadays., “Justification is the content upon that this church holds or falls. ” So said Martin Luther as he battled for change in the eye of the sixteenth-century storm of which we know since the Protestant Reformation. The Reformers rediscovered the truth and regarding the gospel message in addition to proclaimed it faithfully in addition to forcefully. Their allegiance towards the gospel inform and motivate us as we strive to follow in their footsteps.

Nate Pickowicz beautifully summarizes the spirit in the Reformers in his most latest book, Why We’re Protestant: An intro to the 5 Solas in the Reformation. Very first, the author evidently identifies the “gospel crisis” of which emerged in the 16th century. The crisis entails a fundamental disagreement about how sinners are justified. Typically the answers proposed by The italian capital as well as the sixteenth century Protestants are clear. The solution proposed by Rome comes short of the biblical benchmark and leads sinners to a pathway of destruction. The Protestant response is faithful to Scripture and leads sinners on the pathway to the Divino City.

The essential information of the Reformation is usually captured in the five solas - grace by yourself, faith alone, Christ by yourself, Scripture alone, also to God alone be the beauty. Pickowicz guides readers on a journey that unfolds these amazing truths in a way that is usually winsome, historically accurate, in addition to faithful to Scripture.

Why We’re Protestant is a new veritable battering ram in addition to a boon for that fact of the gospel of Jesus Christ. As all of us draw near the five hundredth anniversary in the Reformation, We commend this fine job and trust that God will put it to use to secure a new generation of reformers who exalt the particular person and work in the Lord Jesus Christ!, " No act of person can spring a soul from divine punishment in addition to to the saving arms of God. "

With a number of loved types very heavily involved in Roman Catholicism, our heart breaks that, unless they repent and place their faith ALONE in Christ ALONE, they will spend an eternity enduring the wrath of their Creator. 'Why We're Protestant' seeks to spell out the heretical teachings of Rome, after which counters of which teaching with truth -- straight from God's Phrase.

This book was a new wonderful read, reminding myself in the attributes of the particular One who saved myself, and equipping me to be able to defend the faith!

Providentially, my Catholic in-laws have been in town this weekend (as I read this book), and am was able to be able to have a gentle, yet truthful conversation about the particular damnable doctrines to which they adhere. I'm hoping I can send this book home with all of them, and the Holy Spirit, if it be His will, will remove their minds of stone, and change them with hearts of flesh!

Don't hesitate to get this wonderful book simply by Nate Pickowicz! Soli Deo Gloria!, This is a great primer to the 5 Solas in the Reformation. In such a time as this when there is usually immense cultural pressure to be able to declare all religions the particular same, Nate's book takes a bold and firm stand. Biblical Christianity may be the one true means of salvation, no other false religion can bring forgiveness. 5 hundred years ago, the particular Reformers broke from the particular false teachings of the particular Catholic Church and gotten back what was lost. Their particular teachings led to the organization of the Five Solas that every Christians need to be able to know and affirm. Acquire this book and read it in order that you may know Christianity stands by yourself from others., “Why We're Protestant” is Nate Pickowicz latest offering following Refreshing New England: The Key to Revitalizing Post-Christian America and Christ the Water feature of Life (The United states Puritans Series) (Volume 1) [Editor).

The first purpose, as the author stated in my experience, is that “the book is especially developed to appeal to Catholics.... It is an apologetic against RCC, built close to the event in the Protestant Reformation. ” This book is usually a tool used to be able to convince Catholics of their need of salvation. Typically the author's desire is to be able to turn them from your “almost Christianity” found in Catholicism to faith in Christ; away from that which is antithetical to Christianity to that that is real.
The second purpose of the book is perfect for the purpose of “recovering and contending for real Christianity. ” He is usually exhorting fellow protestants to be able to get back to their first love and not necessarily to become lukewarm in addition to lackadaisical but to deepen their “love and familiarity with God” by the study of these Five Solas.

Construction along with a Reminder:
This history is accurate and germane, though practically nothing new is revealed of which a lot of people having a general studying knowledge of this time around time period would not already understand. It sets forth the particular Five Solas in a new fair quantity of detail. Typically the author then does take time to be able to compare and contrast Catholic belief and doctrine with that of the Five Solas. Reformed Doctrine is plain through the book.

Non-Reformed Baptists is going to take note that this book is especially about Protestants. The “We're” in the title leaves out Christians who would not necessarily sign up to Reformed Theology. Baptists and their history is unmentioned. Comments such as all those found on page 70 might leave you craving the TUMS®, “The notion that men and women are justified by faith apart through works is prevalent in the New Testament, yet it would need to be able to be rescued from a new thousand many years of obscurity. ” Dispensational Baptists would carry out well to realize of which there will be several portions that you will not agree with, however , evangelizing Catholics is task number one here, not necessarily pleasing Baptists.

Peeves in addition to Praise: First, some peeves. Inside my book, it looked as if the font had been not steady in formating. No big deal, yet semi-annoying. Also, mcdougal is usually Sola Scriptura (Scripture Alone) and yet does not necessarily have confidence in a perfect Scriptures, other than factory units. Of which leaves questions in my mind as to how you may be Sola Scriptura yet not know in the event you actually have the complete Scriptures. I was also shocked not necessarily to see any research or use of J. L. Merle d'Aubigné for the particular history. I would just like for that author to come out state blatantly the particular purpose of the publication. Again, that is not necessarily a huge deal, nonetheless it is what I might do, for what it's well worth. One word here which struck me: of the particular 11 reviewers, only a couple of mentioned the author's intent for the book.
Second, some praise. I love that this individual used footnotes. In situation you didn't know, finish notes are a job in the flesh—I kid—but SAY THANKS TO YOU for footnotes. We liked the artwork carried out for the cover. We loved all the bible verses referenced. The fact of which he was working with bible verses and citing it tends to make digging into the subject matter that much more respected and enjoyable. I adored that the author remaining out all the Creeds in addition to Confessions that so muck up much of the thinking. We loved the book had been an easy task to read. The design flowed naturally with the whole volume. The concepts are usually pleasantly laid out. We loved being able to learn precisely from the creator where he is rushing in through in order that I could come into the book with the particular right mindset. Nate provides always been gracious, although we have disagreed on multiple occasion. He likewise has the greatest hair this side of Geert Wilders.

In summary, there are numerous biblical things I take issue with. However, since We relish hearty discourse of clear teaching, I recommend that men and women of just about all denominations BUY this book. That is my prayer that many will be saved due to it and that numerous will be considered their Bibles to mine the particular great truths saved with this Book of Books.

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