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Hard to write a review for a book, and hard to believe someone else's review because it's so much of the opinion. So I actually will just tell y'all what I told my sister:

If you want to learn once and for all WHY cabohydrate supply are " so bad", and WHY we shouldn't eat sugar, and why " diet and exercise" doesn't actually work for losing weight, then read this book.

I did and made the alterations he indicates and have lost 20-25 lbs, and kept it off. I'm 5'8" and now weigh 140-145.

And after this I'll tell you all all of those other story:
I haven't read any of the other " low carb" or " no carb" or Atkins/South Beach or All Meats diet books or strategies over the years. I actually thought we were holding all just fads and never related to science which only insane people would listen to them.... Well, I'm a science teacher, and I like the science Taubes discusses in this book, so I guess I'm that kind of crazy now, too! He gives excellent examples, complete with some photos that appear to inform all... discusses nature compared to. nurture, discusses historical changes in human diets in various ethnic groups around the world and the producing changes in the populations' health. It's some quite compelling information. I read the book twice before doing anything because I kind of needed to test on my own one last time and gather my proof to be able to make arguments to persuade both myself and those around me that this " stuff" about " carbs are bad" really is true!

However, you'll want to point out that for some people, carbs aren't a problem. If they aren't for you, then don't change a thing. But for people stuck in a rut of " trying" for losing weight (which really means: 'wanting to lose weight') but nothing is working, or things that used to work avoid work any more, or if medication caused you to gain the weight (my case) (along with the other issues above! ), then something needs to change, right? Well, this whole carb thing just might be what's suspending you up. And for people who are overweight and say, " But cabohydrate supply are good for you, and I need to eat my carbs or I get low blood sugar and I feel bad", I say to you... " Really? In addition to how is that doing exercises? " Yeah, that was the things i once said, too.... but seriously, read this book to see what you think then!

I had been a vegetarian for the past 25 years... I'm now 46. My family is also vegetarian, but extremely picky. So we had fallen into a trap of eating pasta, pasta, and more pasta for our main meals. Sure we'd have salads (with caramelized pecans! ) and veggies (cheese on top, please! ) - plus French toasted bread, coffee cake and clown bread for breakfast (or cold cereal), sandwiches (or fake meat burgers) for lunch and more nudeln for dinner. Your favorite ice cream for dessert. And smoothies. Certain, it's all vegetarian, and my kids would eat it, but why did the pounds keep creeping on me?

I first read the book in the summer of 2013, and immediately was fascinated, grossed out, upset, worried, argumentative, in a express of disbelief and just plain confused. I leaped a marathon that fall (at my heaviest weight ever... after having trained for 6 months and hardly budged a pound) and continued my path of eating carbs and sugar until I picked it up again in summer of 2014 (I'm a teacher, so my entire life proceeds in years bookended by a summer). I began to my plan. But could I do it as a vegetarian? I did the math, I researched products. I decided that in order to " clean out there my system" of insane carb-and-sugar-related hormonal issues, I'd need to just nip the bullet and chew up the meat. I determined chicken was going to have to work for me. So I opted for it. Once my touring days were over, I actually started going " extreme no carb" for week.

August 12, I was 160 lbs. (I had been up as high as 165 a few months before that... I had already started cutting out some sugar just by virtue of re-reading The Book! )
August twenty-three, I had been at 150. The pound a day, not bad. This was, after all, the " phase 1" of the no-carb thing... eat as much as you want just no carbs! (no more than 20 g a day! ) I had recently been eating chicken, and oddly decide that bacon was now " ok" to eat. Odd to go from vegetarian to " bacon-eater", I know, but it was, after all " for my health! ": )
I started adding back again carbs to get to a more " normal/sustainable" diet and by September 14 I was one hundred forty five.
November twenty-two I was 142
January 31, 2015 I was at 138. 20 lbs in about 5 months.
AND NEVER HUNGRY!!!!! Which the part that is hard to understand. I had been eating breakfast, lunch and dinner. Like a large three or four egg omelet with red peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes and hollandaise sauce! Lunch would be a large salad (Like the Chicken and Rosted Beet salad from Trader Joes with less dressing up than they give! ) and dinner would be some sort of chicken... and greens of course. I might have 2 or 3 thighs if I was was that hungry. No problem. For snacks, I'd have blackberries with real whipped cream with vanilla and a touch of stevia added in.
I feel writing this in February 2016 and I feel still right at 150. Some weeks I drop under, sometimes as high as 143, but usually after I had some pasta or a number of garlic bread. I actually still cut out extra cabohydrate supply, but I do eat them. (Onion rings are just GOOD, you know? ) I actually still eat chicken, because I still can't figure out how to get enough necessary protein without the meat products.

Lastly, let me point out that I helped my 16 yr old son follow this plan and lose weight from 225 lbs. in November 2015 to 185 lbs. now in February 2016. He was eating way too many cabohydrate supply, way too much food! Now he realizes that what he eats is important as is " how much"., I have read several books that make some of the same points this one does about nutrition. I actually was already convinced over loaded fat wasn't bad, and didn't cause heart disease. I was already persuaded that sugar wasn't best for you--nor was a whole lot of bread and nudeln. BUT I had never questioned the calories in/calories out theory. I realized plenty of people carrying extra pounds who exercised a lot and who failed to appear to eat any worse than I did (as a thin person), but I figured they must. I never asked to think WHY do people eat more than need. The short answer is: glucose drives insulin drives fat. Taubes says that this is inarguable. I thought, well if it is inarguable than if I go read this  Biochemistry, Fifth Release: International Version (hardcover)   book sitting on my bookshelf it will say the same task. Sure enough it did, granted by using a lot bigger words than Taubes does. Fat will not be released into the bloodstream to be used as energy if the glucose level is high. Thus it is logical to conclude that if you consume a diet that causes your blood sugar to frequently be high, all energy you take in that is not immediately needed will be stored in your fat cells and will not be released. You will not get to use all of the 800 calories you eat at one meal, only the 100 roughly you need immediately, and so you will soon be hungry again, and will overeat. And in contrast if your blood sugar is stable and you could access that stored energy you will not be hungry and won't overeat. Also it doesn't matter if you are eating fat or sugar your body will convert what its got to what needs.

Another debatable claim he is that exercise would not help people lose weight permanently. I actually am a champion of exercise. How could this be? Honestly his fights made sense, kind of, but didn't completely persuade me. However when I actually pulled out the Biochem book it says, "Muscle retains glucose, its preferred fuel for bursts of activity... In resting muscle, fatty acids are the major fuel, meeting eighty-five pct of the energy needs. " So there you go. If you are trying to lose weight, and are doing so by keeping your blood sugar stable, which is releasing fatty stomach acids into your bloodstream, and you want those fat to be used, versus having your body (ie muscles) crave glucose, then extreme exercise is not going to help you. Your body will more readily use those fatty acids if it is resting.

The other question is whether ketosis is a desirable state to be in. There is certainly a lttle bit of controversy with this and I haven't resolved an view one way or the other. I have epilepsy and know that a ketogenic diet is a possible treatment for epilepsy. I understand that there are some societies, particularly the Inuits, that ate a mostly ketogenic diet, therefore it is not unheard of. Maybe humans are supposed to enter ketosis seasonally? The human brain and muscles do like glucose--can they run as well on a ketogenic diet? Some say they can, it just takes an adjustment period. Possibly way, I definitely think for a person who has excess fat Atkins is vindicated. Cut your cabohydrate supply, drop important amounts of weight (probably feeling lousy in the transition, but resting muscles may use the fuel better anyway so crashing on the chair is fine till you get used to it and conclusion up having more energy than before). When you hit an appealing weight slowly add back again a tiny amount of cabohydrate supply before you start gaining again, and start an exercise schedule with your entire new found energy. As exercise is best for weight maintenance, and it can healthy for you brain (read  Spark: The Revolutionary Brand new Science of Exercise and the Brain   by John Ratey). After that do that forever. I would really want to see a long-term study where the participants stay on the diet.

I found the book very readable and interesting. How much fruit is too much? Will eating more fat really improve your cholesterol profile? How many cabohydrate supply are too many? I actually don't know. Taubes makes some guesses, but nutrition is an extremely complex science that I don't think anyone completely understands. If you read vegan arguments they make many of the same claims that Taubes does (better hypercholesteria levels, weight management, etc). Nevertheless it does appear that every major nutritional viewpoint pegs sugar as being a major problem. That may be as simple as that. I'll process this information. Read  Great Calories, Bad Calories: Fat, Carbs, and the Debatable Science of Diet and Health (Vintage) . Test on myself (finger pokes here I come), and have increased anxiety about what I feed my kids--especially the pasta, breads, fruit and sugar adoring one.

(*I edited this section after my initial review. ), Other reviews clarify the gist of this book: Carbohydrates make you fat and sick; remove carbs from your diet and you'll lose weight and feel better. This specific " review" is the experience with this diet regimen that commenced on March 10, 2016. Since of today, June twenty-two, 2016, I have lost 30 pounds. (I feel a 60 year old man; my height is 5'7". ) I eat three eggs and four slices of turkey bacon (fried in cocoanut oil) every morning with a few glasses of decaf. I avoid use cream in my coffee. The rest of my food intake contains poultry, meat and fish. And salads/vegetables with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and Dijon mustard. I stopped drinking wine. I lost 10 pounds the initial two weeks and then... practically nothing. This is precisely when most people give up and proclaim " This specific doesn't work. " I actually was about to do the same but I actually recalled a passage overdue in Taubes's book in which he says, in effect, every BODY is different and it might take months, even years, for you to repair itself after a lifetime of eating carbohydrates. Thus I stuck it out there and after six several weeks, I lost a single pound or two every two or three weeks. Then a weight loss would plateau and nothing would happen for a week or two. Then, more weight loss. So my advice to you is usually to be AFFECTED PERSON with this " lifestyle. " It might take YOUR body months to lose the weight you want. Be patient, this diet does indeed work. Great luck. (And BTW, the beauty of this diet is that you're never hungry and you never feel miserable. )

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