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If you value The Mindy Project you will like this publication this by Kaling. That has her signature sense of seemingly shallow wit mixed in with heartfelt truths.

I really cherished the alternate universe where Mindy stays in NY and becomes a Latin instructor. That area of the book just really showcases how great Kaling is at writing work place romances.

I do think the publication could use more framework and her writing can feel very stream of consciousness.

Overall a fun read that actually cracked me up at moments and made me smile with its advice., Although I wish I could write a review so boring or bad that Mindy Kaling might reference it in her next book, I simply cannot say enough good things about 'Why Not Me? ' other than, perhaps, that I wish it were longer.

Every essay is different and uniquely enjoyable but I especially enjoyed the composition on her romance with a government employee. Typically the essay about her alternate self, written mostly through emails and sms, still left me absolutely tickled and felt as if I was reading early drafts of "The Mindy Job. "

Mindy Kaling has solidified herself as one of my favorite freelance writers and storytellers. I wish I will not need to wait too much lengthier for her next book., This specific book is really funny, which we knew since is actually written by a humor writer. It's also similar to her first book, when you've read that. But what is unexpected is the touching moments where the humor subsides to the powerful and emotional messages about being different, being a woman, having stress, missing your deceased mother, worrying about love and marriage and kids, or none whatsoever, career setbacks, and so forth. I acquired it the other day I've already finished it. Which should give you all the information you need in case you are trying to choose whether this will be a fun, beach-read. The answer is yes, of course. I laughed out loud in inappropriate places (like my desk) throughout. But I cried in some places, too. My favorites are definitely the alternate Mindy emails chapter, which she uses even the format (pay attention to signatures and all the Re: Re: Re: in the subject lines) to make me laugh hysterically. But also the President Obama/Will saga was legendary., I absolutely love Mindy Kaling! My buddy introduced me to The Office as well as The Mindy Project! When her first book came out I loved it I was laughing so hard! This specific book came out i preordered it and I started it yesterday! I love Mindy even more now she actually is so hilarious and she is really real with you in the girl books! I just love Mindy and wish the girl and I could be friends!, I absolutely loved Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?, and when I heard Microsoft. Kaling was writing another nonfiction book I was a little wary. Was there really new substance she could have come up with in just four years? Was this the " b-list" collection of essays that weren't good enough to make it into the girl first book? Of course I would read it no matter what, but I resigned myself to be a little let down as soon as it arrived on my Kindle fire.
I had not been disappointed within a chapter. I would actually hazard to say that Why Not Me? is better than Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?, and I never thought I would say that. The humor is more consistent, the personal stories go a little deeper, and the quick psychological punches (" What if I forget the noise of my mother's tone? " she lists as a fear she has while she lies conscious at night) hit a little harder. I felt like IEHOWM? was like a conversation with a best friend, but as The Mindy Project once said--best friend isn't a person, is actually a tier, and WNM? felt like I'd moved up a tier to have an even more intimate conversation with an even closer friend.
Unlike some other biographical essays by women in comedy, Why Not Me? has no pretentiousness and, beyond that, no sham. There's a delightful sense throughout the book that Ms. Kaling is not here to prove anything, she's just here to chat. She willingly and cheerfully points her own defects, but balances that with the (well earned) self-pride she's managed to create a hallmark of her open public persona.
I respected Ms. Kaling as a woman in humor who puts up with unnecessary shaming of the girl appearance, comedy, personality, and so forth. After reading the chapters describing her day-to-day life, I have a newfound respect for all the work she does. Typically the behind-the-scenes glance at the work the lady puts directly into running the girl show is fantastic as an intimate glance into the television-making process, in addition to a nice little study of Mindy herself. I want to benefit her, honestly.
I couldn't pick my favorite essays, but the standouts include: an essay where Mindy explains her romance with a presidential employee (maybe a Secret Serviceman, maybe just some kind of servant? I'm not entirely sure, but whatever); an composition about filming sex scenes (a moment with one co-star is described as " the sexiest thing that has ever happened to me, and, uh, SURE, it's pretty sexy and great); an essay about the " alternate life" Mindy might have had, which evolves into a mini romantic comedy advised through the emails and texts of personal school educators (Sam and Mindy forever! ) and the title composition, which closes your publication. It's that last composition where she gets a little serious and covers confidence, something she's often asked about, concluding that " confidence, like regard, should be earned. " I love that idea, because once confidence has recently been earned, no one can take ti away from you, because they can't take away the accomplishments and work that gave you your confidence int he first place.
And sure, the humor is there. Mindy is great self-deprecating wit (Example: " I observed my phone was lifeless and, in a eager tone used only by women begging for their child's life, asked Will certainly if he had a battery charger. " ). The records of a commencement conversation she gave at Harvard Law had me cackling.
In a nutshell, if you liked Mindy's first book, buy this one immediately. I'm crossing my fingers than this becomes an every-four-years occurrence (and we'd better get a sequel to the Mindy and Mike story. I'm thinking Madeline the evil principal reveals an old torrid extramarital relationship with Sam that almost ruins his relationship with Mindy? ), because something tells me Mindy will never be depleted of things to say., I LOVE Mindy Kaling!!!! She's just so funny, irreverent and completely her own person. Cherished her first book and love 'The Mindy Job. ' Not only performed I literally laugh away loud throughout the publication, I found myself making my friends to pay attention to passages out of the book so they could become as enthralled ?nternet site am with the girl humor (I swear I don't operate the marketing department for her publisher, this is merely me pushing the book on my friends so we can laugh about it together).

I love the way in which Mindy embraces the girl tendency toward the careless, not trying to convince people that she has it all together. Her diagram of the things which occupy space in the girl brain was one of my favorite parts.

I couldn't have been more interested hearing her unfiltered feelings and opinions on subject areas ranging from Hollywood (loved the hair extensions rant and the part about actresses and tech millionaires) to White House visits, sororities and her lists of worries.

My only (small) complaint was that there were a few of sections in the book that seemed like 'filler' to meet a certain page # sampling; particularly some of the Harvard speech and part of the chapter about her alternate persona as a Latin teacher. General, I loved it and highly recommend it.

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