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I actually looked forward to reading Paul's account of the Arias retrial, as the trial was occurring. Not necessarily just the things that took happened with the case itself, but all the shenanigans that occurred in and outside of the courtroom! In the future, I look forward to reading his next book! I am hoping that it will be considered a case that is local to MY stomping reasons!, I love your book! I actually felt like I was in the courtroom & the jury room. I have been following this demo from the beginning & this brings it front & centre again. RIP Travis, Outstanding read. Thought I realized pretty much everything about this trial but I discovered quite somewhat that was very interesting to know. I actually loved the ending!, Outstanding read! I came across I could not put this guide down! Intense, & knowledgeable. Offered the insights of his own activities of our justice system, gave a very descriptive, & moving testimony of what our civic duty entails, & all that surrounds a trial! He truly sets you right next to him as the apprehension of true evil comes to light! My hat is off to you sir! Highly recommended! This is a must read book!, Much too long; could have been done more effectively with good editing., I have to say that it was another great book from Paul Sanders.
Brain Damage: A Jurors Tale was as great as this one, I aren't wait and learn more!, Repetitive; no new insights; poorly written. Okay, Nurmi has a funny "chicken dance" with his jacket. Does this need repeating over 5 times? We got it this individual first time you said jurors are "lambs to justice, " why repeat it over and over? Most disappointing, the article writer completely skipped over when Arias confessed she remembers slitting Travis' throat. Not necessarily a single touch upon that? The insights on the jurors respective were constantly repeated-- nobody wants to be an alternate. The note takers are the best jurors. I've read countless books on Arias and this really offered little new insight., Move over Ann Rule and Shanna Hogan create way for Amreica's latest extremely true crime writer. In his second book about two very highly publicized murder cases, Paul Sanders has hit a home run. The previous juror takes you inside the courtroom for a day by day story of the demo. He takes you into the mindset of the court and goes into great detail about all aspects of a capital murder case. It is a page transforming thrilling case that fascinated the world over the last several years and you will not be able to put it down once you start it. Sanders tell the sad story of Jodie Arias and Travis Alexander with authority, compassion and pace but also with professional objectivity. This is Sanders second attempt and I'm sure he may be back again with more in the future. Can't wait for his next project.

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