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After reading Edward Said's guide, " Orientalism", this was a breath of fresh air. I came across this title in the bibliography of Sam Harris' published dialogue on tolerance in Islam. Because " Why We Am Not a Muslim" is an overt controversy against Islam and Middle Eastern Islamic culture, Ibn Warraq is a pen-name used to avoid a potentially fatal fatwa such as that which threatened Salman Rushdie for many years.

The contents of the book are structured in a comprehensible fashion and draw extensively on documented history. Warraq makes no attempt to draw any punches and his agenda is absolutely clear, so the reader can fairly assume that in many instances you will see alternative views held by those with different agendas. The shear mass of the historical data presented was both impressive and at times bordering on the tedious. The bottom line is that Warraq shows how Islam as a religio-cultural political system using its many national permutations has put the brakes on Islamic societal progress in a large number of ways in the Middle East and it has ultimately brought it into conflict with the western world. If what is presented available is even half right, We can see that any person who accepts the Koranic premise that what is written therein is the absolute and last word of God will crash violently into the beliefs and practices of Westerners, and this describes a lot of the intolerant craziness we see in the Middle Far east today. This also describes the relative dearth of institutes of higher learning in the Middle Far east, the substantial absence of scientific innovation and the near absence of fictional critique such as Rushdie's " Satanic Verses".

We think it would be a blunder to take this book as the complete and simplistic truth about Islam. That being said, what I have discovered from reading it has allowed me to a great deal in understanding the driving causes which have lead to the insanity going on in the war-torn Middle Far east. I heartily recommend it to the person who is interested, as We am, in gaining an understanding of the roots of the turmoil we experience in our world today.

Charles R. McCormick, MD, Terrific book... Within Hard form! Too bad my kindle devices are such Rube Goldberg nightmare that do more to block and destroy my reading pleasure than to encourage it. It's enough to produce a book lover hate reading. The problem with my Kindle books is the Rube Goldberg nightmare called a Kindle reader assured to kill anyone's pleasure for reading. New kindle eReaders and tablets are enough to make any guide lover hate reading. WHO ELSE has time to read when the devices are so user hostile and riddled with puzzles and problems? Kindle devices assured to make you love hard form., It was very interesting to read woman man's response to why he does not want to follow in the traditions of the Koran. The particular people who mindlessly memorize that book seem equivalent to the fuindamentalists who memorize the Bible but neither iunderstand either guide. As my mentor, Loretta Young once informed me, if it claims something good, that is from Lord. So if it has lines of condemnation for folks different than us; like it has in the Koran and the items in the Bible against women, then those were inserted by a pecking order not jiggy with Jesus' teachings., This guide is amazing. As an ex islamic I was familiar with Ibn Warraq from one of his debates but never really got around to reading his guide. It is filled with resources, I have a listing of books which i really need to look at. This specific thing is a textbook that shreds Islam, its so clinical! THANK YOU Ibn Warraq, The book attracts upon quite a few of options, and it generally seems to me that information is reliable. If so, the situation regarding islam is serious and the information should be spread to all people. The weaker part is perhaps that the writer assumes that readers know some well-known numbers in the islamic world, and it can be somewhat confusing (arabic brands does sit well with me). Another weakness is where the writer goes into philosophy on monotheism in general, claiming to know how monotheism must lead to bad things. This specific seems to break away from the strength of the book: Informing about facts about the islamic dogmas and history., What happens when an open-minded person meets the West? This specific. A celebration of the current culture bequeathed, unbeknownst to the majority of, by the hard work of the Church, and plenty of Christian thinkers and martyrs who sometimes battled that Church, for all their foibles and crimes (both real and often imagined), and at the same time a no-holds-barred critique of his " birth" religion, which he sees as an unstintingly retrograde force in history., This can be the best overall explanation of the origins and perils of Islam We have ever read. If you want to know the truth about this dangerous ideology, Ibn Warraq's books, this one in particular, are what you need to read. Especially interesting since this was written in 1995, that is, pre-9/11 attacks. Anyone who'd check out this book before 9/11 would have known just what was going on, and who was in charge of starting the war. The threat from Islam will not just go away. Islam is a totalitarian, paternalistic, misogynistic, imperialistic socio-political ideology that justifies their actions with a slim veneer of religiosity. The particular only answer for this latest outbreak of Islamo-faschism is total military eliminate and devastation of the testers in charge of initiating and supporting the current war against European civilization. If you want to understand how Islam came to be like this, read this guide.

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