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We have read a couple of this author's UF written as Allyson James, but this is the first Shifters Unbound PNR We have read. (I believe I possess others among my PB and Kindle TBR " mountains" (" stacks" w/b a gross understatement! ), but this one We browse the sample of, and wished to keep reading. This stood alone well, though past events are referenced that evidently occurred in earlier books. I'm not especially spoiler-averse, so that didn't bother me. (Besides, I'll probably have overlooked by the time We read those volumes. )

I liked Addie and, overall, Kendrick. He's a devoted father and innovator, grieving the betrayal by some of the Shifters he's protected for many years, and acknowledging his own issues. It was kind of annoying how for at least half the publication, he kept backing away, afraid he'd hurt human being Addie with his sexual demands, despite knowing that other Shifter-human couples handle fine. As for that warned-of roughness, it mainly consisted of not at all times pausing for foreplay, and one ridiculous bit (not long) of spanking — sorry, *not* sexy. I do have confidence in their relationship, though, because despite his protective predatory instincts, he doesn't take Addie for granted or try to diminish her.

This was pretty easy to grasp the world, where humans grievously abused Shifters when they were first " outed", but 20 years later, " only" limit their rights, and restrict all known Shifters to life wearing shock-collars in " Shiftertowns" — comparable to small concerns. Kendrick's painful duty as Guardian involves releasing dead/dying Shifters' souls on to their Goddess in the " Summerland", which also protects those souls from being captured by the cruel Fae who actually created the Shifters for their own use. (Shifters' bodies thus dispatched go to dust, which is something I've only seen before with vampires, or possibly ancient sorcerers. ) There are certain unpleasant facts about Shifter nature/culture, such as that females were not always allowed to refuse a mate-bond, though that isn't something Kendrick, given what this individual witnessed in his own childhood, would allow in his own renegade party.

The conflict is dependent on some renegade shifters being unwilling to continue hiding and living by Kendrick's rules, wanting to take violent action against humans is to do more as they please. I cannot discuss too much of who does what without spoilers, but there are lots of dramatic moments.

There are also plenty of appealing and intriguing secondary characters, some of whose books I can search for, and others who have not found their mates. Even Jaycee, with her irritating attempts to be the one Kendrick chose, grew on me. Let alone Kendrick's enchanting little twin cubs, and his old-for-his-years adopted Lupine son.

I will certainly be reading more of this series.

ETA: We almost forgot to mention, the editing is as good as in most print out books (which it ought to be, since this came from a major posting house, I believe). We did catch a few spots with missing punctuation, and twice a term where I wasn't positive whether it was what was actually intended (factious or fractious? and eviscerating a slice of cake? Possible, i. e., eating just the filling from between crusts).

Also, remorseful to bring unsexy science into fantasyland, but if you're going to write cat-shifter romances, you need to learn that female cats do NOT enjoy the act of matching, based on a certain fact of tomcat anatomy (barbs! ). There's a passing reference in Kendrick's thoughts to the truth that some female Shifters (species unspecified) prefer matching with both parties in animal form; although his group, unlike natural Shifter packs/prides, includes various types, that struck me as wrong/implausible, at least w/o qualifiers., Well, here it is 5: 30 am before I get to sleep because I couldn't put this book down. I love all Jennifer's shifters. Every story is a page turner. Now I'm on to the next one. Whitened tiger is about love in the many forms. Typically the H is a father, Guardian, a leader who falls in love with a human. The H is strong and this individual loves her just as she is. She likes him for who this individual is. Don't miss this it's a wonderful history. Night., I love the thought that there are individuals who have the ability to turn into animals and love the person who is destined to be their mates and live lives full of love and friendship and fun!!! We have to recommend this book and series for your own personal library and enjoyment and when you do, you will find yourself curled up in your selected chair reading regarding these amazing and wonderful people until you get to the end and then you will be waiting for the next installment with bated breath!!!

Impegno deLeon
lenadeleon2004. ld@gmail. com, I loved this book but I am biased. The premise of the book is Kendrick a white tiger shifter looking for his scattered shifters befriends Addison a small town waitress with a pretty smile. The chemistry between Addy and Kendrick is smoldering, the slow type of burn that leaves you wanting more. Typically the pace of the publication is moderate with a violence and drama., I loved everything about this publication! Addison and Kendrick are thrown together when this individual are at the diner with his cubs. All hell breaks loose when all at once the window of the dinner are blown out by gunfire. Then there's Tiger who stole my heart from the very first publication he was in. Presently there is a lot of danger and suspense in Addison and Kendrick 's story and so very worth the read., This particular series is a must read for shifter romance lovers. The world of tiger, wolf and other shifters is magical and addictive. Each well written and impossible to set down. In this tale Addison faces a unique battle to claim her man. Hurdles that are twisted, threatening and pain filled but with the supreme reward. Very hot, extreme and frequently humorous We highly recommend White Tiger., Kendrick is not buying mate. He is attracted to Addison Price. For 20 years Kendrick, a white tiger Shifter, has been the Guardian of un-Collared Shifters who spend their lives living in secret. In a diner in the midsection of nowhere, lonely waitress Addison Price has seen a lot of unusual drifters arrive and disappear, but none has ever captivated - and intimidated - the girl like the imposing fugitive who wields a broadsword with incredible skill. Their own story is so wonderful that I didn't want to put it down. It is not my first Shifter's Unbound book. That being said, it might be read without having read the other books in the series. I would recommend this book, because it is a wonderful history, and Ms. Ashley places humor into it as well., Betrayal, finding your mate, buying home for his shifter, caring for his 3 cubs, keeping them safe, finding they have a love for his mate that this individual has been fighting ever since he found the girl.
This history covers all bases., the sex is awesome,, but the story of the inhale taking with the discovery and the will to make a good life for those who need him so (his shifters) and having to fight those who have started up him. Typically the weaker one who couldn't maintain out and took the leadership of a crazy half shifter who was greatly insane. Rushing to save those he likes and needing to kill others that were lead down the wrong path, he souly needed the touch of his lover and the love of his cubs..... Great history
I anxiously waited counting the days for his book and it was so so well worth it, can't wait for the next one! So thrilled

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