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Lemmy is a very amusing man. He also enjoys somewhat of a moan. Simply by the finish of the book I felt I had gone through all the stages of a long lasting relationship: the initial charm of novelty followed by the disillusion of recognizing a person’s quirks and eventually just loving the whole package. This publication is a great romp through Lemmy’s adventures as a rock star from his first aspirations in music to his ultimate almost-legend status. I adored reading about his human relationships with other bands like Black Sabbath, The Darned and Twisted Sister and his love for his own band members in Motorhead, particularly drummer, Mikkey Dee. Ironically, Lemmy has made more money through penning songs for Ozzy than through all of Motorhead’s albums, but this individual laughs about the complete thing. There are plenty of tales of ladies, drugs and debauchery, all advised with gusto. Although this individual has been accused of being sexist and racist, Lemmy comes across as a very open human being with no preconceived thoughts against anyone. He has a few words of wisdom, such as, “There are really only two kinds of people: those who are for both you and those who are against you. Learn how to recognize them, for they in many cases are and easily mistaken. ” If you love rock memoirs, this is a great read., You know for someone to live on the way Lemmy did for seventy years is simply amazing.
Lemmy appreciated a lot of details of his life, made the book readable, and entertaining. Read the publication within just hours with Motorhead in the ear pals the whole time (highly recommended), I have recently read a bunch of the 40something rock bios (don't ask me why, maybe its because I am a boring 35yr old father of three). For what its worth, these were

Ozzy - very amusing, great down to earth British humor
Hammer of the Gods - OK, but somewhat disappointing given the media hype surrounding this book
My Life, Keith Richards - actually very good, this individual remembers it all!
Slash by Slash - a friend gave my this. Not bad, a little too many drugs methinks
My Appetite - Steven Adler. Friend's copy. Instead sad book.
Walk This Way by Aerosmith, The Dirt by Motley Crue. These two are the best of the lot, because they are written by members of the band and entourage, so we get many different stories, and the same stories written from different perspectives. If I remember way back to English lit teachers rambling on about unreliable narrators and all that, these books are extremely interesting in a kind of post-modern way (or something like that, jeez) in that there is no-one individual narrator. Ya, OK.
Lemmy by Lemmny - the book I am supposed to be looking at. Very funny at first, but the tale is a little light, specially when told by one guy. Found personally skimming nearby the end. For what its worth would have liked Motorhead to have written a book, call it Spades of Aces.
Anthony Kleidis publication - front man of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. I hated this. Perhaps I was burned out reading about the rock scene, but for me this guy is definitely a narcissitic moron with no sense of humor.
The Heroin Diaries, Nikki Sixx. Reasonable enough, but The Dirt is much better., Great publication about an amazing symbol and personality in the music world. Every Motorhead and heavy metal fan should read this book.
R. I. P Lemmy, what a profession, props to the Lem for surviving the chaos and never backing down! may he rock in peace, but i imagine he wouldn't want to…, If you're a Lemmy fan this is the book for you. I bought this as a gift idea for my husband after he saw an interview with Lemmy and wanted to know more. He read this in a couple of days -- the only down side is that now I've got to listen to Motorhead music constantly and I'm not a fan!, tldr; wrote music, drank whiskey, banged women. lemmy is god, Lemmy writes the book exactly as if he was sitting in front of you telling the stories. It's no-holds-barred, non-sugar-coated and pulls no your punches. He says exactly exactly what is on his mind and won't offer a crap if anyone is offended. While not always PC (big surprise! ), he shows an open mind and calls 'em as he recognizes 'em, judging people by their character (or lack thereof) and nothing BUT their character. His stories are completely honest and sometimes hilarious. I laughed out loud many times. If you noticed his documentary and enjoyed it, you have an extra appreciation for your pet after reading the publication. He's a badass cool guy, without a doubt.

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