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Liked story of early cows days. Well written, easy read., an ok read, Inside the history of Traditional western fiction, this remarkable guide seems to have decreased through the cracks. Published in 1910, it can be as important in its way as Owen Wister's THE VIRGINIAN (1902). It is also very clear that CATTLE KINGDOM had a quite strong influence on Frederick ("Max Brand") Faust. Like the majority of Brand's later works of fiction, CATTLE KINGDOM has a villain of Shakespearian intricacy and energy... and even a Shakespearian name, Warwick. Warwick's right-hand man Chaves is a tortured and deeply conflicted figure, who completely switches sides earlier on in the novel. As in Brand's works of fiction, the hero, John Burns, is relatively colorless and is kept off stage for the majority of the middle of the novel.

The fundamental plot, big rancher versus "nesters, " was used repeatedly in later Westerns, but here it is almost incidental to the incredible variety of event; there's a big surprise for characters and readers every few pages. In modern filmscripts and novels by authors whose abilities are questionable, there's normally a felony mastermind who seems to have read the novel already; he conveniently knows what everyone is going to do, and everything that is going to happen, and so always keeps several jumps in front of our heroes. Nothing could be more unlike what happens in CATTLE KINGDOM. Every few pages comes a spectacular plot twist which results in the villain just as unprepared as the other characters, nevertheless the villain is a genius at changing his plans, or concocting new ones... he offers with the situation in front of you, and bends it to his purposes in a very efficient and realistic way.

Typical of the author's surprises is a demo scene about a 3rd of just how on in the novel, which completely unexpectedly turns into a gunslinging match where a number of important characters shockingly perish!

There is the normal completely mindless heroine, Nell, but her father and a great many other important characters are depicted as equally obnoxious, and perpetually baffled by what's happening all around them.

Both hero and villain tug on this sympathies by undergoing incredible feats of physical endurance and stamina. And the bad guy thinks much faster than virtually all the other figures, which one must appreciate: typically, during the hero's epic journey from jail to home ranch, on foot along with no supplies, the villain changes his plans for destroying the hero (during the journey or after arrival) at least twice, and possibly three times.

Highly suggested in the unlikely event that you ever see a copy. Published by the very obscure W. W. Dodge, and as far as I know never reprinted, it is a rarae avis indeed!

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