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Our beautiful adult daughter has been suffering with emotional illness (ADHD, depression, bi-polar, OCD, suicide threats/attempts and oppositional defiance disorder) for the majority of her life which of course has influenced my children, friends and the woman boyfriends - not to mention has involved schools, universities, police and sociable workers throughout the many years movement. Like so many, we've obtained her to counselors, physicians, psychiatrists, and sought help from mental health groupings. She's been on and off medication to the point that we can't even keep track. Most of the time she's good to be around and that we just hope it lasts; yet when she tanks it happens fast and furiously. And by furiously, indeed, she is violent.

Her previous episode was over a year ago and resulted in her being imprisoned. With much counseling and advice - minus heading into details - I am not sure that I actually will ever see the woman again. This breaks my heart and even though In my opinion what my hubby and I are doing is the best, this book really has allowed me to. It is written by professionals, gives case examples and is possibly the first book We have come across that cites genuine studies involving mental disease patients! Finally I got some numbers behind claims. Of course, mental disease is extremely difficult to study; yet the studies cited assistance to at the very least see if situations are occurring more or less than average for similar situations. Of course, this doesn't give " answers" but gosh it was helpful to me.

It is written from a very balanced perspective, good common sense behind comments/statements and really approaches mental health situations holistically. I would suggest it to anyone that is experiencing mental health situations with someone you love who breaks your heart. The things i like is that it helps bring balance and understanding to when one can help, and some advice when there's really not much more you can do.

I've read a lot of books, weblogs and etc for a long time which have been helpful yet nothing like this book has been - which I actually almost feel has been life-changing. This book has truly helped me to see that these situations happen to more than just us (which I understood but for some reason this book really offered me real clarity), it's not only me or my mistake (because people suffering from mental illness often fault all others except themselves for their problems), and that things can get so bad that you can/should just move on with your lifetime without that person being involved or at least limited interactions. Even though we'd pretty much gotten to that point with our situation, this book allowed me to feel more confident with our decision and helped me understand how I can handle the situation should my daughter ever determine to get help and want to come back into my life. In the past when she's done that, I've just accepted the woman and pretended like absolutely nothing bad ever happened. Obviously that hasn't worked: ) so I need to alter how I interact with her in the foreseeable future. This had not been a new idea to me; yet this publication allowed me to see that I actually really wasn't helping the situation despite my " fixer" tenancies (I always think situations can be fixed and some simply can't - especially when working with mental illness).

Also though I'm a person that overall has a great life - wonderful husband, family and job; is very active, helps others regularly, volunteers and etc - and was pretty much am in control of my thoughts, this case has been a true kick to my soul. So I cannot adequately express the emotional relief/stability this book has given me. A huge say thanks to you to the writers for writing this guide., A must read for parents of kids with substance misuse, mental medical issues, or legal problems. Our company is not only and it (usually) isn't very our fault., This publication gives a lot of information. I found it very helpful. It does not get extremely detailed and hard to follow. I actually was able to read an digest it., Well written. Gives perspective on adult children w/mental ailments which often leads into substance & irresponsible drinking. Furthermore good information on teaching parents that rescuing is enabling the adult child to continue the maladaptive behaviors & the value of setting boundaries., Very helpful. This was recommended by my therapist., informative, Wonderful book. A must read for anyone with a problem child!, Lots of practical application-- things I actually can use and practice right now. Thank you for offering a glimpse of hope!

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