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Might I respectfully submit that the other reviewer that calls Dr. St. Amand a new quack and claims of which studies have tested of which it turn up useful info, does not necessarily know of what the lady speaks. Download the sample and read the preface. It explains why initial studies failed and just how the treatment continues to be refined and DOES WORK. I understand of what I communicate, because book changed my life for the better... much a lot better!

About a decade or perhaps so ago I was finally diagnosed with Persistent Fatigue Syndrome/Fibromyalgia after numerous years of trying to be able to figure out why I always felt like I had the flu (achy and sore throat) in addition to why I was so persistently tired, no not merely tired, exhausted. Finally getting a new diagnoses made me feel a little better (no, it wasn't all inside my head and I wasn't just lazy), but treatment options offered helped minimally. Following several years, I felt like I had it under control. I had formed gotten to be able to know two women fairly well on a home school forum. Both of these kinds of women also suffered coming from fibromyalgia. One of these people have been to the level of having to use a wheelchair when the lady went to their grocer. Each were now doing genuinely well and following Doctor St. Amand's treatment, one of them is actually a affected person of Doctor Amand. Each highly recommended this to be able to me, but I thought I was managing it ok. I then had a huge crash and felt awful for almost all of the 30 days of August. To make a long story brief, I was desperate, questioned about their treatment in addition to got the book. I printed out the copy of the study record and "letter to your current doctor", from the website in addition to took these to my medical doctor and told her I wanted to try it. The lady supported me in that, though she was sceptical at first. That was five years ago. In the final check up my medical doctor wanted information for typically the website and book once again because she was astonished at how far I had come and how well I was doing.

The particular protocol does use guiafenesine, the primary ingredient in Mucinex. I prefer Mucinex. I consider it each day. The difficult part of this plan is the fact, for whatever purpose, salicylates block the guaifenesine from working, and so i cannot use any products together with plant oils, gels or perhaps extracts in them in the skin or hair. But I tell you since one who went coming from missing many get togethers with family and close friends and constantly felt such as I had the flu virus and spent considerable time inside bed to someone who else now lives a "normal" busy life that that is well worth typically the effort to find products that don't block. I have also experienced times any time all of a abrupt I started feeling such as I did when the fibro was bad, simply to uncover after going through my products that I was using something that blocked the treatment. Soon after I stopped using the item I started feeling far better again.

If you have got fibromyalgia, no less than get typically the sample and browse the forward/prologue and first chapter. I think you will become intrigued. The things i did was to get the guide from the library in first. Once I made the decision I was doing typically the program I purchased typically the book. I am today purchasing the Kindle version so I can financial loan out my book. You may also check Dr. St. Amand's website [... ]. If you decide to be able to try the protocol they have a tremendous e-mail close acquaintances., This is a new answer to a prayer, after 2 yrs upon this protocol... Dr Saint Amand points out step by step.. I rarely have got pain, less stiffness in addition to my mind is again thinking clearly.... brillant, I'd suffered with major long-term fatigue since age 23 -- and developed deteriorating symptoms of anxiety/depression, IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME, skin issues, hormone disproportion, etc. At 38, right after eight miscarriages, I was finally referred to Doctor. St. Amand.

This is usually the first and JUST working treatment for me. I'd tried special diet programs, anti-depressants, acupuncture, massage/meditation, ayuverdic treatment, prescription antacids, lots of exercise (triathlon), modest or no exercise, yoga exercise, herbal and enzymatic remedies, energy healing, hypoxic remedy, hyperbaric theropy, variou "detox" therapies, hypnosis, cognitive-behavior remedy, you-name-it.

The simple (Guaifenesin) treatment described in this particular book WORKS for me. Guaifenesin is an over-the-counter, very innocuous medication. I am hyper-sensitive to medications, and I feel no side results. I'm 80% recovered right after one year of treatment. And, I'm 17 weeks expectant the first time (after 8 miscarriages)! Blood, hormone and hypercholesteria tests are normal for the first time in my life.

There are lots regarding theories re: fibromyalgia, in addition to lots of books how to "manage and live with pain" - an individual don't have to do that. This may not be a management approach; this is a real SYMPTOM REVERSAL process. Dr. Saint. Amand's theory is typically the only thing which includes in fact worked for me (and many others).

I endured needlessly for years... you should give yourself the gift idea of checking out this particular book. It could very well change your life., The new way of considering about my issues together with Fibromyalgia. Interesting book. Showed up quickly and in excellent condition., This guide helped me a lot to realize my fibromyalgia and handle it. I tried numerous of its recommendations in addition to have been good for me., This really is such excellent book. It has all an individual need to know regarding fibromyalgia as well as have a new protocol to get your current life back., I have got tried a lot of things for fibro pain with no much results. I check out this book in addition to tried it, I am thanking God for that results, almost all of the time we are 75% pain free, often even more than that. That is this kind of blessing in addition to
life altering, I have regained vitality that words cannot explain how thankful I am. I understand fibro is dependent on the individual but you may be wondering what do you have to be able to lose by trying that. I have only utilized the G. suggested inside the book, for regarding six months.
It truly is expensive, if anyone knows of another one that works that is cheaper, I would like to know about that., There are no recognized cures for Fibromyalgia, nevertheless this book clearly describes the only known treatment program for reversing all apart from any long lasting symptoms. The particular authors not only summarize the treatment protocol, they also follow it because they have Fibromyalgia. I have already been upon the protocol since 2003 and have seen a lot improvement. Many have currently returned to living normal lives by following this protocol. If you or somebody you love suffers coming from Fibromyalgia, please buy this particular book.

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