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We received this book the other day and can admit that We am not that far into it, but so far... so far, it's led me to some insights in to the clutter that I have not just in my house but in my mind that I've already gotten my money's really worth. I feel validated as We read it, and have a more compassionate understanding of myself. I hadn't noticed that I was being so hard on myself over my clutter, but the negative self talk has been overwhelming - and now that I know it's there, I can start to let it go.

Do yourself a favor, get this book, it's so worth it!, A few face it. A book about removing clutter is not new. The way author Kerri Richardson lays it out though is. In fact, it is a very different sort of book. While it really does flirt with the self-help genre, it is done so with love. Perhaps that is what makes it such a refreshing read. It is written and administered with love; the 1 Corinthians kind of love wherein love is patient and love is kind. Richardson is both of those. Rather than bludgeoning the reader with discouragement and guilt, the lady makes no assumptions and instead uses her own testimonies to layout the situation as well as those of her clients.

For instance, there is the story of Mark, who purchased a custom-tailored tuxedo to attend a fru fru event with his longtime girlfriend. That night time a situation of infidelity came to light and the relationship dissolved. Tag kept the tuxedo (likely due to the initial price) however the sight of it flipped his stomach with pointers of betrayal and lies. Kerri springs off that scenario to talk about how precisely we might have emotional mess that keeps us from truly considerable opportunities in life.

Perhaps what is best though is Kerri's use of " Action Time" at the end of chapters. These are exercises of affirmation and empowerment that may seem foolish at first but really help a reader get to the root of a clutter issue. They are solid, well thought out, and yet still quite stimulating.

What Your Clutter Is Trying To share with You is not groundbreaking but it does help the viewer break new ground. (Did that make any sense? ) Kerri is plainly exceptional in her field and shows why walking the walk is every little as important as talking the talk., Kerri Richardson has been on my radio show on a hayhouseradio. com many many times! We have discussed life coaching, and also what my listening audience loves is: her advice and wisdom on mess. There's all types of clutter, and once you figure out the meaning of why you have it in your life, you can declutter and pull in more positive things, situations, opportunities into your life. What you are actually doing is making positive energetic room for something wonderful to enter!
Reading through Kerri's new book will provide you with so much insight and you will definitely have a AHA moment. i
Outstanding book and a simple read!

Congrats Kerri & for helping so many people with this book & your work!

John The netherlands, I sat down with my morning coffee to read Kerri's book and 45 minutes later, We was done! I read fast, but this is such a simple read!!! More than that, Kerri offers you so many " Duh! " moments - like " That's so simple - why failed to I think of that?! " By breaking things down into manageable steps, those tasks which were once overwhelming are now approachable.

I struggle with all types of clutter - weight, " stuff", relationships, work - and Kerri's ideas have given me a totally new perspective. I plan to use a few of these techniques immediately! We have physical clutter in order to from my garage, and I have one specific e-mail within my work in-box that need to be answered with a " no" - even though that is incredibly uncomfortable for me!

If you are truly looking to address those things holding you back, Kerri's book is the one for you!, My clutter-books. The past 2 or 3 years I have read and read and then read more. Love the gained knowledge and I was very grateful for that, however books are taking over my life and home. I would like to keep them (to reread) and this gives good ways to keep and manage whatever it may be cluttering the space and life. Required this book! lol--I have said that many, but this time I really, really needed this book. Arranging is my new game plan., When I purchased this book I had a passing thought that I just added to my clutter. This little book is chock filled with great information for your physical & mental mess. The author breaks things down and coaches you through it with kind caring help. Give yourself this gift, purchase this book! An individual will be happy you did., I am halfway thru the book and I am so fired up to practice some recommendations described in the book
I am curious and cannot wait to finish
Extremely well written and totally relatable to anyone at any point in their life
I feel I made a great discovery when I found this guide, Thus excited to have the kindle edition to Kerri Richardson's book as well since the paperback. Kerri is one amazing, down to earth, " you'd want her to be your best friend" kind of woman. The way the lady handles the topic of clutter is so empowering.
No shaming here. The insights and " aha" moments I have received from this book as well as her internet site continue.
There really are deep-seated reasons we maintain all sorts of clutter, (email clutter, psychological clutter), and Kerri stands out understanding
and light on all of them. Once more, with empowerment, non-judgement and humor. She is the real thing.
Would strongly recommended, particularly if you're weary of " beating yourself to a pulp".
Daun Murphy

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