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Very good book. Really gives one a different perspective on religion. I cant think of any book We have been conscious of with this perspective. What happens if Lucifer said no to god? After all, Lucifer was supposed to have pretender or equivalent powers. Proper? Would we as a species be here today? Or would there even be a present? Very unlikely. Because we have been here makes one wonder if the stories are what they are " Professed" to be. May definitely get you to think. I am Atheist, so I can read this with open mind and even laugh. But We would caution someone who is not completely assured and absolute in their religious " indoctrination", to stay away. Any others, go for it. Have fun., I felt it is somewhat long winded in making his point- and that may be because I am too simple to unravel the copious metaphor's and similes that I. M. makes use of. I like many other things that author has to say- I just got lost in his information this time- I am about 75% through the book - and We am doing my best to get it. In my humble thoughts and opinions the story(s) seem to be as if they were written in change. In other words, 'the conclusion was already know- so let build a logical story to come to that conclusion'. In some weird sense of irony most holy books share the similar techniques. Maybe this is written for Religious types??? Maybe that is why I do not get it., Hahahahah! Aweeeeesome! LOL! This particular is merely a fantastic read. Especially as it coincides with my enjoyment/entertainment of the the new Tv shows Lucifer: D A buddy of mine thinks there must be some connection between this book and the tv show but I think it's just coincidence. This story is tight, concise and useful. Looovvveeed it! Keep them coming I. M., Nuff said: ), A entertaining quick read., Entertaining little read. Good points through. A fun and amusing little read free of charge or $. 99 why not check it out, hilarious and thought provoking. i carefully enjoyed it, I desired there to be more to the fable. It was captivating to say the least. It absolutely was a fantastic story about using free will, Fast Delivery

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